• Olá Carolyn, sorry you’re having trouble! Are you signed in as a member trying to access the Premium materials? Or is the audio not working for you? Using an outdated browser is a common cause of problems, so if that’s the case, you may have better results using an updated web browser, or a different device. If you’re still having trouble, please send us a message and we’ll try to be of better help 🙂 Obrigado!

  1. Hi need a little help here .

    I plug in microphone click record, and speak into mike . ,but I am having problems with playback. Nothing I click on replays sound.

    Where am I going wrong ?
    many thanks

    • Hi Michael! Thanks for checking out this new episode. It looks like there are some problems with this recording tool in some browsers (at least in Safari), but it seems to be working in Chrome. We should have it fixed everywhere soon, but trying in Chrome may give better results… let us know, and thanks again 😉

  2. Hi Joel,

    I have tried this in Chrome and am well impressed but my preference for browser is Firefox.
    However cant have everything.
    Thank you for your prompt response,


  3. Hi guys,
    Great stuff really. This is a great tool to simply keep up with vocabulary and improve your overall Portuguese skills.
    Your website has a great UI and is si easy to get around and use. I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone looking to speak the language.
    Viva Portugal

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