Artigo 20 – A Família Vai Ao Supermercado

Marco and Ana take their kids to the “supermercado”, giving us an opportunity to learn some new vocabulary surrounding food.

First, Rui reads the entire article all the way through, then Rui and Joel split the text into sections to discuss vocabulary, Portuguese culture, and useful expressions you’ll hear on a daily basis while in Portugal. Rui also corrects some of Joel’s “estrangeiro” pronunciation mistakes that you might be making too!


  • I just listened to Supermqrcado and really liked the format. I benefit from repeated “listenings” with the discussions and comments peppered in there to break them up. The vocabulary comments and the cultural comments are very helpful…just what I need. Initially, I thought that the topic might be a bit boring, but alas, you made it useful. I am so glad that I have found Practice Thanks!

    • Thanks so much for your feedback (and for your support as a Premium member too! We have been getting lots of good feedback from these last couple so although the longer episodes are more hours of prep and post production we are glad it seems to be paying off 😉

  • Hi Joel, Jim Stephen here. Is it possible to down load an episode and store it on my Samsung Galaxy Note so that I can access it at any time? If yes, how? Thanks Jim

  • I found this podcast to be amazing!!You are definately onto something wonderful with your latest few podcast of stopping periodically to explain words and phrases!Excellent teaching strategy.Only been learning the language for a few months but I am very confident I discovered the perfect place!!Many thanks for your hard work !!! Your zeal for teaching this beautiful language shines through!! Love your enthusiasm!!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, David! We’ve been receiving a great response for this newer format so we will definitely keep riding this wave. We already have the next episode in production. I’ll leave you with a shameless reminder to jump on our email list ( if you want to be notified when future episodes come out. (Nothing spammy since we want people to stay happy & subscribed!) Thanks again and keep in touch 😉 (– Joel)

  • This was fantastic! I have only recently signed up and I simply must tell you both how great a job you are doing! Nothing else like it that I have found anywhere else – so thank you! This episode in particular was very helpful – so in depth – and as always you are both very personable 😉

    • Thanks Derek for your support and for liking this episode 🙂 We put some effort into trying to find and explain some of the vocab and expressions during the episode so glad it is helping. We’ll do more of this in the future.

  • Absolutely brilliant! Already I feel like a member of Marco and Anna’s family! Long may these episodes continue, talvez no futuro ‘A Maria Vai a Universidade’ ??? Just kidding… maybe…

  • Esso episodio è muito giro! Agora sou premium member e posso ajudar-me com muitas coisas, salva-las en meo computador e estudar muito!!!! Obrigadissima!! voces sao fantasticos! bjs, deborah

    • Obrigado pelas palavras! A motivação e apoio dos nossos membros transforma o Practice Portuguese numa família gigante! Abraços

  • Gostei muito deste episódio! Foi muito giro e interessante. Acho que o vosso novo formato é melhor do que os outros episódios. Aprendi algumas coisas novas e ajudou-me que vocês repetiriam e discutiram as secções. Ah, eu tenho saudades de Lisboa. Eu vivia lá há muito tempo. Era um bom tempo…

  • This format is a really helpful addition to your range of podcasts. Might it be worth adding some sort of “difficulty level” to each episode? I suppose I’m thinking of new learners finding the series for the first time who might want to know which episodes are best to start with vs which are maybe best left till later. Just a thought 🙂

    • Colin, you’re absolutely right. Now that we have a growing back catalogue of episodes we plan to go through them all and add tags etc to help navigate them more easily. It’s a bit of an undertaking since especially the older episodes don’t fit neatly into one level (just like real-life conversation!). But some are definitely easier than others so we will do our best to add this soon!

  • Hi guys, I’ve just signed up and have learnt such a lot already from listening to this, my first podcast ! I’ve had a lot of lessons, but my knowledge of Portuguese is very “bitty” – I’m not a complete beginner as I’ve had tons of lessons over the years, but neither am I competent enough to understand everything when I listen and read through the podcast. Is there anywhere I can see an english translation please ? It would help enormously with the parts I’m not really sure of. Thanks !

    • Hi Linda, you’re amazing and thanks so much for signing up today to support our work! We don’t currently translate the episodes – our priority has been to focus the time and energy on launching new episodes. But this is something we are considering more since we have had more asking for it. It’s on our radar for sure but we don’t yet have an ETA. Until then, is a big help to find contextual translations of words you want to learn. (And don’t forget about our word lists and expressions list for each episodes).

  • These podcasts are amazing! So pleasant to hear the language clearly and explained. As a Romanian, learning Portuguese comes somehow intuitive but with all the details I am becoming more confiden.
    Thank you

  • Fun podcast. Did you know that low-fat and non-fat foods almost always have more sugar than regular fat foods? Even milk products. Look it up!!

    • Yes, this is a great point! I think I saw somewhere that the “low fat” trend was the result of the now-debunked science from the 80’s or 90’s about dietary fat, until it was discovered that consuming fat didn’t necessarily correlate to gaining body fat. I guess global calorie consumption (especially from low-quality carbs) vs. calories burned is the more useful factor to pay attention to. (…but of course, no 2 people ever seem to agree on the same thing when it comes to diet and exercise! 🙂

  • Just wanted to say I really enjoy these podcasts with transcripts. As someone who is new to the language (I have been learning for three months), I definitely get lots of exposure to grammar and vocabulary in these lessons, and I frequently pause to repeat phrases out loud. Thanks for all of your hard work!

    • Thanks for this kind note, Matthew! Glad our hard work pays off, and kudos to those like you who put it all to good use. Being self-motivated isn’t always easy, so you keep up the good work too! Abraço

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