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148 Ratings in 19 Countries

Updated: 08.04.2018




Name: Barbara S.

Gosto muito destas setoriais cortas. Perfeitas para praticar um momento quando ter pouco tempo.

Short conversations

Name: Laura P.

I love the short conversations, it helps to put what I learn into action.


Name: Kirby S.

I understand the process, and it is a process, of learning a foreign language… I want you to understand how appreciative I am for Practice Portuguese and the materials you have provided. They are superior to the texts from which I learned other languages. Your speaking practice app, your videos, and podcasts are very helpful.

Like having a personal tutor

Name: Charles L.

Your new “discuss” feature is terrific. I’m amazed as to how often your team adjusts to changes and requests. It’s like having a personal tutor.

Excited to learn

Name: Elisa C.

You guys are amazing! Eu moro em Lisboa desde janeiro e os vossos podcasts acompanharam os meus dias e vao faze-lo em futuro! Never been so excited to learn, obrigada

Brought smiles to their faces

Name: Diane P.

I used your website to learn a little Portuguese before traveling to Madeira, Portimão, & Lisboa. What I learned gave me the courage to say at least a few words in Portuguese, which brought smiles to the faces of the people I spoke to. I’m so glad I found your website… many thanks for all the effort and ingenuity you’ve put into Practice Portuguese.

Exactly what I’ve always dreamed of

Name: Emily R.

I feel as if I’ve been going back to university with the caliber of your teaching styles. Be it in grammar, culture, pronunciation, comprehension–you guys have nailed it! Your online program of videos, transcriptions (exactly what I’ve always dreamed of seeing!), quizzes, and cultural lessons has been the first satisfactory website I’ve found to teach just what I want to learn in Continental Portuguese. Young men, you’ve filled the void and made a niche for yourselves. Kudos to you!

Absolutely essential

Name: Michele

This material may be challenging, but it is ABSOLUTELY essential for beginners… [I have] been focusing on hearing/distinguishing the sounds, and I feel confident that practicing this will make it much, much easier to hear – and THEN understand – native speech.

A gem

Name: Jeff C.

Thank you for the great content focused on helping the wider community. This podcast has been a gem and hope more people find it. Excellent work and much appreciated.

Visibly stunned

Name: Jonathan K.

I started using your podcast when I was 22 and I’m 27 now, so it’s been a massive part of my learning process. I actually got a chance to go to Portugal and was pleasantly surprised by how well I could communicate with the people there. I had to use it much more than I had anticipated, and in some of the towns we went to it was an absolute necessity. People were visibly stunned when I told them I was American and asked me how on earth I had gone about learning Portuguese.


From the bottom of my heart

Name: Christine S.

You guys are amazing!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do on this site. I absolutely love learning with you two. It’s the best part of my days. Keep up the great work!

Bastante apreciado

Name: Patrícia R.

Agradeço o enorme esforço que fazem para manterem este blog e o facto de ser em Português de Portugal (mais comummente apelidado de Português Europeu) é bastante apreciado, pelo menos por mim. Frequentemente os meus alunos pedem-me isto mesmo, pronúncia e vocabulário de Português de Portugal já que na sua maioria, o que aprece na internet é Português do Brasil.

The best European Portuguese learning site

Name: Graham D.

I love your site. It is without doubt the best European Portuguese learning site I have found over the last 10 years that I have been struggling to learn the language… It allows me to go at my own pace and go back when it’s useful.


Name: Geraldine

These dialogues at the end of each learning unit are brilliant for consolidation of the structures learned in each unit.

So impressed

Name: Kris C.

I was searching high and low for somewhere to learn European Portuguese but options were somewhat limited. I was so impressed with your learning lab and how fun you make your videos that I had to sign up and try this.

A big help

Name: Susanne W.

Portuguese is quite new for me and I have found your website. All the stuff is wonderful. I listen to your Podcasts in the car and during sporttime whenever I can. I like the YouTube videos very much. Immersing into the language is a big help and a great fun. Really you fill a gap with this!

A ton of resources

Name: Chris S.

As a beginner, it gives me what I need to get started but has a ton of resources to keep me learning and take my education right through to an advanced level. It is such a massive resource and such a complete one.

Relevant and current

Name: Christine S.

Your website is the highlight of my days … When I wake up, the first thing I do is go to your site and practice my Portuguese … I absolutely love your program and I am so thankful that I found it! It feels so personal, and it’s so much fun. The topics of the videos and podcasts are so relevant and current.


Name: Warren B.

Thanks for the amazing work on the learning studio. I’m doing A1/A2 at the moment and the ability to hear and read well enunciated European Portuguese is invaluable. I use the speech to text on my iPad keyboard to fill in the written answers where possible which I think is improving my own pronunciation.

New speaking activity

Name: Chris W.

Finally I have found an online course that really helps me to learn European Portuguese – I find the new speaking activity particularly helpful.

The best tool out there

Name: Eve T.

I have followed Practice Portuguese since before you developed the Learning Studio. You have built up a wonderful resource to learn European Portuguese. It’s by far the best tool out there currently, and it makes learning Portuguese super fun!

