Queres Vir Cá Jantar?

Want To Come Over For Dinner?

Ana and João meet unexpectedly in the park and make plans to catch up later that day.


  • I’d like to know please about the expression tenho saudades tuas. This looks like i have your longing but translates as i miss you. Why does saudades use the possessive pronoun?

    • Olá! It’s a good question, but I’m not sure I have a good answer for that. It’s just how the language evolved. ‘Saudades’ is almost like something that we leave behind for people to hold on to (which is why we also say, for example, “Ele deixou saudades”, which literally means he left longing — he’s missed). If you think of it like that, using possessives makes sense. But this is just me trying to be poetic! 🙂

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