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O Joel Apanha o Táxi (2019, ANIMATED!)

February 11, 2019

As a gift to us and all Practice Portuguese fans, our friend Wayne Wilson has turned this episode into a fully-animated cartoon.  With this newly-animated version of one of our early podcast episodes, we flash back to a time when Joel’s Portuguese skills were in their infancy! (Can you hear a difference?) In this episode, […]

Dicas Do Rui: Como Viajar Com Uma Mochila (Video)

February 25, 2017

No, we’re not getting into luggage sales… But since Rui spent many hours researching the best travel gear, leading up to his trip to Argentina, we decided to take advantage of his new-found knowledge to create this video, exploring new vocabulary surrounding travel, clothing, and more! Note: We have no affiliation with and receive no compensation […]


Artigo 19 – Um Dia Na Praia

June 5, 2016

Are you just starting to learn Portuguese? This episode is perfect for you! It is A1/A2 level with simple vocabulary and grammar, but read by a native speaker, so it’s ideal for all levels to practice their pronunciation and listening comprehension! In addition, whenever we comment on the text, we take the opportunity to teach […]