O Assistente Rabugento

The Grumpy Assistant

A fed-up sales assistant gets even crankier when a customer comes in looking for a deal.

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  • In the monologue you use the term roupa interior. I understand that roupa intima could also be used. If this is correct then perhaps the sales assistant should use both terms.

    • Yes, “roupa íntima” is another correct possibility, even though “roupa interior” is perhaps more ubiquitous 🙂

  • Joseph! Did you record that after only two hours sleep to sound more realistic?!? Method acting!

  • Would be nice also having “+” icon for the words/phrases in the Vocabulary and Expressions tabs in dialogues. Thanks!

  • I find I often forget to hit the + on these words/phrases while I’m going through the exercises. It would be useful to include a + option perhaps at the end of a lesson when the summary of new material is listed.

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