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Maria Do Mar

Maria of the Sea

September 9, 2019

Maria do Maria is the most important work of the filmmaker Leitão de Barros and a fundamental point in the history of Portuguese cinema. Learn more about this classic silent film from the 1930s.


Passo a Passo – Parte 1/9

Step by Step - Part 1/9

November 13, 2018

The Caminho de Santiago adventure begins! Rui and Joel start off their journey in beautiful Porto, Portugal, and immediately experience the warmth, simplicity and uncensored honesty of the Northern Portuguese people, and embrace their new role as ‘peregrinos’ (…or is it ‘pelegrinos’?).

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Passo a Passo – Parte 6/9

Step by Step - Part 6/9

November 13, 2018

Approaching the border into Spain, Joel and Rui try to figure out at which point Portuguese will start transitioning to Spanish, as well as the curious Galego (Galician), a curious hybrid between the two. As they delve deeper into the local habits of Northern Portugal, Rui’s injury starts to catch up with him…

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Passo a Passo – Parte 9/9

Step by Step - Part 9/9

November 13, 2018

The journey comes to an end as the group arrives to Santiago de Compostela. They reunite with their fellow pilgrims they met along the way, and start making their way back home. It may take weeks for the blisters on their feet to heal, but their memories of O Caminho de Santiago will last forever.

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Passo a Passo – Parte 4/9

Step by Step - Part 4/9

November 13, 2018

Fully immersed in the spirit of the Caminho, the pilgrims spread out and begin traveling a bit more independently, rather than sticking together as a group. But the isolation gets to them, prompting Rui to give the performance of a lifetime to nobody except for perhaps a few farmers (and lucky for us, the camera!). Meanwhile, Joel gets so isolated that he starts wondering if he’s actually even on the right Caminho at all…

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Passo a Passo – Parte 8/9

Step by Step - Part 8/9

November 13, 2018

As the group inches closer to Santiago de Compostela, Rui and Joel attempt their best Portunhol (Portuguese + Spanish) to talk with a lovely, patient Galician farmer. As they feel the end of the Caminho approach, they start reflecting on their journey and on what they’ve learned so far.

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