Rui and Joel invite you to explore some of the feedback we have been receiving from our listeners and members.

This is the kind of support that keep us growing Practice Portuguese! What do you think of our work so far? 

Note: Positive listener reviews and ratings from each country are vital to growing our community, and allows us to continue growing this project. If you happen to have any constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement, please email us instead of leaving a negative review, so we have a chance to respond to your concerns. 


148 Ratings in 19 Countries

Updated: 08.04.2018


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extremely well done

Name: David C.
Location: Colorado, USA

I’m on to your Learn/Units now. They are just exactly what I need. Was not expecting so many differences in pronunciation from Brazilian Portuguese but wow, there are a lot, including those weird new vowel sounds and missing vowels. Those units are extremely well done, varied and challenging without being dauntingly difficult, kudos to both of you.

great job

Name: Joanne H.

I think you guys are doing a great job of innovating methods for teaching a language and it has been interesting to watch it grow over the years. It is obvious you are having fun with it.
I have to add that the quizzes really challenge my spelling ability.
Regards and keep up the good work.

I can’t thank you enough

Name: Michelle I.
Location: USA

I just returned home from Portugal. I can’t say enough about how beautiful the country and its people are. I was so very worried because I only had about seven weeks to learn whatever I could. Between the learning center and the podcasts, however, I was fully prepared. I was able not only to communicate my needs I understood what was being said to me. The lessons were fantastic and the cultural videos helped me to see some great sites and eat some great foods. (…) I am definitely going back and next time I will be fluent.
I can’t thank you enough.
I’m going to keep learning.

best resource

Name: David C.
Location: Colorado, USA

Really like your site, best resource by far I’ve found for an intermediate Brazilian Portuguese speaker learning continental Portuguese.

definitely enjoyable!

Name: John
Location: Portugal

Keep up the good work, you’ve made learning Portuguese much less challenging and definitely enjoyable!

learning studio very helpful

Name: Kirstin A.

I’m finding your learning studio very helpful, so thanks for this!

podcasts and the learning studio are fantastic

Name: Christopher B.
Location: USA

I love what you guys have done, the podcasts and the learning studio are fantastic services that I enjoy very much and is helping me prepare for my level exam for university in a month. For this, I commend you guys.

fantastic services

Name: Christopher B.

I love what you guys have done, the podcasts and the learning studio are fantastic services that I enjoy very much and is helping me prepare for my level exam for university in a month. For this, I commend you guys

I really like the podcasts

Name: Kelly P.
Location: UK

I really like the podcasts that cover topical things in Portugal (…) makes me feel like I’m learning about the country too.

It really is unique

Name: Lowrie H.

I really love the site and content. It really is unique and the transcript, vocab and speaking options are amazing as it the natural conversation.

podcasts extremely useful

Name: Trish H.
Location: UK

As a beginner determined to learn Portugal Portuguese,I have found your podcasts extremely useful.

best system ever for learning verbs

Name: Karen F.

You have the best system ever for learning verbs. I’ve tried many language systems and this makes the most sense and is the easiest to maintain in memory.

a blessing!

Name: Ivan P.
Location: Bulgaria

We found your site more than a year ago while searching for online resources for studying Portuguese…and it was just a blessing! We are waiting with eagerness each new podcast and to be honest our favourites are Pizza na hora and the new Algarvios ones. You did a great job and our gratitude for this is immense !

such great stuff

Name: Gyongyi S.
Location: Hungary

I just want to say thank you for creating such great stuff for Portuguese language learners. It makes learning much more fun.

Seriously amazing

Name: Amanda C.
Location: New Jersey, USA

Seriously amazing. I’ve been using this website for 2 days (…) and I already feel like I have a good grasp on the basics. This website will allow me to speak to my Portuguese friends and family with ease. Obrigado Rui e Joel!

fabulous website!!

Name: Anne B.
Location: Boston, MA, USA

Wanted to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE your podcasts and that you have begun this venture in bringing European Portuguese to all!!! (…) Joel, you (and Rui) have really inspired me to keep trying! I am also learning so much about Portugal it self (…) thank you, thank you, thank you so much for starting this fabulous website!! Keep up the great work!

posso falar Portugues um bocadinho melhor

Name: Richard B.
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Eu só queria escrever para agradecer. (…) acho que posso falar Portugues um bocadinho melhor, graças ao seu podcast. Obrigado!

a labor of love

Name: Michelle I.

Not only do you know I love this site but I am also eternally grateful that in only 7 weeks I’ve become proficient enough to understand your podcasts quite well. (…) I love this site and just want to throw this out there. (…) I can tell that this site is a labor of love.


Name: Rosalinde D.

Your site is great – thank you.

loads of useful vocabulary

Name: Joanna P.

I must say this verb section is fabulous value and a great exercise with loads of useful vocabulary. If I kept doing it over until I got it 100% right, I’m sure I would be fluent!

Built up my confidence

Name: Lynda C.
Location: Goa, India

Built up my confidence immensely- speaking and understanding Portuguese. (…) I was not confident speaking until I started listening and enjoying your podcasts. Keep up the interesting classes.

best thing going in European Portuguese

Name: Michelle I.

I dare to say that this site is far superior to MT Portuguese, Pimsleur and even better than the MIT open courseware textbook European version. (…) The constant high-quality audio is phenomenal I don’t know how you do it on what must be a shoe string budget. You reinforce reading, speaking listening and writing. You engage students in an auditory, visual and kinesthetic way which helps students to learn. This site is so far the best thing going in European Portuguese and I can see it becoming even better. Did I mention that it is fun and interesting? (…) You guys seem truly dedicated to this task (…) Great Job.

I love the site

Name: Sally B.
Location: England, UK

I love the site and really appreciate all the hard work you, and Rui’s family put in.

realmente uma boa plataforma

Name: Sofia G.
Location: China

O seu website é realmente uma boa plataforma para me melhorar a escuta, ao mesmo tempo para conhecer a cultura portuguesa na qual tenho muito interesse , e já recomendei este website aos meus colegas que também sabem falar português mas não conseguem falar fluentemente.

best platform

Name: Elroy F.
Location: Goa, India

I think this is the best platform for learning Portuguese at the moment.

I love your approach

Name: Nicky W.
Location: UK

Thank you it is so hard to find european portuguese material (…) so well done. I love your approach.

very easy and interesting

Name: Suja R.
Location: India

I simply love your work.It is very easy and interesting to learn.

Keep up the good work

Name: Jacob D.
Location: USA

Thank you for setting this up, I started learning European Portuguese just a year ago and it has been hard to find the resources to keep up with the European dialect specifically. Keep up the good work!

Adoro a avó Odete!

Name: Christine H.
Location: UK
Adoro a avó Odete! Ela é “a legend”. (…) Muito obrigada, rapazes.

awesome podcast!

Name: Laura D.
Location: Romania

I found your podcast and listened almost all the videos (some of them , more than once 🙂 ).
I really had to say to both of you how much I like and appreciate your PracticePortuguese. (…) Keep up with your awesome podcast!

Very happy

Name: James C.
Location: Canada

Very happy to renew for another year to support your work (…) I decided to take Portuguese lessons as a birthday gift to myself, so I will make time to check out the podcasts and the learning studio.

podcasts have been great for me

Name: Matthew C.
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Thank you for creating something that has helped me so much. The podcasts have been great for me and I love seeing how I can understand podcasts now that a year ago were too hard for me. I also really like the new 100% Portuguese podcasts.

It’s a vital resource

Name: Chad N.
Location: Santa Cruz, CA, USA

(…)the one thing I could listen to and always learn from, and build confidence with, was Practice Portuguese. I can’t stress how important it was to have it as a resource. I want to continue to develop my Portuguese, so we’ll keep our membership and continue to support your important project! It’s a vital resource considering os desafios específicos that Portuguese presents.

Great website

Name: Gav N.
Location: Sydney, Australia

I’m very happy with your site and I appreciate the amount of effort you guys have put in!

Great website you both have here. I started learning last month and it’s been a great amount of help with your “unit” modules.

helped me enormously

Name: Kevin E.
Your program helped me enormously. So thank you.

fun way to learn Portuguese

Name: Bettina M.
Location: Germany

I really enjoy the learning material and especially your podcasts. It is a fun way to learn Portuguese, you are very professional and funny. (…) thanks for your great work! Obrigada.


Name: Darya S.
Location: Russia

This website is addictive. I “procrastinate” by listening to the podcast or going through videos. On a more serious note, I think this is by far the best online resource I found for learning European Portuguese. It is both informative and very entertaining. Thank you guys for putting it all together!

Avó Odete is so adorable

Name: Cathy D.
I love how you always come up with new ideas to help us learn while having fun. Avó Odete is so adorable – she’s a grandma we would all have liked to have!
Thank you so much for all your continued dedication to making this such a great site!
You guys are the best!

feels like I am learning with friends

Name: Roberta P.
Location: Australia

(…) you two are such great teachers and so welcoming, feels like I am learning with friends. Obrigada.

best part of my days

Name: Lani A.
Location: USA

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcasts, they’ve honestly been the best part of my days these past 2 months or so. (…) seriously, y’all are awesome and I’m so incredibly happy to have found this resource, it’s been absolutely wonderful. <3
Thank you!!

really appreciate

Name: Sherri S.

I just wanted to tell you I really appreciate what you guys are doing.

uma lufada de ar fresco

Name: Cidália C.
Location: Portugal

Adorei, (…) vocês são uma lufada de ar fresco.
Bjs aos meninos, avó Odete e Elza.

my daughters enjoy the interface

Name: Steven W.
Location: Denver, CO, USA

I use your site with my daughters 5 and 8 yrs old. They enjoy the interface and my Portuguese speaking wife appreciates your clear audio.

awesome and extremely useful

Name: Sofía O.
Location: Spain

I really love what you are doing. (…) I find your podcast and your website awesome and extremely useful.
Muito obrigada!

terrific website

Name: Carol L.

