The 2020 Holiday Party

We wrap up 2020 with the spotlight on our members from all over the world, as they describe their favourite traditional holiday foods and drinks. You’ll also get to meet more of the Practice Portuguese team (with an appearance from Avó Odete), while our set (and post-rum-cider Joel) start falling apart. A huge “obrigado” to all of you who submitted recordings – this was a blast!


  • So jolly – and instructive!
    I’m stuck in the USA, missing Portugal. Although I understand so little of the spoken lingo, I loved to hear you discuss it, dissect it, criticize others, and each other, By the end of this scrumptious looking session I was actually understanding a lot more.. Quite an accomplishment – on your part – to get my antique brain to discriminate those arcane phonemes.
    Boas Festas!

  • Muito obrigada, Rui, Joel e o equip inteiro. Gostei mesmo do vídeo e de ver a Clarinha e a Elza também! Feliz ano novo á familia! Intentei gravar um video mas náo consegui fazê-lo na hora. Espero participar na próxima vez. Beijinhos!

  • Muito obrigado Rui e Joel para esta video muita gira! Muito bom ver a equipa inteira e a Clara tambem! Espero muito contribuir na proxima vez!
    Boas festas!

  • This was so great! It was so nice to hear everybody working so hard on their Portuguese and it makes me feel like I can be braver. It was lovely to see all the faces and hear the voices–you guys are making a great community for us.

    To Anne from Belmont–I’m in Maynard, Massachusetts. Nice to know there’s someone else who’s trying and who’s not far away.

  • Olá, Denise! Q.b. = quanto baste, which means just enough – not too much, not too little. You’ll see it a lot in recipes, for example 🙂

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