A Lenda Da Serra Da Nó


We’re back with another classic Portuguese tale, this time with the story of a Moorish king after the heart of a humble, female shepherd. Will he win her heart, despite their different religious backgrounds? How will they survive when the Christians come to take over the castle and land? Listen and find out!


  • Olá Joel e Rui,

    Obrigado por esta bela lenda ‘sonhador’. O que foi muito instrutivo para mim, é a grande variação no uso dos verbos: … que tinha tido a coragem.., ..mandou que fechassem .., não pensava em pedir desculpa. Foi o jovem A….etc.
    Além disso, no mês passado tenho lido várias ‘aventuras’ divertidas do Joel. Gosto muito das conversas directas. Prefiro especialmente ‘O Joel inscreve-se num ginásio’. Vale a pena ser estudado mais uma vez. Bem concebido!

  • Love the lendas, please do lots more!

    What about articles on Portuguese authors, there are many of great talent, including a Nobel Prize winner, both now and historically.
    Perhaps including a few book synopses would help newcomers choose books which, even in translation, help with understanding the country.

  • Sou brasileira e aaaamoooo vocês!!!! Aaaamoooo seus vídeos. Assisto todos no YouTube e passei aqui para me declarar a vcs. 🙂 sucesso!

  • You guys crack me up! (Did you get that Rui? You speak English so well!) Joel, to help you with “farming words”-a female shepherd is a shepherdess.Both male & female versions take care of sheep. I don’t think you need to watch over goats-no one gets that job. A cowboy, that’s right (so cool), watches over cattle. And no one takes cattle up to the mountains (hahaha). Probably useless info for you city guys, but just in case people from all over the world are listening to you…hahaha! (I live in NY by the way). Keep up the good work! I’m learning huge amounts! Thank you!

  • … in response to Rui’s challenge (9 months late admittedly!), I’d like to recommend «A Lenda da Lagoa das Sete Cidades». It’s a lovely tale about a beautiful spot in the Azores. I’ve always learned about it from my Azorean family.

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