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148 Ratings in 19 Countries

Updated: 08.04.2018



…sooo helpful!

Name: Ms. Barbara L

I’ve been searching for a place to hear European Portuguese and am so happy I finally found this website and course! It’s awesome — interesting topics, adorable guys (Rui and Joel), sooo helpful! I don’t understand all of it by any means, but gradually I’m able to hear more and more. By the way, long ago I taught French, and I do love learning languages, but spoken Portuguese (European) was particularly difficult to understand despite knowing French, Spanish and a bit of Italian. The grammar and vocabulary are easy for me, and now — yay! — I should be able to converse in Portuguese — not just speak, but understand answers. Muito obrigada, Rui e Joel!


Name: Bustersil

Obrigada pelos podcasts, gosto muito! Costumo ouvir no carro.


Name: Isimoep

I have learned portuguese as my second language, but now that im not living with my parents anymore im getting out of practice. I was looking for a way to practice portuguese for so long (always just finding courses for brazilian portuguese). Now im so happy i found your podcast! I would like to use the premium features, but i dont have a credit card, would be so great if you could add paypal to your paying options! But anyway: muito obrigado para este podcast!

Me encanta!

Name: Hcgrgp

Lo que me faltaba para mejorar mi português. Muitos Parabens!

Bom programa

Name: Gharabato

Marabilla! Parabéns ós creadores, queremos máis podcasts en portugués.

European Portuguese

Name: Lin. V.

Great for European Portuguese! Muito obrigada Rui é Joel!


Name: Adam

Este podcast ter sido muito útil, interessante e divertido para mim.
Bem feito Rui e Joel!


Name: W123

Definitely recommended…

Name: GB in PT

Finally some European Portuguese for someone who’s not an absolute beginner. Subtitles and quiz are very nice little extras if you sign up. Definitely recommend.


Name: VanaID

Finally a great resource to improve understanding and pronunciation as spoken in Portugal. You do have to know some basic Portuguese, this is not for true beginners. But, it is great to get ready to visit Portugal and be able to communicate in their language.

Muito Obrigado

Name: David Ramirez P.

Muito obrigado pelo podcast, é realmente útil para quem quer aprender a falar a língua, além eu pessoalmente gosto mais de o sotaque português


Name: Memel2211

This is an awesome learning tool! You guys have made learning Portuguese so easy and entertaining! Thank you so much 🙂 PS. Rui, you grandma is amazing!

Excellent Show

Name: Cualio

Muito interesante!

Extremely helpful – and fun!!

Name: Beni Martial

This was a really happy discovery – a great tool to develop my listening skills of European Portuguese. It really doesn’t matter how basic your understanding is yet, it really is helpful in getting you to develop. I’ve noticed my progress over just a few podcasts. And they’re hilarious! I love the conversations with Rui’s grandmother. I strongly strongly recommend the podcasts! Really glad I found this, guys.

I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!

Name: Jennypantsnj

Finally a way to help practice European Portuguese in a way that is fun and interesting! I’ve been listening for months and eagerly await each new podcast. Keep up the great work Rui and Joel…you guys are hilarious. Obrigado!


Name: designerforlife

Beijinhos muitos para Rui e Joel. This is wonderful and a long time coming.

Best source for European Portuguese

Name: Andrew H.

This podcast is the best source I’ve found for European Portuguese conversation. I love that it’s not boring repetition of words and phrases, but rather actual conversations between native and non-native speakers. Plus they’re super funny, especially Rui who I suspect must be an actor on the side because of all the (hilarious) roles he plays in the conversations. Thanks Rui & Joel!


Name: Dulcexicalbv

Muito obrigada!! Agora vou aprender muito mais rapido


Name: Robert S.

The best conversational content available for learners of European Portuguese! Thank you Rui & Joel!

Best European Portuguese tool!

Name: Heluleka

Demystifies the quirks of EU PT and does so in a super fun way!!

Please continue!

Name: Car Ou

I have just found this podcast… I hope more episodes are coming!

Muito Obrigado!

Name: Anonymous

Sou alemao e fico muito feliz ter achado este Podcast. Me ajuda exactamente no meu problema principal: perceber o portugues falado. Gosto muito do concepto e adouro os desafios dado pelos dialogos. MUITO OBRIGADO!!!

Muito Útil!

Name: Corchua

Parabéns pelo podcast!
É o que eu estaba a procura para ouvir português de Portugal.
Muito obrigada!

Muito Bom!

Name: iconoclasta08

E’ um divertido modo de estudiar a lingua mais boa do mundo inteiro.