Sapateado em Família

Family Tap Dancing


Rafael and his parents have been stuck at home for a while and they’re running out of options for entertainment!


    • Don’t worry Angela, hang in there! It will get easier over time. Keep in mind that as a member, you can use the “Translate” toggle to turn on the English translations. Sometimes it’s helpful to listen to it a few times with the translation and then try to understand without. Also, if you’re just starting out, you may want to try these first: Beginner Level Shorties

  • Excellent resource.
    My way of using it is
    1) Listen to the shorty at least 3 times (I download it to my mobile and listen to it when walking the dog)
    2) Listen to it while reading and try and guess the words/phrases using the context first before reading the translation.
    3) Look at translation.
    4) Read the text out loud at the same time the speakers are reading.

    I know it sounds a lot of work but I´m improving each day.

    • Thanks for sharing — this is a great strategy! I love to hear when people find creative ways to use the resources! I think these Shorties are most effective when you “play around” with them a bit like you’re doing.

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