Natal e o Ano Novo

Christmas and the New Year

What could be better than a holiday episode in January? (Just about anything!)

Listen to find out what happened to Rui that delayed this episode… and be extra prepared for when the holidays come around again in about 355 days!

We also discuss some quirky traditions and superstitions that Portuguese natives take part in during the New Year. Feliz janeiro!


  • Again a very interesting and amusing text (Natal e o Ano Novo)! It’s a joy hearing the spoken Portuguese and reading the text carefully. Much of the grammar I learnt in the past, now comes to life in a very natural way. A língua portuguesa é uma verdadeira obra de arte.
    Feliz Ano Novo!

  • It was excellent as usual. Lots of vocab! You guys make it fun to listen and learn, as there is good chemistry between the two of you. Muito obrigado!

  • Excellent material. Why not have a check mark space to show how many times one has listened to each recording. It would help in keeping track of the lessons.

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