Firstly, many thanks for creating this terrific website. (…) it is wonderful to be able to access lessons in European Portuguese. The content of both sections is excellent. I especially like the fact that you create learning modules on such a wide range of topics. (…) I have been recommending your website to everyone. This is such a wonderful place to learn and to improve our Portuguese.


Name: Julia Y.
Location: South Bend, IN, USA

The work both [of you are doing] is wonderful. I’m a teacher (…) and the format with English explanations is wonderful. Thanks.


Name: Cherie F.
Adoro todas as coisas que oferecer pelo site. Em particular gosto o novo “imersão” método no podcast. Muito obrigada e abraços!

I admire both construction and devotion

Name: Robert S.

I benefited immensely from your podcasts during my trip to Portugal last year, and admire both the construction of your site, and your devotion to teaching European Portuguese. (…) Thank you for introducing to me this fascinating language, and keep up the good work.

seriousness and creativity

Name: Jean-Pierre T.
Location: France

Parabéns on your seriousness and creativity. I must admit I look forward to seeing the new exercises.

muito importante para mim

Name: Cecilia W.
Location: Sweden

Vosso projeto é muito importante para mim e muitas pessoas, eu acho. Teu português é fantástico, eu adoro ouvir. (…) eu aprendo um pouco mais todos os dias.

estou aprendendo muito.

Name: Dawn B.

Eu realmente gosto de seu produto e estou aprendendo muito.


Name: Alice B.
Location: Italy

Thank you for your amazing updates and your care in every little aspects of this project!

I have no words!

Name: Shana B.
Location: Tennessee, USA

I have no words, in any language, how grateful I am for you both and all the effort you have put into this informative site! Thank you! Obrigado! (It is a lot of information and I am a slow learner but too excited about it and wanted you to know how perfect it is!)

wonderful podcasts

Name: David & Lesley B.

Thank you also for the wonderful podcasts which have become an integral part of listening activity in preparation for our exam next year. Please continue, the podcasts are invaluable!

It is getting better

Name: John H.

It is getting better, more useful, all the time. I particularly like the translation option in the Transcriptions which in turn makes the change to comment afterwards in Portuguese that much more workable.

All I can say is WOW!

Name: Wayne W.
Location: Japan

This is my first chance to really use the Learning Studio. All I can say is WOW! I like the way I can answer in English sometimes, sometimes in Portuguese, the pair matching, and the writing. (…) This is absolutely THE BEST European Portuguese learning tool on the planet! Best of all, it is really FUN–Every time I finish a unit, I want to do more—it’s addictive! I can only keep learning more. (…) Wonderful job, Guys!


Name: Judy H.
Location: USA

I think your site is incredible and I am so impressed with it’s continuing stride toward more and more exciting ways to learn Portuguese; mainly by being really fun and interesting! (…) I love what you are doing. Thank you so very much.

awesome job

Name: Emil C.
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

I’d like to say that you guys have done an awesome job with the site! Although I’ve been following you and visiting the site for a bit, I just signed up for the premium version this week and think it’s great. So, thank you, and keep up the good work.

very valuable for me

Name: Steven E.
Location: Germany

Hi, first off, your site is very valuable for me, just about exactly what I was looking for, listening to european portuguese speakers and learning from them. Keep up the good work, it is highly appreciated. (…) the site runs good and there are lots of interesting topics to cover. I have spent 8 weeks learning at a different site and learned most of nothing and have now learned in 3 days more than before.

both entertaining and informative

Name: Philip P.
Location: UK

Your youtube clips are both entertaining and informative. Also, studying the differences between how Joel speaks in relation to Rui is very interesting too. Great idea to include Rui’s Avó…she reminds me of my mother.

our teacher congratulated us

Name: Janet G.
Location: England, UK

I am thoroughly enjoying the podcasts and videos and just thought the Learning Studio would give me the option of some grammar practice – particularly prepositions which I find particularly confusing! My husband also dips in occasionally and he enjoys the structure of the Learning Studio.
We have Portuguese lessons (…) and our teacher congratulated us yesterday on our progress (…)! We attributed it to Practice Portuguese and he was very interested!

excellent website!!

Name: Steve T.
Location: Taiwan

Now I’m enjoying the materials on your website… São muito úteis!!! I’m so glad that I could find this excellent website!! E creio que isto vai ajudar-me a melhorar mais rapidamente (e vou tentar dar o meu melhor!! :D)

Really like your style

Name: Clark R.
Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Really like your style & the level of linguistic sophistication you’re bringing. I find the process sort of this delicious combination of learning a genre of music & cracking a code if you feel me.

super easy

Name: Ryan M.
Location: USA

Just wanted to pass along a note of appreciation. (…) Finding resources like this was next to impossible until I stumbled upon your site. It has helped so much! It’s really well done and makes it super easy. Thanks for making this!

absolutely brilliant

Name: Allan R.
Location: New Zealand

I have to say that the podcasts are absolutely brilliant and the dialogue keeps it both informative interesting and even entertaining. You clearly have a passion for this that is much appreciated.
(…) I think offering a learning module for verb conjugation with their pronunciation is actually brilliant.

You guys are Ótimos

Name: Roberta P.
Location: Australia

You guys are Ótimos, you always sort it out for us and the content and quality of these lessons is amazing. It is late here but I hooked on those conjunctions for now, will do just one set before bed.

I am happy

Name: Aurore S.
Location: Paris, France

First [I would like] to congratulate you guys, I really like your website and all the progressive improvements. I am a member for podcast + and I am happy with it.

incredibly helpful

Name: Miriam M.
Location: Scotland, UK

I found your website incredibly helpful for improving my Portuguese listening skills and we regularly recommend your website to students at our school.


Name: Marge B.
Location: USA

Muito obrigada pelas lições durante este ano passado. Eu gosto muito da vossa maneira tão calma, tão autêntica. É uma boa combinação de vocabulário, gramática, pronúncia e cultura. Parabéns!

a fabulous place to learn!

Name: Cathy D.
Thank you so much (…) for making Practice Portuguese such a fabulous place to learn! Your improvements are always an added benefit and your efforts are always appreciated!
Wishing you continued success with your site – I am always recommending you to anyone who expresses an interest in studying the language. You guys are the best!

one of the most valuable online tools

Name: Kaia K.

You guys are doing a great job at making this one of the most valuable online tools to learning European Portuguese ever.

very helpful and entertaining

Name: Fang Z.
Location: China

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you. I saw your videos on Youtube and I really liked them, they are very helpful and entertaining. (…) Thank you for your guidance. I benefit a lot from your website. (…) I just can’t wait to learn European portuguese now! Wish you all the best! Os meus cumprimentos!


Name: Helen F.
Location: UK

I think the work you are doing is brilliant. I was a language teacher in schools for many years and envisaged the sorts of things you are doing but had no idea how to go about it! Congratulations!

There is none like it!

Name: Maria G.

Love the site! There is none like it! Brilliant with the addition of the verbs!

things are going great

Name: Kevin E.
Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

Just letting you know I’ve been using the learning studio and things are going great. Thanks for everything.

it’s a godsend

Name: Trevor G.

I love your website it’s a godsend (…). Thanks a lot for your help and thank you for spreading the beautiful portuguese culture to foreigners!

best thing since sliced bread

Name: Vincent H.
Location: Portugal

Can I also say that your website is the best thing I have come across in learning Portuguese – there is a saying in the UK – ” it is the best thing since sliced bread” – don’t ask me to explain it. I have lived in Portugal for over ten years and have struggled to become fluent. But your website is a great help.

It gave me new energy and motivation

Name: Lars E.

I first found you on youtube and really enjoyed the sequences! It gave me new energy and motivation to learning Portuguese. (…) So thanks for doing a great job, engaging material/conversations with relevance to daily life and quite a bit of Portuguese culture and history. (…) It’s great to have it explained in your sessions the way you do it, it certainly helps me remember words since I can connect it to the story told and it makes it so much more interesting. One day I want to understand all the saudade being told in the fado songs!


Name: Tibor B.
Location: Hungary

I really like the site, fantastic, and really enjoy the texts and the new words. (…) Your website helps a lot, you two are very sympathetic guys, the explanations are clear.

podcast is fantastic

Name: Carine M.
Location: Belgium

Your podcast is fantastic to learn portuguese. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks for all your help!

Name: Parker R.

Thanks for all your help! And thanks for sending those videos in response to my last question. They were very informative and helped my listening comprehension and pronunciation a lot!

really impressive

Name: Lori G.

I’m so glad you guys have put all of this together, it’s really impressive & so helpful!

units are great

Name: Neryl L.

The units are great by the way, (…) I’m usually using the apps when in a taxi, or waiting for someone etc when I can grab a few minutes, but I do appreciate all the work you’ve put into this venture!

com vocês o caminho é mais fácil

Name: Samantha O.

Estes vídeos são muito engraçados, e ajudam-me para o teste final que tenho em maio. Ainda me falta muito por aprender mas com vocês o caminho é mais fácil.

very helpful

Name: Donovan M.
Location: South Africa

I find your material very helpful. It does work very well. I will certainly reach out should I have specific requests.

I love it.

Name: Marta L.
Location: Poland

I wanted to thank you for the website. I love it. And I recommended it to many friends that (like me) are living in Portugal and studying Portuguese.

próximos aos ouvintes

Name: Zofia S.
Location: Warsaw, Poland

É um grande prazer poder trabalhar com os materias que vocês preparam. Também acho que o valor do que fazem reside na autenticidade dos materiais e no facto que os podcasts, diálogos e filmes são próximos aos ouvintes. A ausência de estruturas é boa porque dá liberdade ao professor e aos alunos – podem escolher o que querem praticar e em que contexto vão usá-lo. Tudo o que se encontra nos livros vem da vida real. Portanto, espero que continuem a desenvolver o vosso método “implicito” sem o peso gramatical.


