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Relevant and informative

Name: Ruth

The service and the content you provide are excellent. The personal ‘touch’. It has been refreshing to know there are humans working so hard to provide relevant and informative learning materials.

Thoughtful approach

Name: Andrew

Appreciate your thoughtful and analytical approach which simplifies not complicates

Productively focused

Name: Heidi

Languages have never been a strength for me, but this program has made learning a fun activity. In my mind, I have been pretending that I am still 19 and in school… Practice Portuguese has helped me stay productively focused while working on something that supports my retirement intentions.

All the work that has gone into your site

Name: Marvin

The more familiar we become with Practicing Portuguese, the more resources we find, and the better we like it. We are continuing to appreciate the advantages and all the work that has gone into your site.

Muito satisfeita

Name: Alessandra

Só queria dar o meu feedback de que estou muito satisfeita com o Learning Studio e que me estou a divertir muito a aprender com o conteúdo! A minha mãe é portuguesa e migrou para a Alemanha, por isso nasci e fui criada na Alemanha. O Learning Studio ajuda-me a falar melhor português e a matar as saudades de Portugal.

Would have given up without you

Name: Don

Thanks for a great method, I likely would have given up without you

Love you guys

Name: Julie

There is nothing like kicking off your shoes and sitting down to a good dose of European Portuguese with Joel and Rui! Love you guys!

Fun and easy

Name: Lenita

You guys have made learning so fun and easy. Obrigada!

Made such a difference

Name: Alison

I’m so pleased I have found this website and just wish I had thought about accessing lessons online earlier! I have only been learning your language for 3 months but it has made such a difference and I am enjoying the process. The learning notes are extremely useful.

Grateful for the approach

Name: Gerald

I’m very grateful for the approach you take. I feel like I was getting no where fast on some other sites. I especially appreciate the pronunciation work.

Keeps getting better and better

Name: Heidi

This program keeps getting better and better. I aggressively pushed through all of the units last year. Then the video’s and this year the pod casts. There is a huge amount of material. I have decided to go back and review the units. I love the updates and am getting through the material in a fraction of the time it initially took. Thank you for putting this great program together!!

Our number one resource

Name: Ron

If the pandemic cooperates we hope to take our first trip to Portugal in the fall, and Practice Portuguese has quickly become our number one resource in planning that trip.

A great resource

Name: Neil

Thanks very much for your site. This language learning is a bit challenging (to say the least) for an old dog like me, but I am really finding your site a great resource.

Comunicar com a familia

Name: Valerie

Ola ! So queria dizer que eu muito gostei do ultimo podcast em português. Parabens pelo seu sucesso ! Estou muito feliz porque é possível com practice portuguese estudar português de Portugal . Sou francesa, este verão, minha filha vai se casar em Portugal , seu marido é do Portugal . E muito importante para mim comunicar com a familia.

Language in context

Name: Scott

Practice Portuguese’s informative, interactive exercises on offer are well thought out and structured with the beginner/intermediate student in mind. I especially appreciate the effort you’ve taken to provide examples of the language in context, spoken by native speakers. I have learned a lot about European Portuguese thanks to PP’s exercises and videos. Additionally, I have really enjoyed learning about you and Rui, and Rui’s family and, of course, your beautiful daughter Clarinha 😊 Thank you for letting us share in the joyful moments of your life.

Feeling more confident

Name: Sue

I have to say I’m very impressed with your site, am thoroughly enjoying using it and feeling more confident with pronunciation. I love that it feeds back what it’s heard. The variety of topics and methods of covering them make for an interesting time at the computer and I find my daily hour quickly disappears. The videos are great, especially that there is noise in the background and a good variety of voices and accents.

A tremendous help

Name: Cornel

My wife and I are really enjoying PracticePortuguese.com. We plan on moving to Portugal by the end of August/early September, and the site is a tremendous help!

As vossas explicações são excelentes

Name: Ana

As vossas explicações são excelentes e eu, sendo professora de Portuguese Language Acquisition, no currículo IB de uma escola internacional, tenho alguma dificuldade em encontrar quem explique a teoria gramatical tão bem quanto vocês.

Constantly improving features

Name: Jessica

This is the best website out there for learning European Portuguese! I love how interactive you/your staff are with everyone. I love that you are constantly seeking feedback and improving features.

Depth of understanding

Name: Chod

Every time I come back to these studies, I am impressed once again in the depth of understanding that you offer us.

Tão útil

Name: Jay

Estudar as regras gramáticas num livro é importante, mas e tão útil ver a gramatica usada nas conversas quotidianas. Obrigado.

Launchpad for learning

Name: Maureen

We ( husband and I) listen to a shortie everyday. Apart from listening practice they form the basis of lots of other learning. Thank you for all the time you put into designing these shorties and for making them so entertaining and launchpad for other learning.

Simply brilliant

Name: Kevin

Just love this website, for a 57 year old non-linguist this is simply brilliant. Love you guys!

