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Influência Árabe na Língua Portuguesa

Arabic Influence on the Portuguese Language

July 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered about the origins of the Portuguese language? Throughout history, the Iberian Peninsula was populated and governed by several different nations. This rich and fascinating blend of influences is reflected in both our language and our culture. (Note: This episode is a rare exception to our “Shorty” format, as it is about 5 minutes in duration)


A Lenda Da Serra Da Nó

The Legend of Serra da Nó

April 1, 2017

We’re back with another classic Portuguese tale, this time with the story of a Moorish king after the heart of a humble, female shepherd. Will he win her heart, despite their different religious backgrounds? How will they survive when the Christians come to take over the castle and land? Listen and find out!


A Lenda da Rainha Santa Isabel

The Legend of the Queen Saint Elizabeth

February 16, 2016

Have you heard the legend of the “Holy Queen”, one of the most beautiful Portuguese legends? She tells us about a miracle, but the most important thing is the message of solidarity we are left with. (With the participation of Ana Coimbra and Rui Coimbra Sr.!)