Name: Elaine K.

I think you both have done an outstanding job and I’m really happy you created this site, Obrigada!

incrível ferramenta de aprendizagem

Name: Marcela L.
Location: USA

Fico muito agradecida (…) por esta incrível ferramenta de aprendizagem que criaram; Practice Portuguese é uma maneira divertida de aprender português europeu. (…) Vivo nos Estados Unidos [por isso] aqui não tenho ninguém com quem praticar português europeu e tenho de fazer um grande esforço para não mudar o sotaque para brasileiro; os meus grandes apoios são Practice Portuguese e Bem-vindos a Beirais! (…) Um grande abraço e felicitações pelo trabalho maravilhoso!

It’s fun but thorough

Name: Maritza D.
Location: Trinidad and Tobago

I’ve been an English and a Spanish teacher for more than ten years so I know from experience what kinds of materials motivate students to learn a language, and Practice Portuguese definitely has what it takes. It’s fun but thorough, and contains the most important aspects of learning a second language.

I love the Learning Studio.

Name: Lynn S.

I love the Learning Studio. It is fun whilst learning which is the best way to learn!

videos are really good

Name: Mirela N.
Location: Romania

Your videos are really good and make learning Portuguese easy and quite funny.

great job

Name: Emil L.
Location: Sweden

I really think you’ve done a great job so keep doing your thing.

we need you out here

Name: Fleur L.
Location: France

Thank you for creating this website. Keep going guys, we need you out here.

I’m a huge fan

Name: Chris I.

I’m a huge fan of the learning studio. So much so that I started subscribing to support you as soon as you created it, even though I knew I wouldn’t have time to get into it until very recently. Thank you for everything you do! (…) I’m thrilled you are developing more lessons, and that’s undoubtedly a bigger priority for your customers.

learning opportunities

Name: Dave N.

Thank you for the site and learning opportunities, I like your lesson style.

Loving this new unit

Name: Nigel S.
Location: UK

Loving this new unit as it’s so clearly described and even though I’ve tried to fully soak these demonstratives and prepositions before, they haven’t fully sunk in until now.
Keep up the good work !

É um verdadeiro tesouro

Name: David C.
Location: UK

Escrevo-vos para dizer simplesmente muitíssimo obrigado pelos excelentes recursos de aprendizagem. É um verdadeiro tesouro ter esta fonte de português europeu na internet (que tem nada que ver com o português do Brasil!!).

superb podcasts

Name: Patricia H.
Location: England, UK

I have been meaning to go premium for a long time but it wasn’t until I saw your excellent video that came out yesterday that I knew I couldn’t wait any longer! (…) I am keen on practising European European portuguese because I love how it sounds and I love Portugal. Text books can be pretty boring sometimes and it is so great to get my teeth into something so interesting and stimulating and to hear the language as it is really spoken!
Thanks so much for doing such great work and please continue making these superb podcasts and videos.

your enthusiasm rules!

Name: Ivars A.
Location: Latvia

And guys – keep up the good work – your enthusiasm rules!

Loving the learning studio and the podcasts!

Name: Mark L.
Location: UK

Loving the learning studio and the podcasts! By far the best learning tools out there! Also have my mother hooked on the learning studio.

well organised and not too prescriptive

Name: Michael C.
Location: Ireland

I was unable to find a more advanced language course teaching European Portuguese. Then I discovered a website [Practice Portuguese] teaching European Portuguese. (…) There is much audiovisual content, which is well organised and not too prescriptive. I enjoy its cultural content which includes Portuguese food, travel, customs, folk tales, traditions, lifestyle, etc.

What would I do without you?!

Name: Alison T.
Location: UK

Thank you both so much for creating such a valuable learning resource. What would I do without you?! With your help, learning Portuguese is gradually beginning to seem possible. And somehow you make it such fun. Love you! Keep up the good work!

it’s been so great

Name: Lori G.

I love Practice Portuguese and it’s been so great, as I really needed European Portuguese materials. The “disappearing words” video was such a relief when I saw it! My husband is from Lisbon and speaks so fast, and I knew he cut out syllables but after this video it made so much more sense why it was so hard for me to understand at first. (…) Thanks so much for your great work! It makes practicing less intimidating and helping my progress with the language.

grande inovação

Name: Urs V.
Location: Switzerland

Obrigado pelo vosso trabalho. Parabéns pela grande inovação e energia, há sempre algo novo para descobrir. O novo link de texto de áudio é maravilhoso e muito confortável.

it will improve my listening skills

Name: Mary H.

I really like the learning studio, most of all because it will improve my listening skills in Portuguese, which at the moment are jaw droppingly abysmal.
Many thanks for responding so quickly it gives the site a really personal feel.

super fast tech support

Name: Anna Z.
Location: Poland

thanks a lot, this was super fast tech support (…) Premium is great, as I can read over again transcripts, and copy whole paragraphs for translation.
You are doing great job with this portal.


Name: Lindsay K.
Location: UK

The new site is brilliant!
Love being able to alter speed for both correct pronunciation (slow) and comprehension (bit faster) and also being able to move cursor easily to where you want it on the transcription.

Faz parte do meu dia-a-dia

Name: Marge B.
Location: USA

Tenho gostado imenso de praticar o meu Português pelo vosso website, especialmente porque eu vou visitar Portugal no mês que vem e quero falar o melhor possível. (…) continuem com o bom trabalho. Faz parte do meu dia-a-dia e é um grande apoio. A minha confiança está a crescer!

Finally a Portuguese source

Name: Mico Canavarro
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

You guys are doing a great job. I will be signing up very shortly. Finally a Portuguese source in European Portuguese.

I am very impressed

Name: Andrew B.
Location: Vancouver, Canada

It was completely by chance that I stumbled upon your Podcast on iTunes, which led me here to your site. I must say that I am very impressed. This is everything I have been looking for, both as a resource to improve my Portuguese, as well as to share with other people I know who want to learn. I plan on showing this to my family in the coming days, so you can fully expect a subscription or two from us!

It has kept me motivated

Name: Caisha C.

I am such a fan of your podcast! It has kept me motivated, challenged and entertained along my Portuguese learning journey. I get so excited when a new episode is released, particularly as there are so few resources available for those of us learning European Portuguese. Thank you!

exatamente o que eu estava à procura

Name: Rens L.
Location: Netherlands

Practice Portuguese é exatamente o que eu estava à procura: textos com uma grande variedade de assuntos, entrevistas, conversas, artigos etc. e sobretudo a possibilidade de treinar o ouvido . Entender o português falado é realmente difícil. Ouço infinitamente os episódios e notei que surte efeito e – graças ao humor – sempre divertido.
Muito obrigado por todas as iniciativas e esforços!

brilliant resources

Name: Barbara L.
Location: UK

Firstly thank you for your brilliant resources. As we are living in Portugal full time it is really important that we learn the language as quickly as possible and most of the resources out there are Brazilian so it is great to find so many great resources in one place.

se aprende mucho

Name: Oswaldo R.
Location: Venezuela

Mi esposa es Portuguesa del Continente y yo Venezolano. Juntos, estudiamos la estructura gramatical todos los sabados y nos gustaria mucho poder hablar con fluides… Nos gusta mucho la lengua portuguesa..
Hemos oido sus PODCASTS y DIALOGOS y nos parecen muy educativos ademas que te enseñan de la cultura, musica y constumbres de Portugal, se aprende mucho y son sumamente entretenidos.
Los entendemos en un 100%.

It’s helping me a lot

Name: Kaye N.
Location: USA

Thank you for your website. It’s helping me a lot in learning the language. My in-laws are happy that I am learning their language, thanks to you

I’m excited

Name: Eugenia F.
Location: Zimbabwe

I’m excited to get started, i studied portuguese here for 6 months and don’t want to loose it! I love your podcasts and site, so informative and so nice to have one in European Portuguese.

excellent site

Name: Gordon A.

Thank you and keep up the good work. I am lucky enough to have a guy from Lisboa that I speak Portuguese with for a couple of hours once a fortnight. Between that and the fact that my Italian is pretty reasonable and using your excellent site I am already at the stage of being able to understand a lot of writen Portuguese. Your site is really most useful to me for the spoken language. (…) Muito obrigado.


Name: Bridget J.

I must congratulate you on your incredible enthusiasm and the high standard of the work you produce for Practice Portuguese.


Name: Miemie K.
Location: South Africa

I like podcast very much, especially the ones with the grandmother! Thank you very much for helping us to learn your language. Muito obrigada, beijinhos e abraços!

really helpful

Name: Isha G.

I am finding all the lessons really helpful, I am finally getting a better grasp of the language.

great Learning Studio

Name: Kaia K.

Thanks for your detailed description. Your explanation was spot-on (…) Thanks for all your help and a great Learning Studio.
I hope to graduate to your regular …someday.

just amazing!

Name: Melisa O.
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I follow your podcast and I wanted to thank you so much for creating such a platform! Because I started to understand Portuguese language (Radio programs, tv shows, Portuguese songs’s lyrics) far better after I was back in Turkey thanks to this Podcast channel! I have to say, this is just amazing! You are amazing!

Love the site

Name: Cameron A.
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Love the site and it’s really coming in handy for my upcoming trip to Portugal in March, keep up the great work!

always gracious

Name: Mara C.

Thanks so much for your answers which are always gracious. Thanks too for giving those of us struggling along learning Portuguese a platform to get help (and sometimes, join our Portuguese counter-parts and simply complain when things get tough and feel somewhat impossible).

I love your podcasts!!

Name: Antonia
Location: Hong Kong

I love your podcasts!! There is so few materials for EUROPEAN portuguese and I felt so lucky to have found the site! Muito obrigada!

amazing webpage

Name: Monika R.
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Thank you so much for your amazing webpage. It’s crucial for me to learn portuguese and without you it’d be quite impossible…


Name: Fred W.

