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Buying a Home in Portugal

July 17, 2019

In recent years, Portugal has become more popular with foreigners looking to buy a home. Housing prices dropped significantly after an economic downturn, but as the economy recovers, property prices are beginning to rise again, especially in certain areas. Still, interest rates remain low and many are drawn to the climate, quality of life, relatively low cost of living, rich culture, and peaceful atmosphere of Portugal. We’ve put together this guide to help you navigate the home-buying process in Portugal.

Common Household Items

August 14, 2017

The average home is full of all kinds of objects, pieces of furniture, and appliances. In this unit, we’ll explore the most common objects you’ll find in each room of your house.

The Living Room – Sala de Estar

The room where you’ll likely spend lots of time relaxing with your family and friends is known as a sala de estar the living room. You may invite them to sit on the sofá sofa and enjoy a nice conversation, or perhaps share a meal at the mesa de jantar dining table.

You might watch the televisão television, or perhaps grab a book from the estante bookcase to do some reading.

Ele senta-se no sofá da sala (de estar) a ler um romance. He sits on the living room sofa reading a novel.

Note that it’s common to omit “de estar” and refer to the living room as simply a sala, since it’s usually implied.

The Kitchen – A Cozinha

While preparing your meal in a cozinha the kitchen, you’ll grab some food from o frigorífico the refrigerator to cook on o fogão the stove or in o micro-ondas the microwave.

In the kitchen you might also find

Types of Houses and Rooms

July 11, 2017

If you plan to comprar to buy or arrendar to rent property a place in Portugal, here are some of the main types of housing you have to choose from:

Types of Housing

  • um quarto A single room – A private bedroom for yourself in a house shared with other people.
  • um apartamento a flat, apartment – A complete, unshared home, but in um prédio a building shared with others.
    • You could also categorize this as um estúdio a studio apartment which has fewer divisions, or perhaps an apartment with two floors, which, just like in English, is called um duplex a duplex.
  • uma vivenda A detached house – A house that is not connected to any other others, which might even contain um quintal a garden.
  • casas geminadas semi-detached houses – Somewhere in between a detached house and an apartment, which share a single common wall to form a two-unit building.
  • uma quinta farm – A larger property in which the residential function of the building is combined with agricultural work.

Aquele casal comprou um apartamento no sétimo andar. That couple bought an apartment on the seventh floor.

A minha família tem uma quinta no campo. My family has a farm on the countryside.

Types of Rooms

Now that you’ve described the type of home, let’s take a look inside: