Sem Tempo Para Descanso

No Time for Rest

Overwhelmed with work, Patrícia curbs Hugo’s expectations when it comes to planning family holidays.


    • Hm, technically, in this context, yes, but conseguir is a better fit. Poder and conseguir are very similar, but not quite identical.

      Conseguir is completely focused on one’s personal ability to do or achieve something. On the other hand, poder doesn’t always relate just to personal ability, but also to the mere abstract possibility of doing something, or permission for it. For example, if you say “Posso comer isto?” [Can I eat this?], you may very well be asking if you are allowed to eat that. If you say “Consigo comer isto?” [Can I eat this?], you’re clearly just wondering if you’re physically capable of doing it.

    • Hi Penny! One thing that could help is changing the speed setting in the upper right hand corner of the player. If you make it too slow it’s sounds funny, but usually 0.8x or 0.9x are helpful.

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