I just finished Os Fundamentos 1,2, and 3, and am getting ready to move on. Thanks for adding those new sections. Your course is great!

the best

Name: Terry R.

I am enjoying your language course. It’s the best of the many I have looked at, especially now the the lovely soft tones of Raul have been added.
Hopefully you will continue to work the excellent work and will be encouraged to keep adding innovative extras. Obrigado.

good work

Name: Bas A.
Location: Netherlands

Keep up the good work you guys! I have been promoting you to everybody even considering learning Portuguese.

Take care and I look forward to the new units!

keeps getting better

Name: Geoff D.
The site keeps getting better and better.
Rui’s voice is much more helpful. The previous voice(s) were mostly good but now I know that is actually how it is as opposed to wondering – maybe it’s a glitch in the voice programme.
Also, it seems much easier for me to copy. (…) Keep up the good work.

wonderful learning experience!

Name: Isabel C.
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I love your podcasts (…) Thank you for the wonderful learning experience! I would definitely recommend your site to anyone trying to learn European Portuguese.

so smart

Name: Carrie P.

I was initially interested in casually brushing up what little Portuguese I have (…), but honestly, your content is so smart, engaging and listenable that I’m aiming a little higher now. It really is a delight to listen. Really really good work!


Name: Edna E.

You are doing great! Your prompt replies to my comments, feedbacks, and queries manifest your passion for your work and your dedication to really help people like me who want to learn Português.

I commend you for your kind gesture and hard work!

great material

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Thanks so much for continuously providing great material for learning European Portuguese. Thanks to your material I manage to speak a little more each time I go to Portugal.

é ótimo!

Name: Nick L.
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Acabo de descobrir o seu podcast, e é ótimo! Parabéns e espero que o projeto vá bem para vocês. Já entendo os benefícios deste tipo de aprendizagem focado em escutar e ler material real para ver linguagem em contexto, então fiquei muito feliz quando descobri o podcast.

very useful

Name: Barbara L.

Thank you so much for the latest batch of exercises. I have found them very useful (…). The Christmas podcast has also been very useful and I think I may be ready to sign in to the premium level. (…) thanks for the great work. You have made my move to Portugal easier and we were even able to hold an interesting conversation with our neighbours in their own language at Christmas.

has really helped us

Name: Chad N.
Location: Santa Cruz, CA, USA

My wife and I (…) just arrived in Lisbon. I’m already realizing how helpful it has been to listen to your podcasts in the car these past few months. Portuguese speakers are so disrespectful toward syllables, smashing them together and eliding them in ways that make it very difficult for foreigners to understand. Having your podcasts handy has really helped us disentangle the spoken language. Thank you!

great resource

Name: Daniel S.
Location: Canada

Just wanted to take a second to say how much I enjoy the podcasts, videos and web content that you’ve made. This is the third language I’ve learned and I wish there had been something like this when I was slogging through French. (Who am I kidding? I’m still slogging through French.) (…) Congratulations on a job well done. I hope the business is going well for you. It’s such a great resource and you deserve to succeed.


Name: David T.

OMG that massive verbs section is amazing! I was just thinking, “how come it’s SO HARD to learn verbs in a foreign language?” Meaning, everyone wants to teach you clothing and food and crap, but no one ever just grinds through the most important thing: verbs. Thanks for continuing to be awesome!

easily understandable

Name: Edite B.
Location: Latvia

First of all, I would love to thank you for doing such an incredibly amazing job at making learning Portuguese so much easier for me and many, many other people, I’m sure. I’ve struggled for the longest time to find some learning materials that would be easily understandable and accessible, but there’s not a lot of out there. So finding you guys on youtube was super lucky! Your content is great, easily understandable (especially for a non-native English speaker like me) and it is fun! So thank you again for that. You have not only helped me get back into learning Portuguese (…), but it has also inspired me to try some teaching of my own.


Name: Elizabeth D.

Your program is helping me learn new vocabulary and verbs at an astonishing rate. I prefer your program to Rosetta Stone, anyday. Good job!

muito obrigada

Name: Gabriella N.
Location: Hungary

Thanks a lot (muito obrigada) for all your work. I really like all your podcasts. This one too, I really found the text very good – rich in vocabulary, but very comprehensible, at least, it was good for my level. I love you both.

love this method

Name: Gareth M.

I’ve completed the sign up and my first podcast! I love this method of learning.
Tenho muito a aprender, mas vou chegar lá!
Keep up the great work.

a aprender tanto

Name: Siovan H.

Eu gosto muito desse programa, eu estou a aprender tanto. Muito obrigada por todo o vosso trabalho. Força, Rui e Joel.

I enjoy it

Name: Marceline W.

I have just started the beginners lessons. I enjoy it it is a great review of my actual knowledge (…) Anyway, thanks a lot, it is a great way to learn portuguese, I will surely progress.

keep going!

Name: Yuliya B.

Best service I’ve found so far! I could not find any affordable and entertaining learning materials in European Portuguese before I came across this site. Thank you so much and keep going! I look forward to B1/B2 levels!


Name: Antone G.

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your lessons. They teach grammar and comprehension at the same time. Fantástico!


Name: Aino R.
Location: Espoo, Finland

Thanks for the reply and thank you so much for the tips (The vowel pronunciation video is amazing!) and providing material for beginners. I can’t believe I didn’t know about The Learning studio. I will definitely sign up for that and pass on the tip to my fellow students!

very pleased

Name: Helena R.
Location: Portugal

I heard about you through a student that is learning Portuguese with me. I joined Practice Portuguese temporarily just to see the kind of things he is doing with you. I was very pleased with what I saw. I think you’re doing a good job. Congratulations!

totally worth it

Name: Tricia T.
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Signing up for the Learning Studio is totally worth it. I can tell that you’all put a lot of thought into it. It is quite impressive, and really useful.

I love practice portuguese

Name: Birthe L.

I love practice portuguese and the learning studio. I think you guys did such a great job with the contents and also with the design. The love to details and conveying the portuguese culture and spirit is amazing.
I already look forward to many more episodes and units. Muito obrigada.

really good

Name: Bas A.
Location: Netherlands

I really enjoyed it so far! The exercises are really good. I’m happy I found you guys.

tremendously charming

Name: Julie G.
Location: USA

Absolutely love your website and program and everything. I went to Lisbon for a conference and found that with a few weeks of exposure before the conference to the European version through your tremendously charming, entertaining content, I was able to understand and make myself understood with ease–I speak Spanish, and have some experience with Brazilian Portuguese so I am not starting from scratch but I have been to Portugal before and found that the language was all but unintelligible. So a big thanks for doing this.

great work

Name: Paul D.

Please keep up the great work and thanks for all that you’ve done.


Name: Geoff D.

The site is wonderful and a great help to me as I have been living in Portugal for nearly a year now. It is lovely here.
I was led astray before by trying to learn from a site which uses Brazilian speech and had to virtually start again.

beyond brilliant!

Name: Siovan H.

This is beyond brilliant!

Verbs have always been confusing to me but in the last half hour alone, the Learning Studio method of clarifying the moods and tenses by adding mouseover tips and adding translated explanations has taken my head out of the gloom. I am so excited and delighted with this!

Thanks so much Joel and Rui, awesome work.

lively and funny

Name: Edna

You make each podcast session lively and funny… and that is a “plus factor” for making me feel (and I believe even others) studying Português less difficult, or shall I say, “easier”.
Muito obrigada pelo vosso projecto.

it’s working for me

Name: Anne C.

I’ve just started with the basic units. I would like to congratulate you on getting the balance of repetition, progression and retaining interest just right………for me……….l know everyone is different but it’s working for me.


Name: Irina Z.
Location: Russia

Os meus alunos e eu agradecemo-vos pelo trabalho fantástico.
Parabéns e boa continuação!

this site is awesome

Name: Roberta P.
Location: Australia

This is just a big thank you. I am really happy with the verbs. (…) The work you have put in to create this site is awesome and much appreciated. (…) The way you have grouped things works for me, I like the breakdown of categories and the repetitive exposure to each verb. Seeing them, then recognizing them, then applying them works for me. (…) I needed what you have done, which is to remove the verbs from other learning activities and just drill them in. I feel my sight vocab is pretty good, I can read the Pt newspaper, but it was the tenses which drove me mad and you are helping me so much.

excellent work

Name: Andy R.
Location: Cornwall, UK

Thank you for the fantastic work that you are doing with this resource. We have been planning to move to Portugal for quite some time (…) I know that the most important thing that will allow us to properly become part of the Portuguese community is to be able to communicate and that’s where you come in.
Your work on providing the podcasts and videos is exactly what we need to get started and give us the confidence to hold conversations in Portuguese. I have really enjoyed your 3-part videos especially as you seem to have such fun making them.
Please keep up this excellent work. Your efforts are very much appreciated and I’m sure that I’ll be listening to your podcasts for many years to come.

I am so thankful

Name: Andrea P.
Location: New Jersey, USA

I just wanted to reach out to thank you for creating this podcast and the comprehensive website I just discovered that goes along with it. I am 26 years old and “fluent” in Portuguese but since having moved out of my parents house, I do not practice nearly enough and have noticed my vocabulary slipping. (…) I am so thankful to have found your podcast and have been listening regularly as a way to practice on my own. (…) I just wanted to express my gratitude for your hard work and hope that this project never ceases to exist.

quality study material

Name: Harold B.

I thank Rui and yourself for both of these excellent tools and am happy to support you. It is difficult to find quality study material in European Portuguese but you have really filled the void!

what a great start

Name: Jen B.
I want to congratulate you on all your hard work! No doubt you will make improvements and additions but what a great start. (…) Thanks again guys – your PP lessons are giving me the structure needed to make solid progress.

really enjoy your products

Name: Sachne K.
Thanks for the update and your evident diligence. The verve with which you are doing all this is contagious, inspires me in learning! (…)
In general I quite like the balance you guys have hit in terms of support and challenge. If there wasn’t any challenge, I’d be likely to loose interest, while if there wasn’t sufficient support, I’d be likely to feel frustrated. So I think you’ve hit a nice balance in that. (…)
Again, just really enjoy your products, and am grateful to have come across them! I look forward to the new units. Keep it up!!!

glad to be part of it!

