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Finally making progress

Name: Katharina

I am very glad that i signed in on your page, it is fantastic for learning portuguese! I struggled so much with other learning programs and finally i make progress on your site and feel that i not just understand much more than before but also am finally able to built the one or other sentence myself. Thank you for that!

A great joy

Name: Liat

I really appreciate all the work you guys are doing, learning this challenging language with you is a great joy.

Sense of humor

Name: Ashley

I appreciate the sense of humor in these dialogues, compared to the boring scenarios in typical language textbooks!

Using the lockdown time wisely

Name: Heidi

I have used this program to study Portuguese during COVID – no classroom learning. I think my Portuguese is now better and I am now able to understand the DW programs in Portuguese. Thank you. This program has been a great resource and allowed me to use the lockdown time wisely. I feel as if the people/characters in the podcasts and shorties have been my Living room companions.

Nobody does it better

Name: Miriam

I have learned a lot from you guys and hope you will stay online forever 🙂 . Nobody does it better!!!

So glad I found you

Name: Ines

i am so glad i found you! now i really believe i can learn Portuguese de Portugal and in such a fun intelligent and natural way! congratulations and thank you Joel and Rui!

É um prazer

Name: Rens

Obrigado pelos vossos esforços didácticos. É um prazer quotidiano de aprender português com Practice Portuguese.

Best I can find

Name: Jonathan

Your lessons are the best Portuguese lessons I can find on the Internet.. Extremely helpful, comfortable and well suited for memorizing.

Closest thing to being immersed

Name: Andy

I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying the format you use to learn Portuguese. By spending an hour each day I feel like I am over there and immersed. It is the closest I can be to being immersed with locals. I love the way the exercises and lessons have different native speakers that make you concentrate on how the words merge with each other. I also like the way you can test your own pronunciation in those lessons.

I am working my way towards taking and passing the A2 exam for residency or citizenship… I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts. I’m loving it and finding it motivates me to improve every day.


Name: Barbara

Thank you for your fabulous site. It continues to be invaluable in my quest to integrate into real (as opposed to tourist) life on the Algarve.

Incredibly helpful

Name: Ann

Your podcasts using contributions of other students audioclips and then the way you explain what you are hearing is just an incredibly helpful tool… These exercises are helping me train my ears and really focus on important details for pronouncing and linking words. Actually, all aspects of PracticePortuguese’s teaching methods has been super, from the online lessons to the Shorties and the longer podcasts and You Tube videos. Please keep doing all of it, these are all such valuable tools for teaching and learning Portuguese and makes me want to keep trying to learn, understand and speak!!

Keeping up with current events

Name: Justin

You are always on top of updating your lessons and references to keep up with current events and practices, such as pandemic impact. Absolutely love your product and PLEASE keep it up! You really do have something very special here.

THE ideal learning studio

Name: Christine

Love your approach and have the impression that I finally found THE ideal learning studio for me!

Wish I had found it sooner

Name: Jennifer

A huge thank you, from this beginner to you, for this fantastic site. I wish I had found it sooner!

Our virtual friends in lockdown

Name: Catherine

We are fast becoming huge fans of your website, following you on the Camino and trying to do our lessons everyday. It’s a big help since we cannot really meet people and make friends here in Evora at the moment with the pandemic… You are so thorough and fun and helpful, thank you!!!! We even enjoy watching the videos and shorties over dinner, you have become our virtual friends in lockdown.

Best online materials for Portuguese

Name: Yuri

I love your videos, I found them to be very helpful for improving my Portuguese skill. Thank you very much for the great shorties and videos you create. Your shorties have helped me a lot… They are definitely the best online materials for Portuguese learners I have ever had.

Fantastic combination of information and interactivity

Name: Alexandra

You guys are fantastic! I’m a language teacher and I spend a good amount of time in Portugal (where my retired mother lives). I hope to retire there (not soon enough) too! Your site is a fantastic combination of information and interactivity. I really appreciate the attention to detail. Obrigada!


Name: Tim

Congratulations on your amazing journey with Practice Portuguese. As someone who’s been a member from pretty early on, it’s remarkable to see how much you have accomplished (and how much I’ve learned because of your empowering work and care).  PP has helped me fulfill that educational and familial “void” I have felt. My long way of saying: you guys rock and help/empower people more than you realize.

Dedication and love

Name: Jan

I was touched by your dedication to help us to really get into the practicalities. I have done many other courses, like babbel etc, but these I found so mechanistic. In yours I detect dedication and much love, thank you, it is so fun!

Day wouldn’t be complete

Name: Richard

The day wouldn’t be complete without listening to a Shorty!

Progressing at last

Name: Alan

I subscribe to your Practice Portuguese course and are enjoying it immensely. I really feel that I’m progressing at last…. Thank you.

A national treasure for Portugal

Name: Jorge

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you with your PP website, it has grown in leaps and bounds. Rui, you and Joel and the team that you have been able to put together around you, are working like a well oiled machine, and at a much higher level of output. Thanks for what you Rui and Joel are doing, you are a national treasure for Portugal, especially with regards to European Porteguese.

No other tool compares

Name: Emily

You’ve taught me gobs about the intricacies of Mediterranean Portuguese that I would otherwise miss, as there’s no other teaching tool out there that compares to what you guys do online to fine-tune my Portuguese.


