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Updated: 08.04.2018



I’m hooked

Name: Jackie

I am so happy I found this site! You guys are brilliant!!! I’m hooked and I can’t wait to strengthen my skills!!!

Day to day conversations

Name: Georges

I really like the way you are presenting these shorties. Day to day conversations in common situations. Learning a foreign language starts with understanding what people talk about in various situations. These shorties offer a great help Here, in Alentejo, people speak very fast and it is very difficult to understand them but with daily practice it will improve….

Cool features

Name: Lukasz

Im really shocked about the website, everything is well designed, it is working well and You have so many cool features. Im a programmer and Im in love with that website! Congrats, You did astonishing job!

I feel more understood by this site

Name: Gabie

Very many thanks for your help. I love the personal touches and the obvious engagement with the content. This is definitely your USP where other sites seem very impersonal and machine-created by tech guys. For me as an English speaker, seeing how proficient a fellow English speaker can become is incredibly inspiring but having a native speaker as well is really the perfect combination. As a learner I already feel more ‘understood’ by this site than other sites!

Clear explanations

Name: Karen

Your explanations are clear and easy to understand. Thank you for supporting us to figure out the intricacies of the language. So helpful!

Folding in common expressions

Name: Jay

I love how you fold in common expressions that are so useful but would be so difficult to know as newcomer to the language. Yet at the same time the dialogue is so easy to follow. You have really thought carefully about how you present your material!

The difference is striking

Name: Rolf


My Portuguese has grown exponentially

Name: Lewis

I cannot say it enough. Because of PP my Portuguese has grown exponentially. I only regret not doing it 2 years ago when I moved to Portugal.

Easy and fun

Name: Lorena

Thanks to all of you for making it so easy and fun to learn Portuguese grammar 🙂

Um dia sem PP é um dia perdido!

Name: Jean-Marie

Um dia sem PP é um dia perdido! Exagero um pouco, mas PP é uma ajuda enorme ! Então, continuo a ouvir, claro!

Vital resource

Name: Kameron

This was a very positive experience and proved to be a vital resource for my trip to Portugal. I think that you guys have one of the best approaches to teaching language that I’ve found anywhere, so keep it up!

Fun to learn and to practice!

Name: Karen

I’m so impressed with your site. You are making it fun to learn and to practice! Delighted to see a fellow Canadian contributing to language learning like this!

Brilliant app

Name: Joan

I started using your app for the shorties. We are now in Portugal, and I must say, most people are talking similarly to your app conversations. Thanks for your brilliant app.

Natural sounding dialog

Name: John

A natural sounding dialog like this is not an easy thing to achieve at the elementary level. It flows logically. The rapid back and forth provides a nice rhythm. It has built-in repetition… It helps learners get a natural feel for certain details without the need for overt memorization. It highlights a useful phrase by making it the punch line of a humorous situation… And it is well acted and nicely recorded: all of which enhances memory and promotes acquisition. I hope you don’t mind these comments from a retired ESL teacher. Many thanks to everyone involved in producing your lessons!

Shorties are so helpful

Name: Vicky

These new shorties are so helpful for us beginners and encourage me to do more as I can understand them.

Increased my confidence

Name: Carolyne

I’m hoping to move to Portugal as soon as my Visa application is approved. Your tips and tricks have really increased my confidence. Thank you so much.

Useful for speaking in the real world

Name: Don

The conversations are the most useful activities for speaking in the real world.

Fun and easy

Name: Anna

You guys have such a fun and easy way to teach. I am so happy that I found your channel obrigada.


Name: Chod

You both and your team are impressive men and women. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. You continue to inspire us!

Love the flash cards

Name: Georges

First of all, thank you for your newsletter and the many exciting ideas you put into practice on your site. I love the flash cards above all, they are easy to use and really help to review and remember the vocabulary!

SO HAPPY with the new flash cards

Name: Yashoda

I am SO HAPPY with the new flash cards. Thank you so much for adding those! When I found I could remove the words I had mastered, I was even happier! 😁 Great work! I am so very happy with Practice Portuguese. I live in Portugal and I am determined to learn to speak the language! It has taken me a long time to learn but better slow than not learning at all. Thank you for making it easier. My 62 year old brain is definitely taking its time to remember so flash cards is a must! 😌 Muito obrigada!

I LOVE Smart Review

Name: John

1. I LOVE Smart Review – I had started making old-fashioned flashcards, but your electronic version is more nimble and practical. 2. I love the background images in the lessons – they snuck up on me in a very pleasant way.

Constantly improving

Name: Jamuna

I just want to say thank you for the great work you have done with the site, for constantly improving and bringing us new ways to learn. Great job guys!

It’s really helping me remember

Name: Liz

Love this new tool. It forces me to think in Português when forming the sentence. I have spent a few days now doing the review and it’s really helping me remember. So Thank you.