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148 Ratings in 19 Countries

Updated: 08.04.2018



Ticking all the boxes

Name: Margaret

Enjoying the structure of the course, especially the clear pronunciation. As an aside, my background is curriculum development and instruction. You are ticking all the boxes 😊

My confidence and fluency is improving rapidly

Name: Jennifer

And thanks for providing such an invaluable learning resource. My confidence and fluency is improving rapidly ☺

I learned things I didn’t know in the first 2 lessons

Name: Brian

Just joined Practice Portuguese and, though I speak some Portuguese, thought I’d start from the beginning. Surprised to learn things I didn’t know even in the first two lessons, which is great.

It is important to me to speak the language where I live

Name: Diana

I have been working with Duolingo to learn Portuguese for the last 3 years but was very aware that it was very Brazilian but could not find anything else with the same amount of learning capacity – until of course I found Practice Portuguese. As we live most of our time in the Algarve now I really wanted to get the pronunciation correct…there are so many differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese and it is important for me to speak the language where I live. It is absolutely brilliant and I love working on it – so keep up the good work.

The best Portuguese website I have found!

Name: Malcolm

I have been a language teacher and teacher trainer for many years so understand a little of what you have created here and I just wanted to let you know that this is the best Portuguese website I have found!

Heartfelt and beautiful work

Name: Parvati

I have been listening to your podcasts and videos for quite a few years now and I have to say I am really enjoying them a lot. Thank you for all your heartfelt and beautiful work!

Best site EVER to learn European Portuguese

Name: Miriam

It is the best site EVER to learn european Portuguese, very well designed , so much study material, for all levels, so great an honest service. I am so glad i found this TREASURE!!!

Explaining the intricacies of European Portuguese pronunciation

Name: Michael

These podcasts where you critique pronunciation are great! And more than any other teaching source online, I think you guys do the best job of explaining the intricacies of European Portuguese pronunciation. For a beginner like me, this is extremely important, because as a trained interpreter and a comparative linguist, my ears pick up on things, but you guys really explain the how’s and why’s.

Exceptional feature

Name: Ver S.

I have tried various language courses (for other languages) like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, FluentU etc. but what I love most about your course so far is being able to hear my recording and compare to the speaker. It really helps with my intonation. Exceptional feature.

None come close

Name: Heidi

I hear versions Spanish and Portuguese, from around the world, spoken all day. Over the last few years I have studied Spanish from Latin America. My communication is good until I encounter someone from Argentina or Spain. Then suddenly I no longer speak Spanish. Portuguese has been a bit easier to pick up, it is a big help that many of the verbs and the conjugations are the similar to Spanish. That said, your program is excellent. I tried many different learning methods while studying Spanish, and none come close to giving me to the value I have received from your program.

The best I’ve come across

Name: Michelle

This is a great site. I have been learning Portuguese for a number of years. When they first started out they were definitely for intermediate European Portuguese learners. However since then they have grown incredibly. I’d say that anyone even if they had never learned one single word of Portuguese could easily become an intermediate or upper intermediate speaker using this platform they are growing every day. The lessons are fun engaging interesting and from time to time make me laugh out loud. Thanks guys for making such an awesome resource. European Portuguese resources are few and far between and I’d say that this is the best I’ve come across.

Pure genius

Name: Geraldine

I just wanted to say that I have just noticed the Smart Review facility. It’s a great idea! Just to go back and refresh what’s gone before in a series of 15 or so questions is pure genius. Well done on another invaluable addition to the program.

The more I progress, the more I love it

Name: Ana

The more I progress in your course the more I love it. I like a lot the new addition Smart Review. I understand why the repetition is used and it definitely works and is necessary to learn the material. Thank you for everything, I am learning so much, your course is amazing.

Learn through observation

Name: Batul

The way you add new words in a subtle way not only helps build my vocabulary but also helps me understand the rules of grammar with ease. Rather than imposing, you help us learn through observation and that is brilliant! muito obrigada!!!

