Uma Ida ao Cinema

A Trip to the Cinema

António decides to call Luísa after a long time apart. Follow along as they make plans to see a movie!


  • I notice that at 1.27 Luisa says duas e meia but the written word in both Portuguese and English shows 14.30. I know that they are one and the same but do you agree that the audio and written word should match. Also in English we would rarely,if ever, use 14.30.!

    Estou sentado no jardim em Inglaterra em “lockdown” praticando português. Faz sol como Portugal, mas sinto falta da lagoa no Parque Nacional do Algarve e das mudanças das marés
    PP está ajudando-me a manter a sanidade.

    • Good point, I’ll make some changes. Glad we can help! We’re also going to increase the number of Shorties we release each week. Hopefully that will give you lots to practice as we all wait this thing out.

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