Name: Whit

I do really commend PracticePortuguese for including these realistic videos of how real people speak IN ADDITION TO the distinctly spoken recordings and also the (extremely useful) tortoise speed ones. Having all three sound samples is a brilliant idea.

Rosetta Stone, only better

Name: Boguslaw

I’ve been doing this course for about 2 weeks now and I’m very happy with it. I’ve been exposed to Brazilian Portuguese since my wife is Brazilian, but European Portuguese is a lot more difficult. Your course reminds me of Rosetta Stone, only it’s better, because you provide explanations and grammar. So, good job, guys! I think, I’ll be speaking a pretty good Portuguese in about 6 months thanks to you.

Very enjoyable

Name: Konstantin

I just started learning PR. I’m having a ton of fun. For the first time ever I don’t need to write anything down. And you’ve made the learning process very enjoyable.

Highly recommend

Name: Shania

Highly recommend to check out the PracticePortuguese website and Podcast! Friendliest way to learn European Portuguese with a responsive and supportive team!

My ears are getting tuned in to the language

Name: Margit

Your course is excellent – my ears are getting tuned in to the language. Suddenly I find that I understand heaps of what previously was one long flow of schhhhh schhhhh sounds. I am moving to Portugal in a year and want to speak the language reasonably well by then. I don’t think I would achieve that without your course, so thanks! 😊

User-friendly and fun

Name: Gilles

The video version of your podcasts, with the legendas that pop up here and there make it very user-friendly and fun. And we all know that having fun makes the learning easier to understand and remember.

Reading, listening, speaking, writing neatly packaged in interesting and innovative ways

Name: Pat

You will find everything here you could possibly want to learn and practise Portuguese. I have been learning here for 2 years and am writing this because I am still full of enthusiasm and just want to share my delight at what the team here are doing ! [As a] retired French teacher, I find all the key elements (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing) neatly packaged in interesting and innovative ways. Culture, Humour, up-to-date language, support is personalised and I quickly felt that the team felt like a small, friendly family.

Leaving Memrise

Name: Ann

I am a dedicated learner with Practice Portuguese and am leaving Memrise because I find that your learning studio is an excellent fit. Thank you! Practice Portuguese is amazing!

Variety of content, sense of community

Name: Kim

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how useful I am finding this website, but also how much fun. The variety of content means there is always something I can tap into, no matter how little time I have.
Life is so difficult for so many people at the moment and personally, I find your Practice Portuguese a source of real escapism! I especially appreciate you allowing us to meet your family, providing a sense of community rather than just a language resource.

You make it fun

Name: Whit

I love your sense of humor. Traditional language learning can be drudgery but you make it fun.

Constant improving, interacting, and expanding

Name: Cameron

Rui, Joel e a Equipa! I love your dedication to constant improving, interacting and expanding this fabulous product and your success is well deserved. I would also like to shout out to Joseph and Molly in the help department for always being so informal and helpful with my repeated questions.


Name: Kerry

This must have taken FOREVER to put together! I am very impressed. From one teacher to another, your site is top-notch and I am enjoying it very much.

Range of speakers at natural conversational speed

Name: Penny

I am finding the course very good. For me, and I suspect for most others, the thing that is most challenging is understanding what is being said by authentic Portuguese L1 speakers. The way you tackle this with snatches of language with a range of speakers at natural conversational speed, backed up with a clearer version by a teacher and a slow version is absolutely excellent…

It is very helpful in developing a feel for how the stress timing of the language affects the pronunciation. It’s so much better than being able to understand the teacher but no-one else!! I love that you use a wide variety of people in your videos and how some have background noise, helping us to develop the strategy of catching the key words and using logic to fill in the bits that are ‘swallowed’ by the speaker or masked by background noise.

You beat all others

Name: Rolf

Thank you for your very professional approach and help and guidance with this site. I am most happy with it, after trying different other ones. You beat all others, in my opinion, may-be because you think first of all about you clients, not about your profit. This is the only right approach, in my opinion. So keep on like you do now, and I will remain a happy client.

Leaps and bounds

Name: Edi

You have no idea how much I love your site and how much I appreciate all the help from all of the staff at Practice Portuguese. My Portuguese has really come on leaps and bounds, and it’s all thanks to you.


Name: Lewis

I have to say that practice Portuguese is an amazing amazing program. My wife and I especially enjoy the flashcards.

Best I have come across

Name: Sharon

Really enjoy the Practice Portuguese lessons. It’s a great website, the best I have come across in my endeavor to learn Portuguese.

Already very effective

Name: Greg

I’ve been learning European Portuguese through Practice Portuguese for only a few months now, but I’ve already found the site to be very effective.

Well put, concise, and clear

Name: Lauren

The sections are well defined, I love the videos of native Portuguese speakers saying phrases, the pronunciation is helpful, and the explanations of grammar are well put, concise, and clear.

So much fun

Name: Theresa

Love learning from you guys, the way you interact makes it so much fun.

Best way to learn this language online

Name: Tom

This website is amazing! Learning is so much fun and i can always find lots of content! By far the best way to learn this language online! Thank you for that!

Detailed approach

Name: Robert

As a retired language teacher, I like your slow, detailed approach to explaining pronunciation. Very helpful. I also like your cheerful demeanor. You make learning the language very enjoyable. Obrigado!