Rui and Joel invite you to explore some of the feedback we have been receiving from our listeners and members.

This is the kind of support that keep us growing Practice Portuguese! What do you think of our work so far? 

Note: Positive listener reviews and ratings from each country are vital to growing our community, and allows us to continue growing this project. If you happen to have any constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement, please email us instead of leaving a negative review, so we have a chance to respond to your concerns. 

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Updated: 08.04.2018



Quality and diversity of content

Name: Jim

I’ve been a paid member for 3 years. Your website has grown exponentially in quality and diversity of content. The energy and enthusiasm you put into your web site is exceptional.

My life line to the Portuguese language

Name: Tommy

Thank you for continuing developing the site. I use it every day and I love it. Since I have emptied the real life evening courses that are available here…you guys are my life line to the Portuguese language.

The way you care for your members

Name: Georges

Thank you Rui & Joel & the team. The more I advance in the course the more I realise the amount of work you have invested to build P P, your dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, and the way you care for your members. Parabens! Bravo. Keep up the good work.

Wish I had found this earlier

Name: Sheila

Wish I had found this site earlier. I have been learning with Duolingo and knew there were one or two differences between Brazilian and Portuguese but now realise there is so many more. I hope I can now correct my grammar and vocabulary.

Immersive learning environment

Name: Louisa

I think it’s excellent…to be exposed to more advanced words/conjugations peripherally while still focusing on simple concepts. Thanks for including these. I’ve gotten more value from your platform than other tools like duolingo which never actually challenged me or exposed me to things I’d actually hear in real life. I appreciate the semi-immersive learning environment. Obrigada por tudo!

Innovative approach

Name: Lilika

I found your videos by chance on youtube and I was so impressed with the high level of the linguistic knowledge along with the innovative approach of teaching Portuguese! Keep up the fantastic work!!! Muito obrigada!!!!

Amazed I could speak to her in Portuguese

Name: John

Just a word to let you know how much your podcasts helped me during my trip to Portugal last month. The touch screen ticket dispensers in the metro were new to me, but a very kind employee came out of her office and walked me through the steps. My moment of glory came…when I was able to show a little old lady who was just as perplexed by the machines as I had been how to buy a ticket. She was so appreciative! And amazed I could speak to her in Portuguese. You and your team are doing a great job. Know that it is greatly appreciated!

Beats Duolingo any day

Name: Efia

Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying using this program to learn Portuguese. There is a real lack of quality European Portuguese resources for learners, especially beginners, and this site is amazing. Great value for money, I feel that my understanding of Portuguese has improved a lot already. Thanks for all the work put into the explanations within the different units, and the audio conversations w/ the transcription. Surprised this site isn’t more well know, definitely beats DuoLingo any day.

Leaps and bounds

Name: Pruthvish

I’ve been using the site for a few months now, and my Portuguese is actually coming along in leaps and bounds! Thanks for all the continuous hard work!

Well worth the money

Name: Keith

I have switched from Duolingo to Practice Portuguese and I’m very happy I did – well worth the money for an excellent product. Keep up the good work!

I love your verb module

Name: Rose

I love your verb module. Thank you. Hearing the verbs in context is really helpful. I am not quite as bad at verbs as I thought I was! And I even got through the Conjunctivo quiz without too many errors. The team has obviously put a lot of thought into this module and it really helps.

Huge motivating factor

Name: Jeremy

Over the years I’ve attempted to learn Portuguese several times but have always got so far and then given up because I was learning without support. Having Practice Portuguese there to keep me going is a huge motivating factor. When I first became interested in Portuguese in the mid 90’s, before the Internet became widespread, it was almost impossible to find audio-visual learning materials, so today’s learning environment is amazing for those of us who remember sweating over academic grammar texts! Thanks again and best wishes to everyone at PP.

Estou tão feliz

Name: Anne

Vocês são incríveis. Gostaria de expressar meus sinceros agradecimentos a vocês. Estou tão feliz que vocês me ensinam português de uma maneira tão boa e entusiasta. Eu amo os “shorties” com os quiz.

