Rui and Joel invite you to explore some of the feedback we have been receiving from our listeners and members.

This is the kind of support that keep us growing Practice Portuguese! What do you think of our work so far? 

Note: Positive listener reviews and ratings from each country are vital to growing our community, and allows us to continue growing this project. If you happen to have any constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement, please email us instead of leaving a negative review, so we have a chance to respond to your concerns. 


148 Ratings in 19 Countries

Updated: 08.04.2018


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best platform

Name: Elroy F.
Location: Goa, India

I think this is the best platform for learning Portuguese at the moment.

I love your approach

Name: Nicky W.
Location: UK

Thank you it is so hard to find european portuguese material (…) so well done. I love your approach.

very easy and interesting

Name: Suja R.
Location: India

I simply love your work.It is very easy and interesting to learn.

Keep up the good work

Name: Jacob D.
Location: USA

Thank you for setting this up, I started learning European Portuguese just a year ago and it has been hard to find the resources to keep up with the European dialect specifically. Keep up the good work!

Adoro a avó Odete!

Name: Christine H.
Location: UK
Adoro a avó Odete! Ela é “a legend”. (…) Muito obrigada, rapazes.

awesome podcast!

Name: Laura D.
Location: Romania

I found your podcast and listened almost all the videos (some of them , more than once 🙂 ).
I really had to say to both of you how much I like and appreciate your PracticePortuguese. (…) Keep up with your awesome podcast!

Very happy

Name: James C.
Location: Canada

Very happy to renew for another year to support your work (…) I decided to take Portuguese lessons as a birthday gift to myself, so I will make time to check out the podcasts and the learning studio.

podcasts have been great for me

Name: Matthew C.
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Thank you for creating something that has helped me so much. The podcasts have been great for me and I love seeing how I can understand podcasts now that a year ago were too hard for me. I also really like the new 100% Portuguese podcasts.

It’s a vital resource

Name: Chad N.
Location: Santa Cruz, CA, USA

(…)the one thing I could listen to and always learn from, and build confidence with, was Practice Portuguese. I can’t stress how important it was to have it as a resource. I want to continue to develop my Portuguese, so we’ll keep our membership and continue to support your important project! It’s a vital resource considering os desafios específicos that Portuguese presents.

Great website

Name: Gav N.
Location: Sydney, Australia

I’m very happy with your site and I appreciate the amount of effort you guys have put in!

Great website you both have here. I started learning last month and it’s been a great amount of help with your “unit” modules.

helped me enormously

Name: Kevin E.
Your program helped me enormously. So thank you.

fun way to learn Portuguese

Name: Bettina M.
Location: Germany

I really enjoy the learning material and especially your podcasts. It is a fun way to learn Portuguese, you are very professional and funny. (…) thanks for your great work! Obrigada.


Name: Darya S.
Location: Russia

This website is addictive. I “procrastinate” by listening to the podcast or going through videos. On a more serious note, I think this is by far the best online resource I found for learning European Portuguese. It is both informative and very entertaining. Thank you guys for putting it all together!

Avó Odete is so adorable

Name: Cathy D.
I love how you always come up with new ideas to help us learn while having fun. Avó Odete is so adorable – she’s a grandma we would all have liked to have!
Thank you so much for all your continued dedication to making this such a great site!
You guys are the best!

feels like I am learning with friends

Name: Roberta P.
Location: Australia

(…) you two are such great teachers and so welcoming, feels like I am learning with friends. Obrigada.

best part of my days

Name: Lani A.
Location: USA

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcasts, they’ve honestly been the best part of my days these past 2 months or so. (…) seriously, y’all are awesome and I’m so incredibly happy to have found this resource, it’s been absolutely wonderful. <3
Thank you!!

really appreciate

Name: Sherri S.

I just wanted to tell you I really appreciate what you guys are doing.

uma lufada de ar fresco

Name: Cidália C.
Location: Portugal

Adorei, (…) vocês são uma lufada de ar fresco.
Bjs aos meninos, avó Odete e Elza.

my daughters enjoy the interface

Name: Steven W.
Location: Denver, CO, USA

I use your site with my daughters 5 and 8 yrs old. They enjoy the interface and my Portuguese speaking wife appreciates your clear audio.

awesome and extremely useful

Name: Sofía O.
Location: Spain

I really love what you are doing. (…) I find your podcast and your website awesome and extremely useful.
Muito obrigada!

terrific website

Name: Carol L.

Firstly, many thanks for creating this terrific website. (…) it is wonderful to be able to access lessons in European Portuguese. The content of both sections is excellent. I especially like the fact that you create learning modules on such a wide range of topics. (…) I have been recommending your website to everyone. This is such a wonderful place to learn and to improve our Portuguese.


Name: Julia Y.
Location: South Bend, IN, USA

The work both [of you are doing] is wonderful. I’m a teacher (…) and the format with English explanations is wonderful. Thanks.


Name: Cherie F.
Adoro todas as coisas que oferecer pelo site. Em particular gosto o novo “imersão” método no podcast. Muito obrigada e abraços!

I admire both construction and devotion

Name: Robert S.

I benefited immensely from your podcasts during my trip to Portugal last year, and admire both the construction of your site, and your devotion to teaching European Portuguese. (…) Thank you for introducing to me this fascinating language, and keep up the good work.