Name: David C.

Just very excited to be part of the kick off! Very new at language (…) You guys are doing an awesome thing! All the best!! You guys have such a fun unique approach and glad to be part of it!

we love it

Name: Ian B.

I am loving the learning site. (…) Keep up the good work… We now have a chance to learn this language.
It is interesting that some of the vocals are really fast spoken and some are more slowly spoken with each word a syllable spoken… which is nicer for learning. Anyway, we love it.

muito obrigada!!

Name: Laura S.

My boyfriend and I have just moved to Parede and have been listening to the podcasts and watching the videos so much that you and Rui feel like our first friends in Portugal. muito obrigada!!

good way to start

Name: Ryoko K.

I’ve just signed up for the Learning Studio and done up to Lesson 3 on Basic 1. Very basic but a good way to start, I guess, and the audio helps us to memorize words and phrases.


Name: Linda M.

I’m really enjoying the live studio, still navigating my way around it, you guys have made it so much easier for us to understand. It seemed like a minefield before and we didn’t know where to start.
Thanks for all you’re doing. We are so excited about this new development. You have done it with excellence and made it affordable.

enjoying it all immensely

Name: Nick A.

I’m rattling my way through the lessons and enjoying it all immensely. I should finish Cors tonight and then I’m done! My own learning is around A2/B1 so this is all useful revision and exposure. I particularly like the aural comprehension – as you’ve already pointed out this is the most challenging part of learning Portuguese, certainly for me down in the Algarve where they seem to speak another language altogether – so the more of this the better.

phenomenal project

Name: Mandy M.
Location: South Africa

I found your website and enjoyed the content then as there few WEBSITES or ONLINE INTERVENTION for European Portuguese. I have subscribed to your channel because I needed the help desperately.
(…) I have to admit that your work has evolved into a phenomenal project, with great love and dedication from you both. I feel so proud of you both because you never gave up and you saw the gap and continued to feed this little baby into the teenager that it has become.


Name: Kiros Z.

Thank you for making this Learning Studio. (…) I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THE VERBS PART!!! It will help me a lot to learn the verbs, without feeling boring and desperate of remembering all the conjugations. (…) Thank you very much!

I’m really enjoying it!

Name: Cheri M.
Location: Torrance, CA, USA

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into this. It must be a tremendous amount of work that you do. I’m really enjoying it!


Name: Jen B.
Location: Tasmania

Thanks so much for this wonderful resource and all your others – brilliant!

I’m so excited

Name: Michael D.

I didn’t even have to think twice before purchasing, I just knew it would be great! I’m so excited to get stuck in, and the design is really fantastic too. Well done!

fun and current

Name: Sachne K.

Fun and well put together, I’m retaining things quickly from how you guys have set it up.
So great to finally find something dedicated to European Portuguese that is so fun and current. Thanks for your dedicated work on this!

I’m very grateful

Name: Candice S.
Location: Canada

I’m very grateful to have found your website. It’s really helping me a lot especially since my greatest weakness is listening comprehension. I’ve listened to a couple of your podcasts and so far they are all “ótimos”! Bom trabalho e muito obrigada!

excellent concept

Name: Richard S.

It was bloody brilliant, a much-needed shock after the courses I’d been studying in Brazilian Portuguese. At first it sounded to me like a drunk Russian talking Spanish, but you slowly guided me through the mysteries of Portuguese enunciation, or lack of it! PP is an excellent concept and I will not hesitate to spread the word.

loved it

Name: Elaine F.

Just watched the new Pizza na Hora video and loved it. Thank you, it gives me a chuckle every time I watch it. I just returned from Portugal myself and I’m full of cod, sardines, wine and coffee. Yummy! I was able to understand a fair bit better the conversations going on around me on this trip, and I think PP gets the credit for this.

Great job

Name: Daniel P.
Location: Mexico

Great job guys! I absolutely adore your episodes.


Name: Zofia S.
Location: Poland
Adorei o vosso último episódio “Pizza na Hora”. Tenho a certeza que os meus alunos vão gostar também.
(…) o vosso trabalho é sempre muito apreciado.

melhor site

Name: Juan C.
Location: Colombia

Eu estou muito agradecido a Deus primeiramente, porque eu procurava aulas para ouvir e praticar português Europeu, e encontrei-vos. Eu domino um pouquinho o Português Brasileiro, mas eu quero aprender português europeu, convosco. Porque este é o melhor site que tenho encontrado!

great podcast!

Name: Gabriel G.
Location: Germany

Recently, we have put together the 60 best language learning podcasts around the web at
Your Practice Portuguese was also among these podcasts.
Thank you for providing this great podcast!

audios/texts are great

Name: Klara V.
Location: Czech Republic

I just feel that this is finally something that could help me a lot. I am an “eternal beginner” because I did not and still do not have that much time for my portuguese, but I would really like to move from my A2 level. And your audios/texts are great for spending time in a public transport!
Keep going guys!

great tool

Name: Linda B.
Location: USA

I just signed up… really enjoying your podcasts. I’m currently living in the Azores, so your site I know will be a great tool in learning the language.

terrific deal

Name: Brian Q.
Location: Colorado, USA

Just wanted to say that I think this is a great website and a terrific deal. I needed something specifically for European Portuguese and am very happy with this site so far. The pedagogical material is great! Keep up the good work!

really useful and fun

Name: Julie F.
Location: Coimbra, Portugal

I’m almost as excited as you and Rui must be about this. As a former TEFL teacher, I can already see that the Learning Studio promises to be really useful and fun. I still need to work on my verb conjugations so will definitely be making the most of this opportunity. I’m hoping that this will be the tool to finally get my husband to work on his Portuguese so I’ll see if I can persuade him to test it out as a false beginner.


Name: Anonymous
Just a quick email to give positive feedback on the new Speak feature. It’s wonderful to be able to hear and repeat the words in this short format. Its also a big bonus to compare my spoken words, if a little daunting, with those of a native speaker!
It also demonstrates the care and strategic consideration you invest in improving your business product. Your dual personalities and personal approach are such a refreshing and lively contrast to robotic algorithm driven Internet based language training.

fantastic resource

Name: Tanner S.

I truly enjoy your podcast, it’s a fantastic resource in light of the lack of EP resources in the internet (…) Thank you very much!

Not too heavy

Name: Allan T.

Thanks for your Leap of Faith video. I have ran through it. It was good and I can see that you both put a lot of work into it.
The coverage of the grammar and pronunciation too was good. Not too heavy. (…)
Anyway keep up the good work.

great service

Name: Eric K.
Location: Laurel, MD, USA

Practice Portuguese is a great service and it was invaluable in helping me prepare for my trip to the Azores.

very helpful and innovative

Name: Miriam B.

I’ve been listening to the podcasts for some time now but have recently become a premium member and wish I had done so ages ago. If I can dedicate myself to listening to podcasts and doing exercises every day, then my portuguese will improve quickly. This is a very helpful and innovative format. Thanks guys.

hard work really shows

Name: Tricia T.

You are awesome. Loved the video, and plan to watch it and learn from it, and the pdf’s. I live upstairs from a Portuguese grandma and grandpa..we often try to chat..usually more of them talking and lots of sign language. I love that your videos are spoken in portuguese with the transcripts..great concept! Your hard work really shows, and is greatly appreciated!


Name: Silvia Z.
Location: Italy

Gostei da aula, obrigada! (…)
Com o video é muito mais fácil compreender o vosso inglês e português
Vou aproveitar esta resposta para agradecer o vosso trabalho. No ano passado eu escutei os vossos podcasts para aprender a pronúncia e falar um pouco de português (o verdadeiro português!), eu precisava aprendê-lo para ir à Angola e aqui em Itália encontrava só professores que falavam o português do Brasil…


Name: Karen S.
Location: Connecticut, USA

Bravo! This episode was great. I really appreciate the conversation, the explanations. It felt like I was in a class. And this is just what I needed to return to my studies, and now it will be more intense than before. (…) Am going to listen to a podcast every morning, study my verbs, and plan to have a 30 minute conversation daily with meu marido or countless other Portuguese friends. I am determined to set up my own home schooling! At 70, this is not easy but thank you both for helping me “find my voice”.

melhor podcast

Name: Henning P.

Muito bem. O melhor podcast em português!


Name: Sue F.
Location: England, UK

Eu gosto muito do seu website, ‘’. Este é fantástico. Ajudou-me aprender mais Português.

Thank you so much

Name: Jon D.
Location: UK

I have really enjoyed all the content you have put out recently and will continue to recommend you to friends and other people learning Portuguese. (…)
Thank you so much, I have learnt a great deal from you guys and think you are really filling a niche that isn’t covered by other language learning sites.

brilliant tool

Name: Diane S.
Location: Buckingham, England, UK

´I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your podcasts – particularly the new, longer versions with the explanations as we go. I also love the animated video podcasts. I have been a member of your site for a while now, but am finding that I’m using it even more than before since the addition of these new formats.
Thank you again – your site is a brilliant tool to help with the understanding of the language and the sound of it spoken by a true Portuguese!

fiquei encantada

Name: Lusine B.
Location: Armenia

Eu fiquei encantada quando encontrei os vossos podcasts no mundo onde domina o português brasileiro… tava ouvir e curtir, foi muito fixe. Adoro a sua [Rui] pronúncia, sua voz é muito agradável.
Vocês têm que continuar a divulgar o português lusitano, porque é difícil para as pessoas que querem aprender a língua portuguesa mas encontram só o dialecto brasileiro.
(…) fico à espera de vossos novos podcasts!!!

