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This series of Shorties explores the lighter side of life in quarantine. Each dialogue or article is only about 2 minutes long, giving you a quick, easy routine to practice European Portuguese while staying safe at home.

Deixa-Me Dormir!

Let Me Sleep!

September 6, 2021

In today’s European Portuguese Listening Practice, you’ll listen to a dialogue between a Portuguese couple, who cannot agree on what time to get up in the morning. Martim is already hungry and bored, so Lara has to get creative if she wants to sleep in.

Despedidas e Parcerias

Farewells And Partnerships

March 29, 2021

(Video version available on our website and YT/FB/IGTV) 2021 has already been off to a busy start! Rui & Joel update you on everything that’s going on, (all in Portuguese): • Rui & Joel get COVID swabs jammed up their noses… for TV • Rui quits something and joins something else within the same week […]

O Dia da Vacina

The Day Of The Vaccine

March 7, 2021

Anselmo gets the Covid-19 vaccine. Follow along to prepare for the questions you may be asked at your appointment. This episode is longer than usual (a Longy rather than a Shorty!), but it includes lots of useful vocabulary and expressions as the characters discuss medical history, symptoms, and some myths about the vaccine. Members can […]

50 Sombras da Avó Odete

50 Shades of Grandma Odete

August 18, 2020

Avó Odete has been healthy and safe from COVID-19, although she’s not too impressed with having to be regularly tested, (as you’ll see in the video). She’s also been catching up with some reading, although it’s perhaps not exactly what you’d expect! Warning: This video contains explicit language, so please skip it if you’re younger […]