The best single source site for European Portuguese

Name: Michelle

First, this site is European Portuguese which is much more difficult to find. Second, it isn’t just video lecture based. There are some good ones out there but the exercises here are far more helpful with reading Portuguese. Also, the structure actually pushes the user to learn more words that are likely to be used. The explanations are clear and the pronunciation is excellent in that you get 2 voices on most, one slow and clear. This is the best single source site for European Portuguese.

Most well designed programme for Eu português

Name: James

Hello PP people, congratulations on all of your progress with, what must now be, the most well designed programme for the study of Eu português on a digital platform. The app is excellent and has reinvigorated my desire to learn.

Making progress

Name: Paul

I have to say in my long association with Portugal Ive learned loads of vocabulary but never bothered with the grammer and Im really enjoying your course and together with an online tutor Im slowly but surely making progress! Thank You guys!

Caters to learners’ needs

Name: Edan

All the shorties are really fantastic and are just one of many examples of how this site caters far better to learners’ needs than any other site out there. Kudos to all of you!

Like I’m in your living room

Name: Mell

An intriguing and ingenious site….and fun. Your casual and friendly approach seems like I am in your living room talking with you. I am beginner – we are moving to Portugal. I have access to other sites and tapes, plus have a tutor. However, your site is the FINAL answer if I have a question.

Snippets into every day life language

Name: Trailing Pebbles

The best European Portuguese podcast I have found! Been using it for over a year and it gets better and better! I particularly appreciate the flash cards and the short stories that give snippets into every day life language! Thank you to the PP team!

Your course rocks

Name: Boguslaw

This is my fourth foreign language I have the pleasure to learn, but I’ve never had so much fun doing it before. My compliments, guys. Your course rocks. You gave me a solid base to build upon.

I love every bit of it

Name: Batul

I just want to thank you for such a comprehensive programme. I love every bit of it, and your hardwork in compiling everything in such depth really reflects.

Well thought out

Name: Ian

Your course is absolutely fantastic. So well thought out.

The sincerity in your videos

Name: Şebnem

I’ll be with the Practice Portuguese family for a long long time. Even in future where I think I’m fluent “enough”, I don’t think I would ever stop following your work! You guys are very good at what you’re doing and anyone can see the sincerity, the sympathy in your videos. I keep recommending your website to people I see asking how to learn Portuguese, it makes me happy to see you guys growing!

Being able to understand

Name: Klara

I love your site! It’s actually so useful. I started to live with my portuguese boyfriend last year and I won´t lie, sometimes I am having hard times here, since almost no one talks english! So just to be able to understand those couple last months, thanks to you guys, feels so good!

Casual and authentic

Name: Stella

Love it… this is excellent and very helpful to me. It’s casual and authentic at the same time! Thank you

Can’t say enough good things

Name: Nadine

I can’t say enough good things about your method of teaching Portuguese, Rui and Joel. Other language instructors should copy your method. I love the slow and regular features for learning pronunciation.

Enjoying the short lessons and structure

Name: Paul

I decided to learn Portuguese, and was happy to find your site, to learn the language in use in Portugal (as opposed to the version spoken in Brazil, which I had started learning in the Busuu site, until I found out that it was quite different). I am really enjoying the short lessons and the structure that allows me to repeat and review at will. Bravo, well done. It’s hard work learning a new language but I am enjoying it. Obrigado e bom dia.

Giving me hope

Name: Martin

Thanks a lot for giving me hope that after 3 years I might now be able to learn this language a bit

Growing in confidence with each lesson

Name: Alison

I would just like to say how brilliant your website is! I have only been using it for three weeks but have learnt so much in that time and I’m growing in confidence with each lesson. Like a lot of people, I find the audio aspect challenging so it is great that you have two speeds and different contributors. I am gradually becoming attuned to some of the pronunciations and when some of the letters are silent as well as the rhythm of the language. I love the different units and how they are all unlocked so that I can go at my speed and dip into topics that are interesting to me as and when I feel like it. Please keep up the good work in the knowledge that your site is helping so many people like myself, to conquer their fears associated with learning Portuguese. Thank you very much!

Portuguese heaven

Name: Thea

I must have died and gone to Portuguese heaven!! I have always recommended your website to people who want to learn Portuguese. I haven’t really been giving my Portuguese much attention lately, but using the app has just reminded me of how much fun it is and of how important it is not to let things slide…

Practical and easy to follow

Name: Marian

I am really enjoying your course which is practical and easy to follow. Thank you!

Best site ever

Name: Bex

Best site ever for learning European Portuguese. I wish we had this when we lived in the Algarve many years ago.

Personal touch

Name: Jan

You together are doing such a marvelous job, the system you created is much better than the other on line systems, due to the personal touch, your personality and the playfulness.

Helped me understand the nuances

Name: Saroca

I have struggled to understand the conjunctivo for quite a while, so I am very happy to see these lessons. The section comparing conjuntivo and indicativo is really helpful! The examples … really help me understand the nuances.

Getting to a conversational level

Name: Mark

I’ve lived here for three years and dedicated to trying to get to a conversational level. Practice Portuguese is helping.