You know what a Portuguese language learner needs

Name: Miroslava

I have been learning Portuguese for several months now using different apps and even a tutor who is a native Portuguese but I am truly fascinated with your learning studio. You know what a Portuguese language learner needs and you just provide it – different pronunciation speed, clear and simple grammar explanation, audio recordings of different native speakers and I absolutely love the videos with Joel’s hilarious experiences in Portugal. I signed up in your platform just a few day ago and I enjoy spending as much time as I can in it. Thank you for this remarkable learning experience.

Just what I was looking for

Name: Alison

This is just what I was looking for. After a year learning with Duolingo I had quite a lot of grammar and vocabulary, but was quite unable to understand the language in Portugal, or to be understood. I think your website is very professional as well as being user-friendly

Very clear and fun

Name: Nathalie

I love your YouTube videos. Very clear, informative, useful, fun and great energy. Happy I came across them!

Characters that depict Portuguese culture

Name: Vanessa

Thank you for your amazing videos! They are really wonderful. Not too long, funny characters (that really depict the Portuguese culture!), captivating images, best sound ever, really professional (with useful topics!) and among all this… your podcasts are so, so funny! Congratulations for this awesome initiative! I wish there was more material like yours.

So cleverly executed

Name: John

The website [is] concise, informative and inviting. I am so happy with all of your material. It is so cleverly planned and executed. You have a great sense of humor and it’s obvious how passionate you are about teaching Portuguese.

Even for a new beginner like me

Name: Rodrigo

I Love it so much in the way you Folks have structured this site, even a new beginner like me ENJOYS LEARNING FROM ALL THESE!. I am learning Brazilian Portuguese, BUT the PORTUGAL SOTAQUE, PRONUNCIATION is much more harder to pick up = IT’S A BEAUTIFUL LANGUAGE.

My girlfriend really appreciates it

Name: Victor

Your content has been a great source of learning for me and my Portuguese girlfriend always really appreciates when I say things in Portuguese. Last time I visited, I even managed a brief conversation with her grandma! Thank you for making the effort of releasing more shorties, it is greatly appreciated.

Engraçado, instrutivo, compreensível

Name: Barbara

Engraçado, instrutivo, compreensível, explicado com clareza, recreativo… Adoro os lições do Senhor Rui Sénior!

A variety of learning styles

Name: Colleen

The podcast, with translator; the videos, with subtitles; the quizzes; the quick responses to emails! This is a rich program set to match a variety of learning styles! Obrigado Joel and Rui!

Incredible content

Name: Anna

I have to say it is incredible content, the shorties are extremely helpful to develop my comprehension and vocabulary! I am spending quarantine in a remote Portuguese village so it is super helpful to be able to pick up some basics of the language!

Good value for the money

Name: Lynette

I cancelled and then missed using the site alot because it helps so much and it is such good value for the money. I decided to come right back. Keep up the good work!

Getting accustomed to European Portuguese

Name: William

Your podcasts have been very helpful in getting me accustomed to how European Portuguese sounds. I have actually been studying both European and Brazilian Portuguese for about two years, but most of the materials (mainly apps) I use are focused on Brazilian. I prefer the sound of European, so I very much appreciate your podcasts to help balance things out, so to speak.

Ray of sunshine

Name: John

Practice Portuguese is a ray of sunshine in my morning!

Very well thought out

Name: Lewis

I love the PP program. Very well thought out and thorough. Thank you sooooo much for developing this program. It is EXTREMELY useful.

Fun and easy to do on your smartphone

Name: Isa

Finally a way to learn real Portuguese! The program is fun and easy to do on your smartphone. And I love your podcasts! Thank you so much!!!

Simply the best!

Name: David

Simply the best! I shall be 80 in April. I enjoy languages and have studied French, Italian, Spanish and German. The way you have put this Portuguese learning programme together with the excellent use of the technology is tremendously good. It makes learning a language a pleasure. Thank you!