Award for your contributions

Name: Glenn

Rui and Joel, I think the President of the Republic should bestow on you guys some Distinguished Citizenship Award for your contributions to European Portuguese language and culture.

Nothing compares

Name: Karen

I have to tell you that you and your colleagues are doing a fabulous job with this learning platform! As a former teacher, and language learner who has used other language programs in the past, nothing I have used compares to I am referring your site to all of our Canadian friends who are looking to learn European Portuguese.

Everything I have always wanted

Name: Davide

I really want to congratulate you for the excellent work you have done! This is one of the best resources I have ever found for language. It has everything I have always wanted from a language learning program and I could not be more satisfied, so please keep up the good work!

I’m really enjoying the Shorties

Name: David

A quick note to let you know that I’m really enjoying the Shorties section – nice bite-sized episodes that can be wrapped-up in a single-sitting. I really appreciate the additional work that you’ve put into their production: the transcript, the vocab and the bit of fun at the very end, the quiz. I’m finding them a great help in my studies both on the grammar / comprehension level, as well as the variety of subjects covered. Keep up the good work!

I love the video questions

Name: Schuyler

I love the video questions. It’s so great to hear the phrases spoken by different native speakers to help me get used to slight differences in accent and pronunciation. Thanks so much!

I feel so much more confident

Name: Plumjena

I feel so much more confident about how the language works now! We lived in Lisboa for 3 years and I was winging it. We are about to go back there to live and I cannot wait to put my new Portuguese learning into practice! This is HANDS DOWN the BEST learning tool for the European Portuguese Language I have ever used. BRAVO!!

The videos are so helpful

Name: Colleen

THANK YOU!!!! I want on to practice this morning and discovered the addition of the video pronunciation option! I find that so helpful. I am a very slow learner-but I am determined…The videos are so helpful!!!

Better than anything I have found

Name: Mel

I am just LOVE, LOVE, LOVING your program. Over the past few years I have dabbled in trying to learn Italian, Spanish and now Portuguese using a whole host of methods, and I have to say that I am enjoying yours better than anything I have found to date & I wish that more people knew about it.

Listening is improving

Name: Alan

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the Shorties. I find listening extremely difficult and I tend to do everything I can to avoid practising it, even if it means studying grammar! The longer podcasts tended to scare me off, but with the Shorties I can breathe a sigh of relief that it’s only going to be for two minutes, grit my teeth, and listen, and I think my listening is slowly improving as a result. Many thanks!

Well done

Name: Mac

Wow! Clear explanations. Clear hints and tips. Good sensible units. Good usable phrases. I could go on……!

Marked improvement

Name: Roberta

Just wanted to say how grateful I am for this site. The family here have noticed marked improvement in my Pt skills, they are very impressed by this program and are recommending it to others here.


Name: Barbara S.

Gosto muito destas setoriais cortas. Perfeitas para praticar um momento quando ter pouco tempo.

Short conversations

Name: Laura P.

I love the short conversations, it helps to put what I learn into action.


Name: Kirby S.

I understand the process, and it is a process, of learning a foreign language… I want you to understand how appreciative I am for Practice Portuguese and the materials you have provided. They are superior to the texts from which I learned other languages. Your speaking practice app, your videos, and podcasts are very helpful.

Like having a personal tutor

Name: Charles L.

Your new “discuss” feature is terrific. I’m amazed as to how often your team adjusts to changes and requests. It’s like having a personal tutor.

Excited to learn

Name: Elisa C.

You guys are amazing! Eu moro em Lisboa desde janeiro e os vossos podcasts acompanharam os meus dias e vao faze-lo em futuro! Never been so excited to learn, obrigada

Brought smiles to their faces

Name: Diane P.

I used your website to learn a little Portuguese before traveling to Madeira, Portimão, & Lisboa. What I learned gave me the courage to say at least a few words in Portuguese, which brought smiles to the faces of the people I spoke to. I’m so glad I found your website… many thanks for all the effort and ingenuity you’ve put into Practice Portuguese.

