Uma Ida Às Compras

A man goes to a store to buy some clothes. Will the saleswoman find everything he wants in the right size?


  • Hi,
    (1) I see you are using American English here in referring to ‘pants’. In England, pants generally signify underwear! Usually, in England, people would say ‘trousers’. In my own country of birth (Ireland), we use pants and trousers interchangeably and use ‘underpants’ to make the distinction.
    (2) ‘Camisolas’ is used above to refer to ‘sweaters’ on one line but ‘shirts’ on another.

    • (1) Indeed, our translations often go the AE way, with pants, sweaters, etc. We do hope to become more inclusive in the future! I’m sorry if it’s a distraction.
      (2) Thank you, good catch 🙂

  • I really enjoy this program.
    I noticed that at 34 seconds the translation indicates shirts instead of sweaters.
    Thank you for all the effort that goes into making this program.

  • hello, i’ve noticed i can’t manage to download the transcription of shorties- those that are relatively new- I can hear the sound but there’s nothing under transcription or vocabulary. This seems a recurrent bug or has anybody else ever noticed that? Thank you for your response

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