Música Para os Ouvidos

Music to the Ears

After getting free tickets for a concert, Diogo seeks company to join him.

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  • I like so much your work!!! Will subscribe immediately after Christmas holidays!! My Portuguese fiance cannot be happier seeing me learning Portuguese so fast by following you!! Great work!!!

  • Hi there, I spend quite a lot of time in Portugal and want to retire there in 6 years. Have looked for good online courses, but most are Brazilian, as we know! Just found your website!
    I am a language teacher myself, originally from Sweden, but now live in Switzerland. Your website looks great and I will definitely sign up for your course in a couple of minutes!
    So excited!



  • I listened to the sample coversation. Do you also provide full translation? The vocabulary helped but not quite enough to understand everything.
    Also Portuguese people seem to speak faster than this. Do you know if this is the speed used in language exams (A2 level)?

    • Thanks for trying it out! Yes, the full translation is included as part of our membership. We have hundreds of these that can be sorted by difficulty level and topic. You can read more about what’s included here: Membership Benefits or sign up here: Become a Member . As for the speed used in the A2 exam, I’m not sure, but hopefully another user who sees this will know.

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