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148 Ratings in 19 Countries

Updated: 08.04.2018



Muito Bom! Parabens!

Name: MRaquel

Parabéns pela iniciativa 🙂 e principalmente pelo resultado final!!


Name: André

Excelente forma de aprender português!


Name: Margarida Oliveira

Undoubtedly the best application to practice Portuguese language. Good themes and excellent understanding. Keep up!!


Name: Chic085

Excelente e descontraída forma de ensinar o português comum. Continuem!


Name: Idaliza

Um modo engraçado de se aprender português, muito bom!

Really Useful!

Name: Darlingmia

My mother is learning portuguese and this podcast is without doubt the best so far! I highly recommend it.

New Waves

Name: James Muscat

Very true! Cool way to prepare foreigners a taste of reality and at the same time prepare them for when they’re out and about! Well done


Name: Nem p.i.

Fácil e prático =]

Boa iniciativa!

Name: davidalves

Acho optimo para os estrangeiros!


Name: Pedro TR

Parabéns, excelente iniciativa! Está mesmo muito bom 🙂

Muito Bom!

Name: Helena Melo

Excelente aplicação!!!!

More Please!

Name: Rae-L

…This is just what I have been looking for!


Name: swimmer10

This is wonderful… I look forward to new additions!

Nicely done!!!

Name: Mighty_Max17

Wish I’d had back then when I moved to Portugal…

Fun – Innovative – Awesome!

Name: Lancey pantsy

I’ve tried many programs and CDs, but this podcast sets itself apart from the rest. GREAT way to learn Portuguese. I loooovvvee it!! Obrigado, Practice Portuguese!

Truly helpful…

Name: 24fps2013

… and authentic to advance your Portuguese.

A tool

Name: Michael Camilleri

As an Australian learning Portuguese this is going to go a long way in helping me that my text books and other programs won’t. It’s a must.


Name: EnglishSpeakingTraveler

This is a clear, instructive podcast for all those native English speakers looking to learn Portuguese. I recommend it!


Name: Portuguesinho

Muito bom!!! Vou aconselhá-lo a todos os meus amigos estrangeiros q queiram aprendes português!!