Authentic and real listening experiences

Name: Sabine P.

I really like your approach and with so little help for learners of European Portuguese out there you are a real find. I especially find the videos with transcripts very helpful. I did a couple of beginner’s courses in Portuguese and it was always hard to find authentic and real listening experiences.

Very entertaining

Name: Geraldine

I’m a good few weeks in to Practice Portuguese now, and it’s helping me so much! I find it so user friendly and the content is very entertaining. Keep up the good work!

Adoro estes

Name: Timothy G.

Adoro estes episódios secretos! Quero acabar muito mais Units para que eu possa ver, e desbloquear, mais diálogos como este.

Mini-dialogues are very helpful


These mini-dialogues are very helpful, especially for those of us who have not had much practice in listening to spoken Portuguese and trying to comprehend what is said! I very much look forward to them!

Everyday conversation

Name: Dennett

Thank you for the short dialogues, great way to hear new words used in everyday conversation.

The answer to my prayers

Name: Roberta P.

You guys are getting better and better. The little podcasts at the end of each unit is the answer to my prayers, seriously guys this site is so good, thank you so so much.

Extensive yet so simple

Name: Matt C.

I think Practice Portuguese is amazing, it is so rich in content and extensive yet so simple to use with the easy units leading up to more complex stuff. I’ve only just started and am really impressed.

Passei a minha prova A2

Name: Sue F.

Com obrigadas a vocês dois, passei a minha prova A2 e agora tenho Nacionalidade Portuguesa.

Making learning fun

Name: Hannah R.

I’m enjoying your online learning! Very helpful to a complete beginner. Hoping to be up to speed on basics by [the time] I move to Portugal. Thank you for making learning fun!

Verb modules are excellent

Name: David A.

Recently I have been concentrating on my verbs – because I really needed to do that. I find your verb modules excellent. I like the fact that I have to recognise a verb only from the sound. That has helped me a lot.

She was floored

Name: Daniella S.

Yesterday … with the woman I mentioned who lived in Portugal she told me that she was floored by how much I’ve learned in a month. Your project has so helped me – I’m now listening to the podcasts with the translations first at normal speed then line by line … and am finding I’m getting comfortable with the easier ones. I’m so very grateful to have found your site.

extremely well done

Name: David C.

I’m on to your Learn/Units now. They are just exactly what I need. Was not expecting so many differences in pronunciation from Brazilian Portuguese but wow, there are a lot, including those weird new vowel sounds and missing vowels. Those units are extremely well done, varied and challenging without being dauntingly difficult, kudos to both of you.

great job

Name: Joanne H.

I think you guys are doing a great job of innovating methods for teaching a language and it has been interesting to watch it grow over the years. It is obvious you are having fun with it.
I have to add that the quizzes really challenge my spelling ability.
Regards and keep up the good work.

I can’t thank you enough

Name: Michelle I.

I just returned home from Portugal. I can’t say enough about how beautiful the country and its people are. I was so very worried because I only had about seven weeks to learn whatever I could. Between the learning center and the podcasts, however, I was fully prepared. I was able not only to communicate my needs I understood what was being said to me. The lessons were fantastic and the cultural videos helped me to see some great sites and eat some great foods. (…) I am definitely going back and next time I will be fluent.
I can’t thank you enough.
I’m going to keep learning.

best resource

Name: David C.

Really like your site, best resource by far I’ve found for an intermediate Brazilian Portuguese speaker learning continental Portuguese.

definitely enjoyable!

Name: John

Keep up the good work, you’ve made learning Portuguese much less challenging and definitely enjoyable!

learning studio very helpful

Name: Kirstin A.

I’m finding your learning studio very helpful, so thanks for this!

podcasts and the learning studio are fantastic

Name: Christopher B.

I love what you guys have done, the podcasts and the learning studio are fantastic services that I enjoy very much and is helping me prepare for my level exam for university in a month. For this, I commend you guys.

fantastic services

Name: Christopher B.

I love what you guys have done, the podcasts and the learning studio are fantastic services that I enjoy very much and is helping me prepare for my level exam for university in a month. For this, I commend you guys

I really like the podcasts

Name: Kelly P.

I really like the podcasts that cover topical things in Portugal (…) makes me feel like I’m learning about the country too.

It really is unique

Name: Lowrie H.

I really love the site and content. It really is unique and the transcript, vocab and speaking options are amazing as it the natural conversation.

podcasts extremely useful

Name: Trish H.

As a beginner determined to learn Portugal Portuguese,I have found your podcasts extremely useful.

best system ever for learning verbs

Name: Karen F.

You have the best system ever for learning verbs. I’ve tried many language systems and this makes the most sense and is the easiest to maintain in memory.

a blessing!

Name: Ivan P.

We found your site more than a year ago while searching for online resources for studying Portuguese…and it was just a blessing! We are waiting with eagerness each new podcast and to be honest our favourites are Pizza na hora and the new Algarvios ones. You did a great job and our gratitude for this is immense !