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Updated: 08.04.2018



The best integrated solution I’ve found to learning this language

Name: Lisa

The site and coursework is very well designed. It includes vocabulary, lessons, listening, repetition, and pronunciation which is the best integrated solution I’ve found to learning this language. And the explanations are really helpful…the language is complex and good to know how to navigate it better.

Simple and practical

Name: Yashoda

I have finally found a great site for learning European Portuguese. The lay out is great and I know if I had found you earlier, I would be speaking Portuguese by now. The lessons are very simple and practical. I love all the different voices saying the same words. A great product!!

Best site EVER to learn European Portuguese

Name: Miriam

It is the best site EVER to learn european Portuguese, very well designed , so much study material, for all levels, so great an honest service. I am so glad i found this TREASURE!!!

The best I’ve come across

Name: Michelle

This is a great site. I have been learning Portuguese for a number of years. When they first started out they were definitely for intermediate European Portuguese learners. However since then they have grown incredibly. I’d say that anyone even if they had never learned one single word of Portuguese could easily become an intermediate or upper intermediate speaker using this platform they are growing every day. The lessons are fun engaging interesting and from time to time make me laugh out loud. Thanks guys for making such an awesome resource. European Portuguese resources are few and far between and I’d say that this is the best I’ve come across.

A variety of learning styles

Name: Colleen

The podcast, with translator; the videos, with subtitles; the quizzes; the quick responses to emails! This is a rich program set to match a variety of learning styles! Obrigado Joel and Rui!


Name: Matthew

The basic and easy way in which they teach this difficult language.

Efficient and entertaining

Name: Adina

This is not only one of the few tools to learn European Portuguese, but also a very efficient and entertaining one. I love it!!!

From beginners to advanced

Name: Lanny

Very good way to learn written and spoken Portuguese with friendly approach and accessible dialogues, videos and language details for all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Thanks to PP I am improving

Name: Mac

Excellent course if you want to learn Portuguese Portuguese. Not only that but it is structured to help learning in context and with words that are useful in everyday life.
There is a very quick and helpful response to queries with good advice.

In my experience this is much better value than any of the free sites I have seen. I used Duo every day, yes everyday, for a couple of years but found it poor not only in the vocab which it sought to teach but in the appalling lack of response to glaring errors some of which have gone unchanged for up to five years.

There is no doubt that Duo gave me a grounding in Brazilian Portuguese but I can say with honesty that I feel I have leaned more with PP in the last six weeks than I ever imagined I would have.

Portuguese is a fiendishly difficult language to learn particularly when spoken. It is a tough ask and needs daily work but thanks to PP I am improving.

Go on. Go for it and earn the respect of the Portuguese for trying their language and for being so forgiving and helpful when you get it wrong. For me it brings a new dimension to my holidays in Portugal..


Name: Natalie

Muito obrigado por tudo! you guys are aaamaaazing and doing soo much. i adore all the podcasts and videos and of course Passo a Passo! keep being awesome

Gostei muito

Name: Edgar


Subtitles in Portuguese

Name: Annie

I really appreciate that the conversations in Portuguese aren’t to fast spoken. also I like reading the subtitles in Portuguese. perfect way to learn the language!

Constant improvement

Name: Donovan

The course is excellent. The content is well organized and easy to navigate. There is constant improvement to the content. A great learning resource!

Learning something new every day

Name: Zita

Love the podcasts! so many interesting and funny stories, learning something new every day. Thank you

Money well spent

Name: Barbara

Great range of resources from beginner to intermediate. It has been invaluable in my efforts to learn Portuguese in a part of the country where most people speak to you in English!
The ‘boys’ are super-helpful and are constantly improving based on customer feedback. For me it’s been money well spent.

Worth spending money on Pro membership

Name: Justyna

Fantastic materials to learn European Portuguese! Podcast features spoken language and real Portuguese expression so useful when talking with natives. Plus, you can practice your listening skills and check yourself with the provided translations. Worth spending money on Pro membership.

Love practicing Portuguese with Rui and Joel

Name: Adam

Always funny, always useful and well thought out, my wife and I love practicing Portuguese with Rui & Joel. Muito obrigado amigos, abraços desde Polonia!

O melhor site…

Name: Cristina M.

E um sitio fantastico para aprender e Praticar o portugues de Portugal. Os meus alunos na Australia usam-no…

…Para mim, como professora de Portugues na Australia, este e sem duvida o melhor sitio da internet para praticar o nosso Portugues

We have alerted our students…

Name: Sausalito Portuguese Hall

We are a Portuguese-American organization founded in 1888, located in Sausalito, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. We give European Portuguese classes and recently came across your website and podcasts. Very nicely done. We have alerted our students about your program and hope that some of them will take advantage of the resources you provide. Muito obrigado!

European Portuguese School

Sausalito Portuguese Hall

Name: Sausalito Portuguese Hall

Among other online resources the members of our Portuguese class have found useful in their study of European Portuguese are the podcasts provided by the Lisbon-based Practice Portuguese organization ( The podcasts are in Portuguese and cover a wide range of topics about Portuguese culture and society. They are available for free if one just wants to listen to them. In addition they offer a premium service which includes a full transcript of the podcast and vocabulary. Original Post

Thanks a million

Name: Mika L.

Thanks a million for the podcasts!!

Your podcasts are super!

Name: Svetla v. M.

Your podcasts are super! Thank you!xox

Adorei seu Podcast!

Name: Dirk T.

Adorei seu “podcast”! Tenho 20 anos de casamento com uma Brasileira, mas nunca entendi “patavina” dos Portugueses. Agora acho que estou começando a entender… E a sua vó é o máximo!

Ideas are Great!

Name: Margaret

Hello, I live in Portugal and I am trying to learn Portuguese. I think your ideas are great and are exactly what is needed…