No Terminal de Autocarros

At the Bus Terminal

A hopelessly late traveler finds no sympathy from a bus station’s ticket seller, as he tries to find a way to his destination.


  • Essa é uma lição de qualidade, ótima e útil.
    Obrigada, estou muito contente com a qualidade do ensino.

  • Fortunately over 30 years of visiting Portugal I have never been confronted with an attitude like that. I think the “assistant” must have been a Parisian waiter for a period of time.
    A good understandable lesson however! And very useful.

  • I was thrown by the similar French construction (d’ici trente minutes) which has a different meaning, and I didn’t know if the bus was coming 30 minutes later or within the next 30 minutes.
    I had to use a translator to check that the bus would actually arrive 30 minutes later (which would, anyway, be the most reasonable answer).

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