Passo a Passo (O Caminho de Santiago)

Passo a Passo (O Caminho de Santiago)

Welcome to our documentary of Rui and Joel's (and friends) journey walking the Caminho de Santiago!

Total runtime: 1:51:29

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Explicit Language: A couple of the interviews have some cuss words. We've left them in the transcript for authenticity and educational purposes, and have been censored in the English translation. However, it won't take much imagination to figure out what was said… you've been warned

Audio / Visual Quality: There are parts where you will definitely need the subtitles! Rui and Joel filmed most of the footage while walking with heavy backpacks, so most of these moments wouldn't have been captured if the gear wasn't very minimal and quick to set up. That said, we hope to improve the quality in future projects!


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Launched! December 01, 2018

Launched! December 08, 2018

Launched! December 15, 2018

Launched! December 29, 2018

Launched! January 12, 2018

Launching: January 26, 2018

Launched! December 22, 2018

Launched! January 05, 2018

Launched! January 19, 2019



Here's the audio podcast episode we released to announce this film. If you haven't heard it yet, that might be a good place to start!


Here's the teaser trailer we released on good ol' social media


You can follow our journey using the interactive map below or you can open it in a new tab.

You can also click the  to open the map layers sidebar (eg. to compare "Joel's path" with the official Caminho route).

9 Responses to Passo a Passo (O Caminho de Santiago)

  1. MARAVILHOSO. O melhor ainda (claro, além de podcasts/videos com Avó Odette e família). Abraços, amigos. Obrigado por seus trabalhos tão fortes, inspiradores e muito importantes. ❤️ Parabéns.

  2. Super cool!! The caminho as well as the compilating the whole movie and subtitles, very well done! Was fun watching it 🙂

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