“Desculpem, Brasileiros...

We want European Portuguese!”

A Nossa Missão:

(Our Mission)

Provide European Portuguese learners with easy access to study materials that are high-quality, contextual ...and definitely not chato! (boring)

Premium Podcasts Features

Video Subtitles

Follow along with the "legendas" and while you hear the episode.


Read through the text transcription at own pace, or speed read to find the expressions / words you need to learn.

Vocabulary List

Go over the word list before you hear the episode so you're prepared for a word when it comes up.


Check out the look on a Portuguese's face when you use one of their own expressions or slang in conversation.

"Atao, pa, bora!"


Just to make sure you're paying attention, you can now test your comprehension skills by taking the quiz after you listen to the episode!

Deb A.

"...I love your podcast. They are helping me a lot. It's a perfect companion for my classroom studies. I recommend this site and podcasts to everyone who needs to improve the ear and learn how Portuguese really speak. Parabens!!!"

Vito A.

"Thanks for your project...I feel I am making giant steps!...I find the transcribed dialogues a great tool to really improve my understanding of the language, learn new words and expressions, etc....I have subscribed as a Premium member, and I felt it's the best few Euros spent..."

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We love to meet up with fans whenever they come to Lisbon! Here’s Rui and Joel with Vito, a good friend of Practice Portuguese from France / Italy.


Practice Portuguese would not be possible without the contribution and support of:
Ana: Obrigado por estares sempre disponível para nos ajudar com os quizzes etc., e apoiar os nossos objectivos!
Special Guests: Rui Sr., Luís (”Pizza na Hora”), Márcio, Miguel C., – Obrigado por não nós terem processados depois de serem incluidos no nosso podcast!
Premium Members / Supporters: Without you, this project would not exist. Whether you have been with us since the very beginning or you’re about to sign up today, it’s you who keeps our mission alive. Obrigíssimo e um grande abraço!
– Joel e Rui

Who We Are

Rui Coimbra

Co-Founder / Podcast Host & Producer / Content Director

Born in Lisbon, Rui studied medicine and biotechnology before finding his dream job working for a Portuguese airline, traveling throughout Europe, Brazil, North America and beyond. During his travels, Rui realized how hard it was for his “estrangeiro” (foreigner) friends to learn Portuguese as spoken in Portugal, since study materials and Portuguese media are not universally available. Also having lived and worked with Brazilians throughout his career, he has always had a fascination for exploring the differences between the Brazilian and European dialects. Rui’s passion for his own language and desire to help others achieve fluency is his inspiration as the podcast host and cofounder of Practice Portuguese.

Joel Rendall

Co-Founder / Creative & Technical Director / Micro-manager 
Proudly born and raised in Ontario, Canada, I made the leap to move to Lisbon, Portugal in September 2012.
After studying jazz performance (drums) in Toronto, I performed for a few years with a jazz trio on cruise ships, travelling throughout North, Central and South America, as well as Europe.
I’m also a freelance web designer, building modern websites for businesses, individuals, and other organizations.
Upon arriving to Lisbon, I took a 4-month intensive Portuguese course at the B1 level. Before that, I had spent many hours studying Portuguese independently. It was frustrating to find that most study materials were mostly geared towards Brazilian Portuguese. European Portuguese is a beautiful language that deserves to be made easily accessible by learners worldwide... and so Practice Portuguese was born!

Avó Odete

Rui’s Grandmother

Rui’s avó will take your Portuguese comprehension skills to their limit! Featured in many of our episodes, Avó Odette has become a fan favourite and an example of how Portuguese is spoken in its rawest form, full of idiomatic expressions and vocabulary you won’t find in textbooks!


Elza usually works behind the scenes, although she occasionally makes herself heard in the background of some episodes! Like us, she also enjoys meeting up with fans in the streets of Lisboa!