Uma Série de Perguntas

A Series of Questions


Leonor asks Gustavo questions about his busy day.


  • Bom dia! Obrigada for the the excellent lessons…I love the shorties!! Is there a way to repeat a particular line without listening to the whole dialog again? If not, it would be helpful to be able to do so. Thanks, Liana

    • So glad you’re enjoying the shorties! Yes, just click on the line you want to repeat and then hit play. It will skip right to that line. If you want to play it again, just keep clicking it. You can also use the controls in the upper right that let you go back 10 seconds or skip forward 30 seconds. I hope that helps!

    • Olá Juliet. That’s how it’s mostly used, yes, in any applicable context! The meaning changes a bit in the adverbial phrase “tão… como” or “tão… quanto”, which means “as… as” (comparison).
      – Eles são tão bonitos! = They are so beautiful!
      – Elas são tão bonitas como/quanto tu! = They are as beautiful as you!

  • Many sentences are asked with Porque e que… This does not seem to have a direct translation to English? Sometimes “why is he…?” And sometimes ‘why do you…”

  • Why is it that in the line “Porque é que não podem ser eles a fazer o jantar?” there is “— ser eles —“?
    These words in the sentence confuse me and I don’t understand how they add to the sentence’s meaning. Can you help?

    • Olá. Maybe this breakdown will help!:
      Porque é que (Why) não podem (can’t) ser eles (it be them) a fazer (making) o jantar (dinner)?

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