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Eduardo was born and raised in Viseu, a not-so-big city in the centre of Portugal. He used to play drums before moving to Lisbon, where he spent a total of 5 years. He also lived in Toronto, Canada for 9 months and spent some time travelling to a few other countries. Eventually, he moved back to his hometown and adopted a cat that he takes on walks with a leash. He enjoys riding his bike, finding new music, and doing deep dives into Wikipedia. His favourite decade is the 80s, despite being born in '92.

Influência Árabe na Língua Portuguesa

Arabic Influence on the Portuguese Language

July 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered about the origins of the Portuguese language? Throughout history, the Iberian Peninsula was populated and governed by several different nations. This rich and fascinating blend of influences is reflected in both our language and our culture. (Note: This episode is a rare exception to our “Shorty” format, as it is about 5 minutes in duration)