A Lenda da Rainha Santa Isabel

A Lenda da Rainha Santa Isabel

Já conheces a lenda da Rainha Santa, uma das mais bonitas lendas portuguesas? Ela fala-nos de um milagre, mas o mais importante é a mensagem de solidariedade que ela nos deixa. (Com a participação da Ana Coimbra e Rui Coimbra Sénior!)

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  1. I have just listened to this earlier podcast,and I was very surprised to hear the story, because we have basically exactly the same legend (myth) with a Hungarian saint, Saint Elisabeth of Hungary (roses and everything). And I just found this site explaining that the miracle of roses was a common thing in the medievals, and also that our Elizabeth was a great-aunt of your Portuguese Isabel! 😉 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_of_the_roses

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