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The Essential European Portuguese Podcast

Name: $Number1Money$

I have been tuning in since 2016. Their website along with their podcast inspired me to spend the summer in Lisbon back in 2017. I was able to have enough confidence to travel around and speak Portuguese and make friends. Learning with Rui and Joel will definitely take your listening comprehension and pronunciation to the next level. If you have the chance I would also recommended subscribing to their website. They have some grammar practices that will really help.

Best Podcast to Learn European Portuguese

Name: WorldBiking

The Practice Portuguese podcast is one of the most entertaining and effective ways to learn European Portuguese. Rui and Joel are a great teamand they always make learning fun. The podcast does a particularly good job of teaching tricky Portuguese pronunciation. Having a team of a native Portuguese and a foreigner really helps. The dialogues are funny and it’s useful to hear differenct voices. What’s most amazing that you get all this for free! You can also sign up for their course online. This is a great way to support their work and say thanks.

THE BEST for Portuguese from Portugal

Name: cf-seattle

My favorite resource for listening to Portuguese from *Portugal* is the Practice Portuguese podcast and website. The podcast has really developed in usefulness over time as they have experimented and tweaked it into an ever more useful learning tool. I particularly like the episodes where they go through the content and discuss cultural and grammatical content in Portuguese. The PP website has also developed many useful features for language learners. Members have access to Portuguese transcriptions of the podcasts as well as English translations that can be turned on or off.

The team of Rui and Joel is what really makes the experience enjoyable. Rui is a native speaker living in Portugal and a very talented teacher. His pronunciation, timing, understanding where we are at as language learners, humor and warmth are really exceptional. Joel, is also exceptional. A Canadian now living in Portugal and learning Portuguese, he has put himself on the line and openly shown us his language journey during the course of the podcast. He has the best characteristics of a language learner: enthusiasm, a willingness to make mistakes, accepts corrections gracefully not defensively, and respects the language and culture of Portugal.

As Joel and Rui have developed their materials they have kept their podcast and website very friendly, warm and real. It has a very Portuguese heart and is a true gift for us European Portuguese learners. Check them out!

Love these!

Name: Anothernicknamethatsnottaken

I’ve tried so many different websites to learn Portuguese and these guys are BY FAR the best. It’s a huge help to have a source for European Portuguese audio, since so many resources are in Brazilian Portuguese. The Shorties are the perfect length to be challenging without feeling overwhelming. I play them over and over when I’m on the go to try to understand as much as I can, then later go through the transcripts on their website to fill in the gaps. I especially like the dialogues because they let you hear how Portuguese is spoken in real-life and include a ton of useful phrases. Plus, new episodes are added constantly, so I don’t get bored.


Name: j1987

These short episodes are great for daily practice, without being overwhelming like some of the other podcasts. I’m addicted!

Excellent resource!

Name: DoubleDeeDee123456789

These shorties are perfect for beginners to start hearing and comprehending portuguese! They are perfect if you are “short” on time and want to sneak a little practice in during the day. I use these when I am driving some where or just want a quick practice session. The speakers are also different so you get different accents and hear different people speaking so it expands your comprehension even more!

I listen to these repeatedly in the car

Name: joshdotsmith

The episodes here are some of my go-to listening in the car (or walking around with headphones on). They’re short but super useful – often dialogues, which I prefer – so I can listen to a bunch in a short period of time but squeeze a ton of practice out of it. And time is something I have short in supply, well, most of the time. I actually find myself replaying the same episode many times and seeing how much I can improve on effortlessly picking up the conversation without pausing, slowing down, relistening, or reading the subtitles/transcripts. Can’t wait to devour more of these. Please more dialogues!

Cool! fixe! super giro!

Name: ebaiomo

we are learning Portuguese in Coimbra, and we are so glad and happy that we’ve found this podcast and the youtube channel! You guys are amazing at teaching A Língua Portuguesa! your ways is so helpful, fun and handy! You make this way of learning a easier one.
Beside, we love the drawings! the cartoons are very good.

muito obrigada mesmo!


Name: lenyskha

The best way to learn português and get some knowledge about traditions, food, history of Portugal

Soooo handy

Name: danybelgium

Indeed, the most difficult aspect of European Portuguese is understanding the challenging pronunciation. And that’s also something you can’t study in bookstores great great tool!!

Wonderful resource!

