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148 Ratings in 19 Countries

Updated: 08.04.2018



extremely well done

Name: David C.

I’m on to your Learn/Units now. They are just exactly what I need. Was not expecting so many differences in pronunciation from Brazilian Portuguese but wow, there are a lot, including those weird new vowel sounds and missing vowels. Those units are extremely well done, varied and challenging without being dauntingly difficult, kudos to both of you.

great job

Name: Joanne H.

I think you guys are doing a great job of innovating methods for teaching a language and it has been interesting to watch it grow over the years. It is obvious you are having fun with it.
I have to add that the quizzes really challenge my spelling ability.
Regards and keep up the good work.

I can’t thank you enough

Name: Michelle I.

I just returned home from Portugal. I can’t say enough about how beautiful the country and its people are. I was so very worried because I only had about seven weeks to learn whatever I could. Between the learning center and the podcasts, however, I was fully prepared. I was able not only to communicate my needs I understood what was being said to me. The lessons were fantastic and the cultural videos helped me to see some great sites and eat some great foods. (…) I am definitely going back and next time I will be fluent.
I can’t thank you enough.
I’m going to keep learning.

best resource

Name: David C.

Really like your site, best resource by far I’ve found for an intermediate Brazilian Portuguese speaker learning continental Portuguese.

definitely enjoyable!

Name: John

Keep up the good work, you’ve made learning Portuguese much less challenging and definitely enjoyable!

learning studio very helpful

Name: Kirstin A.

I’m finding your learning studio very helpful, so thanks for this!

podcasts and the learning studio are fantastic

Name: Christopher B.

I love what you guys have done, the podcasts and the learning studio are fantastic services that I enjoy very much and is helping me prepare for my level exam for university in a month. For this, I commend you guys.

fantastic services

Name: Christopher B.

I love what you guys have done, the podcasts and the learning studio are fantastic services that I enjoy very much and is helping me prepare for my level exam for university in a month. For this, I commend you guys

I really like the podcasts

Name: Kelly P.

I really like the podcasts that cover topical things in Portugal (…) makes me feel like I’m learning about the country too.

It really is unique

Name: Lowrie H.

I really love the site and content. It really is unique and the transcript, vocab and speaking options are amazing as it the natural conversation.

podcasts extremely useful

Name: Trish H.

As a beginner determined to learn Portugal Portuguese,I have found your podcasts extremely useful.

best system ever for learning verbs

Name: Karen F.

You have the best system ever for learning verbs. I’ve tried many language systems and this makes the most sense and is the easiest to maintain in memory.

a blessing!

Name: Ivan P.

We found your site more than a year ago while searching for online resources for studying Portuguese…and it was just a blessing! We are waiting with eagerness each new podcast and to be honest our favourites are Pizza na hora and the new Algarvios ones. You did a great job and our gratitude for this is immense !

such great stuff

Name: Gyongyi S.

I just want to say thank you for creating such great stuff for Portuguese language learners. It makes learning much more fun.

Seriously amazing

Name: Amanda C.

Seriously amazing. I’ve been using this website for 2 days (…) and I already feel like I have a good grasp on the basics. This website will allow me to speak to my Portuguese friends and family with ease. Obrigado Rui e Joel!

fabulous website!!

Name: Anne B.

Wanted to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE your podcasts and that you have begun this venture in bringing European Portuguese to all!!! (…) Joel, you (and Rui) have really inspired me to keep trying! I am also learning so much about Portugal it self (…) thank you, thank you, thank you so much for starting this fabulous website!! Keep up the great work!

a labor of love

Name: Michelle I.

Not only do you know I love this site but I am also eternally grateful that in only 7 weeks I’ve become proficient enough to understand your podcasts quite well. (…) I love this site and just want to throw this out there. (…) I can tell that this site is a labor of love.


Name: Rosalinde D.

Your site is great – thank you.

loads of useful vocabulary

Name: Joanna P.

I must say this verb section is fabulous value and a great exercise with loads of useful vocabulary. If I kept doing it over until I got it 100% right, I’m sure I would be fluent!

Built up my confidence

Name: Lynda C.

Built up my confidence immensely- speaking and understanding Portuguese. (…) I was not confident speaking until I started listening and enjoying your podcasts. Keep up the interesting classes.

best thing going in European Portuguese

Name: Michelle I.

I dare to say that this site is far superior to MT Portuguese, Pimsleur and even better than the MIT open courseware textbook European version. (…) The constant high-quality audio is phenomenal I don’t know how you do it on what must be a shoe string budget. You reinforce reading, speaking listening and writing. You engage students in an auditory, visual and kinesthetic way which helps students to learn. This site is so far the best thing going in European Portuguese and I can see it becoming even better. Did I mention that it is fun and interesting? (…) You guys seem truly dedicated to this task (…) Great Job.

I love the site

Name: Sally B.

I love the site and really appreciate all the hard work you, and Rui’s family put in.

realmente uma boa plataforma

Name: Sofia G.

O seu website é realmente uma boa plataforma para me melhorar a escuta, ao mesmo tempo para conhecer a cultura portuguesa na qual tenho muito interesse , e já recomendei este website aos meus colegas que também sabem falar português mas não conseguem falar fluentemente.

best platform

Name: Elroy F.

I think this is the best platform for learning Portuguese at the moment.