Diário de Uma Quarent(o)ena VIII

Quarantine Diary VIII


A woman continues the healthy routines she established during quarantine and finds more ways to enjoy time with her boyfriend as restrictions slowly begin to lift.


  • Hi! I am having difficulty with the word ‘assim’. I see it used in many contexts, including this shorty:

    nenhum casal passa assim tantas horas juntos
    Assim que o cheiro da comida chega ao quarto

    What are the main uses and are there any learning notes about this?

    • Great question! There’s a thread here where Joseph and Marek describe some of the uses: A Palavra Assim Basically it can mean thus, therefore, accordingly, in this way, like this… And there are some common phrases like “assim que” (as soon as, once), “ainda assim” (even so, still), “assim como” (as well as, just as), and many others.

      So it does vary a lot depending on the context, but if you think of it generally as referring to the concept of “accordingly”, sometimes you can figure out the meaning it adds. We don’t have a learning note yet, but I’ll add that suggestion to the list so that we can cover the variety of uses in more detail! (Also, I’m sure Joseph would be happy to clarify further if you post any questions in response to that forum thread link.)

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