Rui and Joel invite you to explore some of the feedback we have been receiving from our listeners and members.

This is the kind of support that keep us growing Practice Portuguese! What do you think of our work so far? 

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148 Ratings in 19 Countries

Updated: 08.04.2018



Excelente funcionalidade

Name: Rui

Quero dar os parabéns ao Rui e ao Joel pela excelente funcionalidade do site e pelo modo prático como estão a permitir aprender o português. Bem gradual, bem apelativo. Muito bom. Parabéns

Can’t wait to learn more

Name: Theresa

I started listening to your podcasts last year…I loved your personalities and your interaction together. Finally decided to get structured with my learning and signed up, really impressed with the content and structure of your course, so far. Fabulous work. Cant wait to learn more.

I love your new flashcards

Name: Kerry

I am loving all aspects of your website. I have been a member for 8 or 9 months, and have really started to treasure spending time here each day, as I prepare for my move to Portugal in 2 years. I love your new flashcards, and all the shorties, as well and the way all of the lessons build. Thanks for all of your hard work!


Name: Jude

Olá ! I spent 5 months in between Lisboa and Madeira ( soooo beautiful ). Unfortunately…I was studying on DUOLINGO without knowing that it was a BRAZILIAN Portuguese…;( Then i wanted to learn more like during my walk so I discovered you guys on IPOD on my cell ! Eureka ! Was so happy to hear you teaching in a very nice way correcting people that send their phrases etc. Then i check on the net to discover you two on video classes. Amazing ! Love it all. Getting familiar with the site. Already listened to a few and will continue because it will enhance my ability to learn more. Thank you so much ! You are doing an amazing job !

Never an issue left unaddressed

Name: Jana

I wanted to say that the support at PP has been exceptional. There’s never an issue left unaddressed. Congratulations for having such wonderful customer service. I’ve been singing your praises everywhere. Customer service is a big deal for me as a business coach, and it’s refreshing to see someone do it right.

Bite sized language listening!

Name: Ava

I’m just starting B1 level lessons, love your podcast for bite sized language listening!! Even if I don’t understand it all just yet haha 🙂 thank you!! I’m learning because I’m moving to Portugal in 2 months to live with my Portuguese partner!

So much better for my needs

Name: Edan

Thank you so much for creating this website! I am so impressed by the quality of the content, and it is so much better for my needs than Babbel and Duolingo. Kudos on what is a phenomenal service!

With you I am confident

Name: Brigitte

Wow I like practicing Portuguese with you, it’s a difficult language, but with you, I am confident one day I will get there. Thank you guys

Estou tão feliz

Name: Anne

Eu realmente aprecio a maneira como você ensina-nos a falar português. Torna-se tão fácil aprender os sons diferentes e no fluxo da linguagem – de ouvir os outros e obter conselhos sobre o que pode ser melhorado. Estou tão feliz por ter encontrado o Practice Portuguese. Desejo a todos tudo de bom. Obrigada.

This is really helping me to progress

Name: Thierry

Thank you for Practice Portuguese, which has been growing so well since I joined 5 years ago. This is really helping me to progress and is contributing to mature my project to relocate to Portugal in a not distant future!

Your program fills in the gaps

Name: Daryl

I’ve been using the Portuguese courses in Memrise…However your program seems to fill in a lot of the gaps that they seem to miss. I especially like the rigorous, detailed course design including the speaking lessons (Telling me what the machine is hearing when I’m wrong is a great touch.)

With your method I finally started to improve

Name: Aysegul

I wanted to congratulate you for your website. I am very good with languages, I learned Italian myself without a language school but I was having huge difficulties with Portuguese even though it’s a Latin language. With your method I finally started to improve and it’s much less painful!

Well paced, organized, and fun!

Name: Justin

Just started using this site, after my husband has been using for a few months, and we LOVE IT! It is well paced, organized, and fun! Thank you and keep up the great work!

Sad we didn’t stumble across you earlier

Name: Hayley

I just wanted to say how great I think your learning studio is – my husband and I have been trying to find good European Portuguese resources for ages and I’m sad we didn’t stumble across you earlier!

So excited to continue learning

Name: Devin

I just wanted to take a quick minute to say how thankful I am of you guys for creating and operating this site as an amazing resource to learn Portuguese. I have been struggling trying to find the proper resources for learning European Portuguese, as the majority is Brazilian Portuguese. I hope to be able to hold a conversation in Portuguese with my grandparents soon thanks to you guys. I’m so excited to continue learning from here. Blessings to you both!

Something I look forward to

Name: Charlotte

The website is brilliant – it is such a great way to learn and it’s really fun. It’s something I look forward to doing almost like a nice treat in amongst the tasks of the day!

Love the whole programme!

Name: Katarina

Love the whole programme! I am a language teacher myself and I just love the way you guys have built up the concept!

Useful and interactive

Name: Irfan

I have just begun learning Portuguese and I find your teaching tips to be very useful and interactive. Thank you

Ticking all the boxes

Name: Margaret

Enjoying the structure of the course, especially the clear pronunciation. As an aside, my background is curriculum development and instruction. You are ticking all the boxes 😊

My confidence and fluency is improving rapidly

Name: Jennifer

And thanks for providing such an invaluable learning resource. My confidence and fluency is improving rapidly ☺

I learned things I didn’t know in the first 2 lessons

Name: Brian

Just joined Practice Portuguese and, though I speak some Portuguese, thought I’d start from the beginning. Surprised to learn things I didn’t know even in the first two lessons, which is great.

It is important to me to speak the language where I live

Name: Diana

I have been working with Duolingo to learn Portuguese for the last 3 years but was very aware that it was very Brazilian but could not find anything else with the same amount of learning capacity – until of course I found Practice Portuguese. As we live most of our time in the Algarve now I really wanted to get the pronunciation correct…there are so many differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese and it is important for me to speak the language where I live. It is absolutely brilliant and I love working on it – so keep up the good work.

The best Portuguese website I have found!

Name: Malcolm

I have been a language teacher and teacher trainer for many years so understand a little of what you have created here and I just wanted to let you know that this is the best Portuguese website I have found!

Heartfelt and beautiful work

Name: Parvati

I have been listening to your podcasts and videos for quite a few years now and I have to say I am really enjoying them a lot. Thank you for all your heartfelt and beautiful work!