Despedidas e Parcerias

Farewells And Partnerships

(Video version available on our website and YT/FB/IGTV) 2021 has already been off to a busy start! Rui & Joel update you on everything that’s going on, (all in Portuguese):
• Rui & Joel get COVID swabs jammed up their noses… for TV
• Rui quits something and joins something else within the same week (Huh?)
• Our mobile app is on the way!
• Appearances from Clara and Avó Odete

Check out the video version here.


  • É o Joel que toca o piano para o “TAP Dance?” Muito Linda! Bravo! Looking forward to the app and to more videos and podcasts! To answer your question, I do enjoy this video format very much. It feels dynamic, clean, and fun. Abraços!

  • Parabéns para o App! I really enjoyed this podcast and finding out a little bit more about the two of you – thank you for sharing… and I understood almost everything, nice to have the subtitles to check on tougher words here and there. And now I can’t wait to install the app so I can listen to you guys while driving my Carro!

  • Parabéns!!! Finalmente alguém pensou na grande ideia de ensinar português europeu nas redes sociais e nos media.
    Soy colombiana y obviamente hablo español, soy profesora de Inglés y Español, vivo en Lisboa y he estado en la búsqueda de aprender la hermosa lengua portuguesa, pero la europea y me siento muy contenta de haberlos encontrado.

    Boa suerte em seu projeto PRACTICE PORTUGUESE.

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