Bright, sparkly humorous website

Name: Joanna

I love the website… I enjoy the lessons and the bright, sparkly humorous website. Thank you very much!

Muito obrigado

Name: Nate

Muito obrigado e um abraço por tudo que fazem de nos ajudar a aprender a melhor língua no mundo. Eu adoro português, principalmente português europeu. Eu estava a procura de um sítio ou lugar onde eu podia aprender mais, mas não conseguia até que encontrei PP e vocês. Novamente, obrigadão.

Compliments on my pronunciation

Name: Michael

I can actually understand a lot of what people are saying around me, as far as words and short phrases. I am not yet able to understand full conversations, but I’m so much farther along than I was last time I was here… I have had a couple people compliment me on my pronunciation, and what’s amazing is that it has been the nasal sounds they have mentioned, being able to pronounce não/são/etc. correctly. One of the most helpful things in this regard was one of the podcasts in which … Rui mentioned that a lot of the vocalizations for him come from the back of the mouth/the throat. That completely changed my ability to make the nasal sounds, for the better. Obrigado por tudo que fazem!

A new aspect to my learning

Name: Dave

Beautiful! These episodes where you guys really scrub out these fine points in pronunciation are just the best! They really have opened up a new aspect to my learning the language.

So grateful

Name: Polina

Hi guys! I just love your podcasts and am so grateful for the work you do every day to help me and other learners to get to know your culture and language better.

So useful, so entertaining

Name: Belen

Guys everything here is so useful… I never thought learning a language could be so entertaining… 😉 Keep it up!

So much more a part of the country

Name: Ray

Really benefited from your lessons. I am delivering a seminar and I decided to translate it (online) into Portuguese. I feel confident delivering the material rather than using a friend to translate as I did last year. The language learning has made me feel so much more a part of the country. Thanks.

Finanças no longer terrifies me

Name: Vincent

I want to thank you all for the terrific support and help you have given to master Portuguese. I can now manage a reasonable conversation with our postman, and Finanças no longer terrifies me. I am able to complete online my tax returns unaided.

Above and beyond any other

Name: Amanda

Thanks for all the work the PP team puts in! This is definitely above and beyond any other language learning service available online.

Quality and diversity of content

Name: Jim

I’ve been a paid member for 3 years. Your website has grown exponentially in quality and diversity of content. The energy and enthusiasm you put into your web site is exceptional.

My life line to the Portuguese language

Name: Tommy

Thank you for continuing developing the site. I use it every day and I love it. Since I have emptied the real life evening courses that are available here…you guys are my life line to the Portuguese language.

The way you care for your members

Name: Georges

Thank you Rui & Joel & the team. The more I advance in the course the more I realise the amount of work you have invested to build P P, your dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, and the way you care for your members. Parabens! Bravo. Keep up the good work.

Wish I had found this earlier

Name: Sheila

Wish I had found this site earlier. I have been learning with Duolingo and knew there were one or two differences between Brazilian and Portuguese but now realise there is so many more. I hope I can now correct my grammar and vocabulary.

Best Podcast to Learn European Portuguese

Name: WorldBiking

The Practice Portuguese podcast is one of the most entertaining and effective ways to learn European Portuguese. Rui and Joel are a great teamand they always make learning fun. The podcast does a particularly good job of teaching tricky Portuguese pronunciation. Having a team of a native Portuguese and a foreigner really helps. The dialogues are funny and it’s useful to hear differenct voices. What’s most amazing that you get all this for free! You can also sign up for their course online. This is a great way to support their work and say thanks.

Immersive learning environment

Name: Louisa

I think it’s excellent…to be exposed to more advanced words/conjugations peripherally while still focusing on simple concepts. Thanks for including these. I’ve gotten more value from your platform than other tools like duolingo which never actually challenged me or exposed me to things I’d actually hear in real life. I appreciate the semi-immersive learning environment. Obrigada por tudo!