Encontro de Vizinhos

Neighbors Meeting

Two neighbours meet and discuss some problems in their apartment complex.


    • Hi there, this one is at the “medium” level, so you may want to start with these instead: Beginner Level Shorties. If you’re a member, keep in mind that you can use the “Translate” toggle to see the English translation. We also have a series of Units here that is very helpful for getting started with the basics: Units. Let me know if you have any questions at all!

  • Thanks for this very nice and useful shorty. Amazing that already an elementary, daily conversation between neighbours requires that many different tenses and modes of the verb. Talvez seja preciso tomarmos …Não faz sentido estarmos … Se eu estiver em casa não me importo… The portuguese verb is sometimes a bit complicated but ik makes the language very exact. I love that.
    And last but there is always the tough para-por-issue in which this shorty was very helpful.


    P.S. Are there any other languages having a infinitivo pessoal? In French for example it doesn’t exist. The french have other ways to avoid the conjuntivo.

    • Thank you for your comment, Rens! Indeed, the simplest conversation can become extremely complex, if you dissect it grammatically 🙂 Regarding the personal infinitive, from what I could gather, there seem to be forms of it in the Silician and Galician, but I don’t know more about this.

  • Thanks, Joseph, very interesting. Apparently the portugues language managed to preserve its special features troughout the centuries.

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