You guys are great!

Name: Emily G.
Location: Tennessee, USA

You guys are great! I’m trying to prepare for our first trip to Portugal, and you provide the the best European Portuguese listening. I love your beginner episodes, because that’s where I am. However, I hope to grow into the Intermediate ones, and I listen to them anyway just to hear pronunciation. Love the format where you discuss vocabulary.

I’m really pleased

Name: Danie W.
Location: UK

I’m really pleased to have found you, I am a beginner, but am very ready to start learning more, and listening is what I need to do, along with reading (my reading and written is better than my speaking – I just can’t get the confidence to speak yet, but the more I listen to fast spoken Portuguese, the more I will get confident, I’m sure). I particularly like the way you speak slowly first, and then fast, it really helps my listening confidence.
I’m finding it is nearly impossible to find any good resources that aren’t either Brazilian, or a mixture of Portuguese and Brazilian.

love your podcasts

Name: Ronwynn L.
Location: Swakopmund, Namibia
I am a premium member and I absolutely love your podcasts. I am learning Portuguese really quickly and its so much fun listening to Rui everyday and the work Joel puts into the website makes it absolutely worth it, I love the animations too. I am learning so much vocabulary, my grammar is improving and my accent too. You guys really do an amazing job. (…) Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to learning and becoming fluent in European Portuguese.

We both are enjoying

Name: Linda M.
Location: Portugal

We both are enjoying your resources so much. Thank You both!

very clear diction

Name: Janet K.
Location: UK

I find the pronunciation of Portuguese just so difficult, but you both have very clear diction and it’s going to be most helpful to me in my attempts to learn the lingo.
Muito obrigada.

well worth

Name: Sean W.
Location: UK

After some time away from premium membership (I was finding the podcasts a bit too advanced for me when I originally joined) I’ve now signed up for a years membership. I wanted to show my support for what you are doing as the site continues to grow (the dominance of Brazilian Portuguese resources online is a source of great frustration). Plus the amount of work that must have gone into these last few episodes in the new format, makes it well worth the membership fee. Keep up the good work!

excelente trabalho

Name: Gabriela G.
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho!

absolutely excellent

Name: Wally M.

SOLD! This is exactly what I’m looking for. It is absolutely excellent. (…) I’m really enjoying these lessons.


Name: Richard H.

WOW… love the longer episodes… I really learned so much more… Obrigado.


Name: Kelsey D.

Your content is AWESOME. Keep it up!! O teu podcast é perfeito! Bom trabalho e parabéns!

on the right tract

Name: David H.

I think that your site is as good of a learning opportunity for European Portuguese that one might find on the internet. (…) You are on the right tract.

Thank you

Name: Liselle B.
Location: Lagos, Portugal

Thank you for all your efforts in helping us learn European Portuguese – we do appreciate it.

Nothing like this

Name: Cris V.

Nothing like this for português/portuguese online, a friend told me. And yes, the clips are helpful, make me laugh and love the language. Now I signed up, looking forward to the added features and what’s to come.

conteúdo de qualidade

Name: James C.
Location: Canada

Muito obrigado pelo site – estou feliz a apoiar uma equipa que cria conteúdo português de qualidade.
Já não tenho nenhuma desculpa para não aprender o vocabulário porque posso lê-lo…


Name: Robin S.

I’m happy to support your fantastic site, best of luck and continued success!


Name: Elaine F.

I just watched the latest episode and words cannot express how much I enjoyed it. The animation is beautiful, and the speech of the actors superb. It is great to hear female speakers and different male voices. I know now where Rui got his gift. I was just pondering which podcast to concentrate on next and the choice is easy now. To all involved in this project, I think you are all just fantastic!!!

são um espetáculo!

Name: Deborah B.
Location: Italy

Eu estou muito agradecida pelo vosso projecto de prática da língua portuguesa. Eu estou a estudar a vossa língua e vocês são muito importantes para o meu estudo. Vocês são um espetáculo!

Better than most

Name: Rose B.
Location: Namibia

It’s great so far. Better than most sites. Thanks a lot. I will think about purchasing the full course.

love love love

Name: Kim C.
I love love love the lessons. I’ve only had time to do a couple so far but hope to dive into more this weekend. I love that they go over words quite a bit in different ways. I take notes too and I really feel I’m retaining the information. I’ve been trying to learn for quite sometime and this is the best learning tool I’ve used. I know a few words just from being around a lot of Portuguese friends but not enough to join in the conversation but I feel these lessons will help me!

Listening to needs of your clients

Name: Karen
Location: Connecticut, US

Just read “Um dia na Praia”. It was great. Helpful to hear Joels explanations and Rui’s comments. Listened, read transcription aloud , then listened twice more. As a former teacher (once a teacher always a teacher) I applaud how you are growing, changing and listening to needs of your clients. This feels very personal. Thanks, obrigadinha.

The only way…

Name: Thornsten B.
Location: Berlin

I apreciate very much the work you both have done so fare with the website. I think it’s nearly the only way to become – at least for me – better in speaking portuguese. BTW I just started to support your project as a premium member…:-)

Lots of fun

Name: Kevin T.
Location: Houston, Texas / Angola
Thanks to you and Rui for There are so few resources available for those who don’t want to learn a Brazilian dialect. is a quality product, inviting and lot’s of fun… I listen mostly through iTunes but am a subscriber and also have downloaded a couple of the PDFs.


Name: Miguel
Location: Portugal

Olá pessoal! Obrigado por este site, é espetacular!

I felt comfortable conversing with people in Portuguese…

Name: Sema L
Location: United States

We are on our way home after almost a month in Portugal. I began learning Portuguese as best I could on line some months before we left. Although your podcasts were way beyond my level of comprehension, they were my only way to hear Portuguese as it is spoken and I had to listen to them one at a time, over and over, and translate word by word.the written dialogue on the website was really helpful. Amazing — I felt comfortable conversing with people in Portuguese. I could actually understand quite a bit and was surprised to find that words I had to look up working through the podcasts came to me without a lot of effort. And people we met in Portugal were patient and kind speaking with me and even told me I spoke well. Of course, they were just being polite, but it did encourage me. (it helps that I am fluent in Spanish.)

I intend to keep working on Portuguese and hope that I will be truly fluent when I return to beautiful Portugal. Keep up the good work.
Sema L.

I became a member last week…

Name: David H

I find your site to be excellent. I became a member last week. I have been trying to learn Continental Portuguese for almost two years with only minimal success. You are absolutely correct when you say that the best way to learn a language is to listen to the spoken word. Thats how we learn our own language as very young children…Again, great site.
Thank you.

I am Spanish…

Name: José V.
Location: Madrid, Spain
My level is basic, in particular speaking, because I am not studying any grammar at all.
I am Spanish and I am only studying, at least for the moment, the minimum for understanding. But while my speaking level is very basic my understanding is much better and your episodes help me for this primary purpose. Just in case this information can help you.

Eu vivo na Suécia e ensino cá português

Name: Pedro
Location: Sweden

Eu vivo na Suécia e ensino cá português. Neste momento os meus alunos estão todos no nível A1 e A2.
Eu gosto muito do vosso trabalho… Espero poder vir a usar com mais frequência os vossos materiais com os meus alunos.
Mais uma vez parabéns pelo trabalho até aqui desenvolvido. Uma ótima iniciativa.

my son who lives in portugal used your website to learn portuguese

Name: Michele
Location: UK

my son is a doctor working in portugal.he is scottish and now speaks and practices medicine in portuguese

Very good website

Name: Breeze
Location: UK

Very good website. Speaking quite slowly really helps foreigners to understand. Keep up with the good work!

You guys rock!

Name: Matti
Location: Turku, Finland

Olá! Im a premium subscriber…and a big obrigado for the great content. You guys rock!
Best regards,

I really enjoy studying Portuguese using your site.

Name: Takara
Location: Japan / Mozambique
By the way, this month, I have the test of CAPLE (Centro de Avaliação Português Língua Estrangeira by Universidade de Lisboa) here, Nampula city in Mozambique.
Anyway, I really enjoy studying Portuguese using your site.

I really appreciate the job that you do, guys! :)

Name: Zuzanna
Location: Poland

I really appreciate the job that you do, guys! 🙂 I speak Polish (native), English, French and I’ve been learning Portuguese since last year, all by myself. As it is not my first time (learning), I have learned some basics from the previous ones (languages!). By discovering the words or grammar which is simmilar, I can easily absorb Portuguese. And your podcasts give me that opportunity! 🙂

I have to admit, that most of the podcasts in the internet don’t sound as good as yours. By the word ‘sound’ I mean the voices, the quality and simply the modern way of editing the record. And, voila, here we have podcasts that I can listen to even ten times non-stop. Great job, keep going!

Very useful

Name: Iwona
Location: Poland

very useful Internet site for practising language listening skills

…sooo helpful!

Name: Ms. Barbara L

I’ve been searching for a place to hear European Portuguese and am so happy I finally found this website and course! It’s awesome — interesting topics, adorable guys (Rui and Joel), sooo helpful! I don’t understand all of it by any means, but gradually I’m able to hear more and more. By the way, long ago I taught French, and I do love learning languages, but spoken Portuguese (European) was particularly difficult to understand despite knowing French, Spanish and a bit of Italian. The grammar and vocabulary are easy for me, and now — yay! — I should be able to converse in Portuguese — not just speak, but understand answers. Muito obrigada, Rui e Joel!

this site is GREAT for me!!!!

Name: Dameon
Location: USA

Ive been studying Portuguese for a couple of years and can read it and write it fairly well. Hearing and understanding is harder because i dont live near any Portuguese expatriates and so I dont get to hear the language spoken at normal speed. for that, this site is GREAT for me!!!!

Nice work!