Name: johnsonmatt97

Joel and Rui are so much fun to listen to, and their podcasts are excellent for improving your ability to hear and understand portuguese. I also recommend subscribing to their website. I use it to read transcripts of the podcasts while they are playing and take advantage of all of their other lessons and exercises.

Learning So Much

Name: Till B.

I’m living in Lisbon since 2.5 years and discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and it’s been incredibly helpful.

So fun, so helpful, so full of heart

Name: JudyHilly

Practice Portuguese is so consistently engaging and entertaining. So much is offered and it all works! There is seemingly an unlimited amount of material to learn and polish up on, and they are continually adding new features. I really love it. Muito muito obrigada!

Amazing podcast!

Name: Ewan261

I’ve tried all the available tools for learning European Portuguese, this is by far the best. It’s clear, very well thought out, and fun! The premium features (learning studio, audio transcriptions) are great too, and well worth the cost. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn and/or perfect their European Portuguese!

Muito obrigada !!!

Name: Elomusicpage

Adoro este podcast !! Faz muito tempo que busco uma maneira de escutar o português DO PORTUGAL. Espero os proximos episodios com impaciencia !!


Name: Themst

Eu aprendi português no Brasil e mudei para Portugal. A língua é muito diferente aqui e está podcast vai ajudar muito. Obrigado!!

Wonderful Language Tool!

Name: Faith S.

Practice Portuguese is the best European Portuguese program available. The videos are amazing and so detailed. The vocabulary and verb lessons are very thorough and I love the fact that there is so much auditory exposure as well as the written and reading aspects.

Such a great, fun resource

Name: fs46

Best thing I’ve found for hearing and learning about European Portuguese as it’s really spoken. Great rapport between the hosts and fun, engaging topics. So happy I came across this podcast and its website.

Brilliant podcast for improving your Portuguese

Name: Nick L.

I just discovered Practice Portuguese and it’s exactly what I’m looking for! I’m a huge believer in mass input (listening/reading) in language learning. Practice Portuguese gives you the chance to engage with the language in context through articles and conversations, which is extremely important. Two thumbs up!

Best Portuguese podcast

Name: Earlagrey

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this podcast. Honestly, I was studying Brazilian Portuguese at first. Along with wanting to connect with my Portuguese roots, this podcast turned my language learning towards European Portuguese instead. Joel & Rui are funny, relatable, and you can really tell that they are passionate about this podcast and their language learning resources. I highly suggest becoming a premium member on their website. They have a huge amount to offer, and it’s crazy affordable. Thank you, Rui & Joel!


Name: Janine V.

Ik ben al een paar jaar bezig met Portugees uit verschillende (theorie-) boeken te leren. Moeizaam en saai. Sinds een tijdje ben ik bezig met Practise Portuguese en ik heb alleen maar lof. Het is geweldig. De basis moet je wel zelf al hebben, anders lukt het niet. Maar zelfs als dit niet het geval is, kom je er heel veel verder mee dan met alleen theorieboeken. De uitspraak wordt heel erg benadrukt en ongeveer alle mogelijke onderwerpen komen ter sprake. Voor mij betekent het een boost in mijn studie. Obrigadissima!!

The Best Resource by Far for European Portuguese

Name: JollyRanter

I visit Portugal every month as I have a house there and I’m learning Portuguese with a tutor following the Português XXI courses. Whilst my reading and writing skills improve, I still can’t understand much of the spoken word and find it difficult to engage in conversation. Most online resources are geared towards Brazilian portuguese, so to find a resource like this in European Portuguese is absolutely invaluable. I’ve subscribed to the Premium version where I have access to the transcripts, vocabularly and expressions. The podcasts are designed to be challenging and fun. In conclusion, this has become an invaluable resource to me for acquiring some degree of fluency in spoken portugese. An excellent product which I thoroughly recommend!


Name: Tatosx

Engraçado. Dinâmico. Perfeito para mim. Obrigadinho.

Great European Portuguese resource

Name: Gato Ruivo

I highly recommend this podcast for people learning european Portuguese. Quality resources are rare for EP and this podcast is quality. Hearing the language spoken, slowed down, and repeated at typical speed is so useful, with salient points discussed in English. There is a learner speaking in the podcasts too, and comparing the student to the native speaker lets me hear my own mistakes and helps me progress.

I found the whole production so good that I subscribed to the premium version, and I am really pleased with that too. Transcripts, vocab lists, quizzes at a great price. I have found nothing else like it in years of looking.