O Castelo Medieval de Leiria

The Medieval Castle of Leiria

Learn more about Castelo de Leiria, a medieval castle with an interesting history to discover at its yearly fair.


  • Is the correct way to talk about a Portuguese king then to say Dom Sancho I etc, rather than rei Sancho I?

  • Hi,
    Two questions: (1) You have interpreted “chegou a ser conquistado” as “it was conquered”. Would it be correct to simply say: ” foi conquistado”?
    (2) You have “este mandou” as ‘he ordered”. I would have expected “ele mandou”.


    • Olá, Declan!
      1) Yes, you could say “foi conquistado”. “Chegou a ser conquistado” is just more emphatic, as if you were saying something like “the Moors even managed to conquer it twice”.
      2) Either way is absolutely fine; “este mandou” is a more literary choice 🙂

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