Exactly what I’ve always dreamed of

Name: Emily R.

I feel as if I’ve been going back to university with the caliber of your teaching styles. Be it in grammar, culture, pronunciation, comprehension–you guys have nailed it! Your online program of videos, transcriptions (exactly what I’ve always dreamed of seeing!), quizzes, and cultural lessons has been the first satisfactory website I’ve found to teach just what I want to learn in Continental Portuguese. Young men, you’ve filled the void and made a niche for yourselves. Kudos to you!

Absolutely essential

Name: Michele

This material may be challenging, but it is ABSOLUTELY essential for beginners… [I have] been focusing on hearing/distinguishing the sounds, and I feel confident that practicing this will make it much, much easier to hear – and THEN understand – native speech.

A gem

Name: Jeff C.

Thank you for the great content focused on helping the wider community. This podcast has been a gem and hope more people find it. Excellent work and much appreciated.

Visibly stunned

Name: Jonathan K.

I started using your podcast when I was 22 and I’m 27 now, so it’s been a massive part of my learning process. I actually got a chance to go to Portugal and was pleasantly surprised by how well I could communicate with the people there. I had to use it much more than I had anticipated, and in some of the towns we went to it was an absolute necessity. People were visibly stunned when I told them I was American and asked me how on earth I had gone about learning Portuguese.


From the bottom of my heart

Name: Christine S.

You guys are amazing!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do on this site. I absolutely love learning with you two. It’s the best part of my days. Keep up the great work!

Bastante apreciado

Name: Patrícia R.

Agradeço o enorme esforço que fazem para manterem este blog e o facto de ser em Português de Portugal (mais comummente apelidado de Português Europeu) é bastante apreciado, pelo menos por mim. Frequentemente os meus alunos pedem-me isto mesmo, pronúncia e vocabulário de Português de Portugal já que na sua maioria, o que aprece na internet é Português do Brasil.

The best European Portuguese learning site

Name: Graham D.

I love your site. It is without doubt the best European Portuguese learning site I have found over the last 10 years that I have been struggling to learn the language… It allows me to go at my own pace and go back when it’s useful.


Name: Geraldine

These dialogues at the end of each learning unit are brilliant for consolidation of the structures learned in each unit.

So happy he found your project

Name: Mariana

I am Portuguese born and raised. But fate made me fall in love…we’re now engaged and he’s moving to Portugal. He tried to find options to learn and when he spoke to me I’d always sigh and tell him “that… is Brazilian”. I got him a couple books but he found out your website and in about 2 months he’s been soooo dedicated that I am floored by how much he learnt by now! That was amazing! He’s moving to Portugal soon and I am so happy he found your project and shared it with me!

So impressed

Name: Kris C.

I was searching high and low for somewhere to learn European Portuguese but options were somewhat limited. I was so impressed with your learning lab and how fun you make your videos that I had to sign up and try this.

A big help

Name: Susanne W.

Portuguese is quite new for me and I have found your website. All the stuff is wonderful. I listen to your Podcasts in the car and during sporttime whenever I can. I like the YouTube videos very much. Immersing into the language is a big help and a great fun. Really you fill a gap with this!

A ton of resources

Name: Chris S.

As a beginner, it gives me what I need to get started but has a ton of resources to keep me learning and take my education right through to an advanced level. It is such a massive resource and such a complete one.

Relevant and current

Name: Christine S.

Your website is the highlight of my days … When I wake up, the first thing I do is go to your site and practice my Portuguese … I absolutely love your program and I am so thankful that I found it! It feels so personal, and it’s so much fun. The topics of the videos and podcasts are so relevant and current.


Name: Warren B.

Thanks for the amazing work on the learning studio. I’m doing A1/A2 at the moment and the ability to hear and read well enunciated European Portuguese is invaluable. I use the speech to text on my iPad keyboard to fill in the written answers where possible which I think is improving my own pronunciation.

New speaking activity

Name: Chris W.

Finally I have found an online course that really helps me to learn European Portuguese – I find the new speaking activity particularly helpful.