Name: Andrea
Location: United States

I just found your podcasts a few days ago and LOVE them. I learned Brazilian Portuguese a few years back when I traveled to Sao Paulo, and Im going to be visiting Portugal for the first time in a few weeks and trying to transition. I look forward to spending time on your site and listening and learning from your podcasts! Nice work!

great podcasts

Name: Emil
Location: Sweden

exactly what ive been looking for.

…people respond with compliments

Name: Paul W.

…largely due to listening to your podcasts, almost every time I speak Portuguese here people respond with compliments, particularly about my pronunciation and words like ‘fixe’ used, for example, with friendly waiters have produced gaffaws of laughter.

…this site is GREAT for me!!!!

Name: Dameon
Location: USA

Ive been studying Portuguese for a couple of years and can read it and write it fairly well. hearing and understanding is harder because i dont live near any Portuguese expatriates and so I dont get to hear the language spoken at normal speed. for that, this site is GREAT for me!!!!

..Such great material

Name: Pete
Location: Manchester, UK

Olá Rui e Joel! Tudo bem? Just wanted to drop you guys a quick message as a thank you for all your work in providing such great material. I just wanted you both to know how much its appreciated by subscribers like me who are hoping to learn the european dialect. I absolutely love the dialogue episodes and often listen to a few on my cycle to work…Obrigado!

Sou prof de Portuguès no Canadá

Name: Cristina
Location: Canada

Parabéns pelo vosso trabalho!
Tenho feito a divulgação do vosso trabalho na minha página do FB
e sou prof de Portuguès no Canadá ..
Mais uma vez Parabéns e votos de sucesso 🙂

Thank you

Name: Kasia
Location: Poland

My dream is to live in Lisbon. I fell in love with that city, no doubts about it. So I wish to be able to communicate this beautiful, but hard … language. I’m taking a course in my city, Poznan, and trying to find some more possibilities to explore different ways of learning. So, here I am – ready to the new adventure! Thank you for the huge job you put in running that page – obrigada!

Muito obrigado…

Name: Mitch
Location: Japan

Olá, Rui, Joel. Muito obrigado por um programa tão maravilhoso. Sou seu ouvinte ja algum tempo, mas nunca achei que vocês têm um canal no YouTube, também. Acabo de me inscrever para o seu canal e dar um “like”. Há muitos programas de português brasileiro, mas só existem poucos livros ou materiais que tratam de português de Portugal. E por isso o seu programa é recursos muito valiosos para todos que aprendam português de Portugal continuar a aprendê-lo. Eu mesmo crio programas de aprendizagem de línguas no YouTube, e sei que não é fácil continuâ-lo fazer. Mas eu espero que vocês possam continuar a fazer este programa e que o seu programa cresce ainda maior. De novo, muito obrigado.

…makes me feel like Im still living in Oeiras

Name: Saira

I lived in Portugal for 10 months last year, but Ive been back in the states for the last 7 months and have been seriously struggling to keep up my language skills. Thank you so much for this wonderful podcast. Its at a perfect level for me to maintain my speaking/comprehension abilities, and it makes me feel like Im still living in Oeiras. 🙂

This website is so helpful!…

Name: Robert
Location: Washington, DC

I just have to thank you guys for making this website. I am a Lusophile and one of my best friends is from Lisboa, and I have been trying to learn Portuguese on and off for the past 3 years. The lack of continental Portuguese training is astounding. I have been learning Brazilian, but everytime I go to Portugal (3 times in the past 2 years!), I still cannot communicate because I am unable to practice the European dialect. This website is so helpful! Keep it up! Im going back to Portugal this year in June, so hopefully by then Ill be a little bit more proficient!


Name: Bela
Location: Taiwan

É um website excelente para aprender português! Obrigada!

Ill be sure to recommend you…

Name: Elsa
Location: New York

Hello, First off, Id like to say how much I LOVE your show and after struggling for ages to find a resource to help me learn European Portuguese, I was thrilled to find you guys. … Keep up the great work, Ill be sure to recommend you if anyone is looking to learn Portuguese!

Learning by laughing

Name: Alfredo
Location: Italy

Very nice podcasts and muito engrasado! Learning by laughing its the best way to learn!

…pelos estudantes do mundo inteiro

Name: Csaba
Location: Hungría, viviendo en Espana

Oi pessoal! Bom dia , só quero agradecer a atividade o que fazem pelos estudantes do mundo inteiro. Sou Csaba de Hungria. Foi muito dificil encontrar site que ajuda estudantes a aprender a língua portuguesa , uma língua muito interessante. Os podcast da Avó Odete sao muito uteis 🙂 Obrigado pelos temas muito engracados também . Eu posso entender em geral o texto escrito mas nao o que se fala.. é muito dificil perceber quando uma pessoa fala rápido com estilo informal ..mas isso o que eu quero perceber e isso é uma diversao para mim 🙂 Mais além assim , desejo muito éxito á continuacao.
Até pronto, Csaba de Hungria

Os alunos adoraram…

Name: Z
Location: Poland
Muito obrigada pelo video. Vou usá-lo na próxima aula com a turma no nível A1. Os alunos adoraram o filme com o Márcio, o brasileiro que encomendou uma pizza. Depois vou escrever-lhes como foi. Agradço mais uma vez o trabalho que têm feito.


Name: Bustersil
Location: Netherlands

Obrigada pelos podcasts, gosto muito! Costumo ouvir no carro.

How fun and funny!

Name: Alexandra
Location: Born in USA, but lived all my life in Europe: France, Spain, and now Portugal

How fun and funny! Exactly what I need now that I live half the year in the Algarve. I love your grandmother, Rui! Especially explaining about the sleep you have lost making the subtitles! …

Everyone speaks very well of you! They say you are not for beginners, but I’m not one. You offer JUST what I need: practise understanding the spoken word, PT PT. My “Portunhol” is great, as I speak Spanish fluently. I can say what I need to say, with more or less Portu and more or less Nhol — everyone understands me. But I need to understand THEM, and that’s harder.

Congrats again on the wonderful job you are doing. You really fill a needed gap in online learning, and you do it in a very professional way, and as if that were not enough, you’re funny as well!

O melhor site…

Name: Cristina M.
Location: Australia

E um sitio fantastico para aprender e Praticar o portugues de Portugal. Os meus alunos na Australia usam-no…

…Para mim, como professora de Portugues na Australia, este e sem duvida o melhor sitio da internet para praticar o nosso Portugues

Muito útil para mim

Name: Martin
Location: USA

Ola Rui e Joel… gostaria de cumprimenta-los na sua iniciativa e bom trabalho. O seu website e muito util para mim…muito obrigado por tudo.


Name: Jieling
Location: China

Eu sou da China, chegue a Lisboa ha quarto meses, e levo dois a aprender Português na Universidade de Lisboa. Comecei ouvir aos vossos episódios desde um mês e meio passado.
Com este mensagem, queria dizer-lhes que os vossos episódios têm ajudado-me imenso! Cada vez sinto-me falar Português com mais certeza. Vocês estão a fazer um trabalho tão bom! Gosto muito deste desenho de duas versões – a versão lenta ajuda-me muito para entender toda a historia em detalhes! Os temas que vocês escolhem também são muito interessantes especialmente para nos os estrangeiros. Por exemplo, eu tinha sempre curiosidade do galo que aparece frequentemente na rua, e vocês então fizeram um episódio que explicou isso! Estou maravilhada sempre pela qualidade da produção. É obvio que vocês têm colocado muito esforço e energia nos episódios. Muito obrigada! Eu também queria participar num episódio no futuro se fosse possível!
Espero que todo vão bem com vocês! Se calhar, podemos encontrar-nos um dia no futuro, e naquela altura, poderei conhecê-los pessoalmente.
Muita sorte!!

Gosto muito!

Name: James B.

Gosto muito de Practice Portuguese, é inestimável! Boas Festas!

…A Marvellous Resource…

Name: Nick
Location: Uk

…I just want to say that it’s absolutely great what you are doing and a marvelous resource for learning the language. Muito obrigado…Regards Nick


Name: Isimoep
Location: Germany

I have learned portuguese as my second language, but now that im not living with my parents anymore im getting out of practice. I was looking for a way to practice portuguese for so long (always just finding courses for brazilian portuguese). Now im so happy i found your podcast! I would like to use the premium features, but i dont have a credit card, would be so great if you could add paypal to your paying options! But anyway: muito obrigado para este podcast!

Thanks so much…

Name: Kimberly
Location: Canada

Thanks so much for what you offer here. This is one of the best resources I’ve found for learning European Portuguese. I really enjoy your podcasts…

…this site is GREAT for me!!!!

Name: Dameon
Location: USA

I’ve been studying Portuguese for a couple of years and can read it and write it fairly well. hearing and understanding is harder because i don’t live near any Portuguese expatriates and so I don’t get to hear the language spoken at normal speed. for that, this site is GREAT for me!!!!

Me encanta!

Name: Hcgrgp
Location: Spain

Lo que me faltaba para mejorar mi português. Muitos Parabens!

…Very Entertaining

Name: James B.
Wonderful! Practice Portuguese is a very entertaining and instructive site for learning idiomatic Continental Portuguese as well as aspects of Portuguese history and culture!

Your podcasts are fantastic!

Name: Victoria
Location: USA
Your podcasts are fantastic!  I listen to them in the gym and laugh out loud. People look at me like I’m crazy.
Keep them coming! They are one of the only resources for European Portuguese so I appreciate it a lot.

Bom programa

Name: Gharabato
Location: Spain

Marabilla! Parabéns ós creadores, queremos máis podcasts en portugués.

