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Practice Portuguese for Kids

February 28, 2021

Most of the resources on PracticePortuguese.com were developed for adult learners, but we know there are a lot of children out there who want to learn European Portuguese too! We often get the question – do you teach Portuguese for kids? Well, one day we hope to have the option for a more kid-focused curriculum, […]

Vamos Falar Algarvio!

February 2, 2021

In this article by Lena Strang, originally published in Tomorrow Magazine, she shares an inside look at the Algarvian dialect and how it complements the lively culture of the Algarve region of Portugal. Throughout the article, you can listen to examples of how Portuguese is spoken in the Algarve. Then, to explore the character and […]

Ordering a Beer in Portugal

December 4, 2020

Wine is clearly the most popular beverage in Portugal, but let’s not forget about ! Ordering a draft beer in Portugal will typically cost you about 1€ – 3€ (or even less if you go with a bottle)! In mainland Portugal, the most common types are light, lager-style beers from 2 companies: Super Bock (made […]

Portuguese Cheese

December 2, 2020

Portuguese cheese is a frequently found on the table, both at homes and in the restaurants of Portugal. Slices of regional cheese and ham are often served together with bread, olives and pates as starters. Although today there is a huge variety of cheeses and most are made on an industrial scale, traditional cheeses are […]