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European Portuguese Greetings

March 26, 2017

Let’s start with the basics! One of the simplest Portuguese greetings is Olá! Hi! and one of the simplest ways to say goodbye is Tchau! Bye! or the slightly more formal Adeus! Goodbye!. However, it’s also very common to say hello or goodbye with a more specific greeting based on what time of day it is. So before we cover greetings and kissing etiquette in Portugal, let’s first learn how we talk about different períodos do dia periods of the day, from sunrise to sunset:

Times of Day

  • a madrugada very early in the morning – from midnight to 6am/dawn
  • a manhã the morning – from about 6am until noon
  • a tarde the afternoon – from noon until about 6pm (or around o pôr-do-sol sunset when it gets dark)
  • a noite the night – from about 6pm to midnight


Although technically the transition from a manhã to a tarde is always at 12:00 noon, the