À Caça de Descontos no Supermercado

The Hunt for Supermarket Discounts

To prepare for an upcoming birthday party that they’ll be hosting, a modern grandma and her jokester husband stock up on groceries at the local supermarket. While taking advantage of every promotion they can, will they actually remember to pick up everything they went there for in the first place?


    • Our Learning Studio would be a better fit for you as a beginner 🙂 Don’t be overwhelmed as this podcast episode is especially tricky.

  • I like this episode, it has many useful vocabulary. Well done!

    I have a question about the word “pêra”. Isn’t that old spelling and the new one is without circumflex?

    • Thank you for your message, Santi, and good catch! That is the old spelling. The new spelling is “pera”.

  • What exactly is so funny about “tomates e pepino”? Is that risqué or something?? Thanks 🙂

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