O vosso trabalho é muito valioso

Name: Zofia
Location: Poland
Este ano letivo já tenho uma turma no nível A2 e posso usar os artigos do vosso site. Geralmente, pegando no material, escolho um tema de gramática: por exemplo no artigo dedicado ao sismo no Nepal falamos da voz passiva e da função do Pretérito Perfeito Composto em notícias, no texto sobre a história dos pastéis de nata praticamos o Pretérito Perfeito Simples. A gramática estudada no contexto (que é fornecido pelos vosso material) é sempre mais fácil…
O material mais universal continua ser o filme animado com o Márcio, o “bruto”  do Brasil que quer encomendar uma pizza. Com os alunos mais avançados (A2) podemos falar das diferenças entre o português do Brasil e de Portugal, das frases feitas, praticar diálogos em situações (como encomenda pelo telefone), falar de gostos culinários (comparando nacionalidades, países etc.)… No entanto, o filme também pode ser usado com os principiantes. Falamos de comida usando a expressão “há / não há” (na pizza……), ” há muito / pouco”  ou “muita / pouca”…Em geral, falta materias na Internet sobre situações do dia-a-dia com diálogos simples para o nível elementar…Os videos no serviço Youtube, fornecidos pelos brasileiros, infelizmente não são profissionais e causam problemas ao nível de compreensão (sotaque, apresentação).
Entretanto, o vosso trabalho é muito valioso! Faz com que possamos ter aulas mais interessantes e variadas…Bom trabalho e bom São Martinho!

Thanks for the wonderful site

Name: Elaine
Location: Amsterdam

I recently became a member… I have been exploring the site and believe it will be very useful. My partner is Portuguese and his parents live in central Portugal, Fundão. We visit them there almost yearly, and on these visits, I have so much enjoyed listening to the sounds of this beautiful language… I am very much a beginner and have gotten on to the Pimsleur method, and am half thru the 90 Brazilian units. I have also done the 10 units in European which I loved, but only the Brazilian version is expanded… My partner complains of my Brazilian accent which has directed me to RTPs and your site… I enjoyed the pizza ordering episodes which are more at my level. Anyhow, thanks for the wonderful site. I can now listen, listen, listen and have a transcript to fall back on which I don’t have with the RTPs… Thanks again. I will be busy with this for a long time.

Erasmus in Lisbon

Name: Nasser
Location: Barcelona, Spain

I want to do an Erasmus in Lisbon and finding this webpage has been such a huge discovery! 😀 Thanks a lot.

European Portuguese

Name: Lin. V.
Location: United States

Great for European Portuguese! Muito obrigada Rui é Joel!


Name: Adam
Location: United Kingdom

Este podcast ter sido muito útil, interessante e divertido para mim.
Bem feito Rui e Joel!

…I see the progress

Name: Stefaan
Location: Belgium

I want to drop you a line to thank you for this initiative, and encourage you to continue. I was desperately looking for a way for improving my oral Portuguese and this is exactly what I need. Reading Portuguese is very easy (I am very fluent in French) but I couldn’t understand a word when a Portuguese is speaking. I spend a few hours per month listening to your podcasts, and I see the progress…


Name: W123
Location: United Kingdom

Muito obrigada

Name: Carmen
Location: España

Eu estou morando en Brasi. E gosto muito de ouvir os podcast. Muito obrigada por seu trabalho.

Muito Boa..

Name: Márcia
Location: Salvador

Muito boa ferramenta para alunos do curso de português!!!

…Helped me a ton!

Name: Lana
Location: Canada

I still don’t understand portuguese, but listening to the pronounciation and practicing saying the words has helped me a ton! Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort for people like me who love to learn 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

Great idea!

Name: Heather D.
Location: UK - just moved to Portugal

Beautiful website. Great idea!

…Just what I needed

Name: David
Location: UK

I have been trying to find something like this for a while now but didn’t come across your site until last week. I think it’s going to be just what I needed. All the best and abraço

..So glad for this site!

Name: Leanne
Location: London, UK

My partner is Portuguese. I have been learning Brazilian Portuguese because there are so few European Portuguese classes. So glad for this site!


Name: Andriy
Location: Ukraine

I study Portuguese that’s why I am looking for audio files. You do a great job! Thanks

Muito Obrigado!

Name: Jonathan
Location: London

I’ve very much enjoyed these resources and found them a great help to my Portuguese. Muito Obrigado!

Definitely recommended…

Name: GB in PT
Location: Portugal

Finally some European Portuguese for someone who’s not an absolute beginner. Subtitles and quiz are very nice little extras if you sign up. Definitely recommend.

Learning Portuguese in Japan

Name: Aya
Location: Japan

Hi. This is Aya. I’m learning Portuguese in Japan.
You guys helps me a lot to improve my Portuguese.
Especially listening and vocabulary.
I’m very satisfied your program. This is what I’ve been looking for!


Good Quality

Name: Pierre
Location: Montreal

I am glad to know about you…………. it is well made and of a good quality………….. I will come back later when I will have moore time off. Thank you
– Pierre

Many thanks

Name: Rebecca
Location: U.K.

Dear Rui and Joel… I think your site is fantastic and something to be really proud of … Many thanks

…I actually laugh…

Name: Christian
Location: Coimbra, Portugal

You really went above and beyond I will be sure to check out some of these links. Thanks for taking the time to respond…Just a quick review of your podcast. I am really liking it so far. As of now I would say I am understanding about 20-40% of what is being said. The stuff I do understand is really great and some videos are comically well written. I actually laugh. Which for me is not an easy task since I have wrote and performed comedy for a couple years. I have lots of close friends who are in the industry so I have high standards when it comes to comedy. Great job looking forward to more

I was successful…

Name: Maricelli
Location: Canada

Hi Joel and Rui, Thanks for the wonderful work you do. I was successful in my Portuguese CIPLE exam. The audios and transcripts were an invaluable resource…

Love Love Love….

Name: Christina G.

Olá Joel e Rui!!!
I love, love, love this episode! I like how you guys sped it up, since that is the actual speed that people speak in. It is crazy how different it sounds when it goes faster!
Thank you for posting such great videos, you truly are the best 🙂
Hope all is well on your end!

…you guys make this goal possible for me!

Name: B
Location: Colombia / USA

Hi Joel and Rui, Just want to say thank you so much for this awesome website. I am from Colombia, living in the USA since 1,999. My husband is Portuguese from Mêda, north of Portugal. He doesn’t speak Spanish so we communicate in English. Since we got married, nine years ago, I’ve been trying to learn Portuguese in order to talk to his family, but I was not persistent with this goal. (My husband doesn’t have patience to teach me). When I tried to learn in the past, always found Brazilian Portuguese courses and this discouraged me from learning because I wanted to learn the european version… but when I found you guys on Facebook, I was so happy!
I am amazed of the excellent quality of your website. The videos are great and the transcription and word expression list is phenomenal. This is such a good help for me. I can understand about 90% of the conversations but I can’t talk yet. When I try to talk I mix too much Spanish.
Anyway, now I am determined to learn the language and be fluent speaking European Portuguese. Thank you again because you guys make this goal possible for me.

..São Muito Úteis

Name: Alexander
Location: Alemanha

Olá Rui e Joel! O meu nome é Alexander, sou um jovem estudante alemão e sego o Podcast com muito prazer! Sobretudo junto com os PDFs os textos sao muito úteis, obrigado por isso!

Muito obrigada!

Name: Zuzanna
Location: Poland

I appreciate the website which supports the european portuguese 😉 the majority of audio materials for foreigners are recorded with the brazilian accent which makes learning more difficult for me, as I have to learn the european version. Muito obrigada! 🙂

Wonderful site

Name: Sara A.

…I think this is a wonderful site and I used it to prepare for my honeymoon in Portugal… I will recommend this site to anyone planning to go to Portugal.


…a rare and important service!

Name: Randy
Location: NYC

Greetings from NYC. I was searching for keyword “fado” last night on, and suddently “Artigo 14” from your podcast appeared. I was intrigued, because I have never heard “slow” Portuguese offered in a learning program before. It was quite revelatory! And even more stunning, because as you note, most Portuguese language-learning resources are Brazilian. I go to Newark on the weekends for the Portuguese restaurants there AND in order to force myself to have conversations there. Depois de sete anos de estudar, posso ler quase tudo (incluindo romances tal como Dostoevesky!), e finalmente estou gradualmente entendendo de lingua como é falada, but actually speaking is the most frustrating piece of the puzzle. I freeze up and am immobilized with Lusophonic fear! 🙂 I shall explore your website further soon. Congratulations on providing a rare and important service on the planet! Randy

Thanks a lot!

Name: TF
Location: Germany

Was searching for something simmilar for a long time, thanks a lot!


Name: Kayleigh O.

…Thank you–love what you are doing and have shared the site with many of my friends! K.


Name: VanaID
Location: United States

Finally a great resource to improve understanding and pronunciation as spoken in Portugal. You do have to know some basic Portuguese, this is not for true beginners. But, it is great to get ready to visit Portugal and be able to communicate in their language.

Great Job!

Name: Oleg
Location: Russia

Hi, Guys! You did a great job!… I was in Portugal two times. First time in Lisbon and Albufeira and the second time in Madeira this year. I fall in love with the country at a glance…I have a plan to speak fluently in no more than six months 🙂


Name: Steve
Location: California, USA

Learned Portuguese in Brazil. Need to fix that, so I’m looking for something that will help me get the European (Lisbon) accent… I like your site. Thanks!

Gostei Muitíssimo

Name: Katherina
Location: Rome, Italy

(Member feedback for episode “Anendoeiras em Flôr”)

Óla bellissimi!

…Here my very quick feedback to your latest work: GRANDE, from all points of view: grammatically super útil, gostei muitíssimo, e depois, é uma história tão doce, recitado numa maneira imbatível pelos todos. Incluidos os ruídos no background. Genial!

Então, ragazzi, ótimo trabalho…

Beijos romanos (onde faz muiiiito calor, quase insuportável come no pais do Jamil)

Your website is great, I have learned a lot

Name: Monika
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia

Hey guys, thank you veeeery much for this amazing website! … Your website is great, I have learned a lot… I’m moving to Lisbon this year… See you soon!