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Um Festival de Verão

A Summer Festival

João and Luís enjoy their summer break by going to one of the popular music festivals held in Portugal.


  • Hello, I have some question about this audio.
    1) What is the meaning of (pelo que) at 00:51
    2) What is the meaning of (de modo a) at 01:33
    3) Could you recommend some articles about commonly used phrases?

    • Olá!
      1) “Pelo que” means “So”, in this context.
      2) “De modo a” means “In order to” or “So (that)”.
      3) I would actually say that the Shorties are probably the best way of getting exposed to lots of common phrases, with full context to help you understand how they’re used 🙂 In any case, our Learning Notes Index may help you find relevant articles, grouped per categories. You can scroll down to “Informal/Colloquial Language” to see what’s in there. New Learning Notes should be added in the future, so you can check back every once in a while.

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