As Senhoras Que Bebem Cerveja

Ladies Who Drink Beer

In this episode, we deconstruct one of our latest “Shorties”. We go through some useful food vocabulary, discuss verb and tense choices, and Rui irons out Joel and Molly’s “estrangeiro” pronunciation! There’s also some exciting news about Practice Portuguese, especially for those of you who might be in the Algarve next weekend.


  • I understand not to say quero uma sopa verde, and rather to say queria uma sopa verde, but when does one use queria versus gostaria when trying to politely order something at a restaurant?
    e.g. queria agua fresca com gas versus gostaria agua fresca com gas
    OR queria um café versus gostaria um café…

    • In that context, queria and gostaria are completely interchangeable 🙂 Note that you have to add the preposition ‘de’ after gostaria, so it’s “Queria um café”, but “Gostaria de um café”. We do tend to prefer saying “queria”.

  • It’s an Expo … not a convention or a fair … BLiP Expo … hahaha. See you on Friday and I’m really looking forward to seeing you at your first EXPO 🙂

    One thing for Rui … ?looking forward to’ doesn’t really translate in Portuguese – so how would you say that? ‘Anticipar para vê-lhe’?

    • You have a few different ways of expressing the same idea as “looking forward to”. In this particular context, you could say “fico à espera de vos ver”, “mal posso esperar para vos ver” (this is more of a “I can’t wait to see you”) or, if you’d like a more formal alternative, “aguardo ansiosamente por vos ver”. And so on 🙂

  • Come to Porto next ! And, oh by the way, FAKECODE123FAKESTREET ! Seriously a very helpful episode. Love when you do the review line by line. Helps a lot with the pronunciation. Have fun in Algarve but Porto is way cooler.

  • My favourite podcast so far. The detail regarding pronunciation and colloquialisms really helped and stuck in my mind. I often find that details learned via podcasts and shorties stick in my memory much better than when heard as part of a learning unit. Its the ‘novelty’ factor. Great outro too…….

  • Gostei imenso do vosso podecast. só por curiosidade, o que significa “já tomaste a tua prota”? é que não encontrei nenhuma explicação na internet.

    • Obrigado, Andre! A explicação do significado está na secção “Expressions”, por baixo da barra de áudio. ‘Prota’ é um termo calão para ‘proteína’, muito popular entre as pessoas que fazem musculação/ginásio. Então, a frase significa “Já tomaste a tua proteína?”.

  • R: Yeah. The first one has two Es. ‘Veem’.
    R: Yeah. The first one has two Es. ‘Veem’.
    00:06:36And the second one, ‘vêm’, has only one E. ‘Veem’…
    And the second one, ‘vêm’, has only one E. ‘Veem’…
    00:06:42M: Veem.
    M: Veem.

    Actually if I get translation, I want to se here translation, not the same words on Portuguese (
    I’m listening for the third time and still don’t know the translation of these words and what is the difference

    • Both verbs ‘vêm’ and ‘veem’ were translated the first few times they were brought up in the conversation, mere seconds earlier. From then on, they are not repeatedly translated again, not only because it becomes redundant, but also to help you commit these words and their respective pronunciations to memory 🙂

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