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(NEW: Video and audio-only versions available)

Have you been to the dentist lately? In this first-ever video podcast, we feature one of our latest Shorties and discuss useful vocabulary all about… teeth! While recording, we’re interrupted by some personal text messages that we reveal and deconstruct for your learning pleasure!

Check out the video version here.


  • You two bring so much joy to the process I’ve always struggled through when learning a new language. The screen interaction adds context to the lessons, keeping them fresh and real. Your ‘banter’ and personalities add much positive energy. But when I hear you speak Portuguese and look at the transcript, I think–how did those sounds come from those words? I have a long, LONG road ahead of me and I look forward to being able to converse in Portuguese while starting a new life somewhere in country.

  • Great idea to have the video podcasts – so helpful. Wishing you great happiness with Clara – she is gorgeous
    Love the 1080p although I have no idea what that means

  • Thanks for your kind words, Scott! Glad that this new format helps. Lots of work, but seems to be worth it. Definitely planning to do more of the same. And don’t worry, your comprehension skills will get there! Spend lots of time in the “Shorties” section with the transcriptions and your ears will get sharper with each session. Abraço

  • Rui & Joel, you both are amazing! Thank you so much for making easier and funny the learning of Portuguese! I just started to listen to your podcast and found this “video cast” so good. Hope to learn more !

  • The video version of your podcasts, with the legendas that pop up here and there make it very user-friendly and fun. And we all know that having fun makes the learning easier to understand and remember. The 1080 is a nice touch, but not essential. Obrigado!

  • Hole Rui e Joel,
    Your podcasts using contributions of other students audioclips and then the way you explain what you are hearing is just an incredibly helpful tool. Thank you so much to everyone who sends in their audioclips. When I feel more courageous, I will try to do it too but for now, these exercises are helping me train my ears and really focus on important details for pronouncing and linking words. Actually, all aspects of PracticePortuguese’s teaching methods has been super, from the online lessons to the Shorties and the longer podcasts and You Tube videos. Please keep doing all of it, these are all such valuable tools for teaching and learning Portuguese and makes me want to keep trying to learn, understand and speak!!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words! We’re really happy to hear that these methods are working well for you. Keep it up! 🙂

  • Loved the video! It’s also great to be able to chose to either watch or just listen. It’s a pleasure to learn Portuguese with the two of you!

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