As Chaves Perdidas

The Lost Keys


Sara loses her keys and counts on her husband Fernando’s help to find them.


  • Hi Guys,
    I really enjoy the shorties after each set of lessons. I wondered whether it could be possible to have the questions and answers in audio also, to give practice in listening and repeating the text pronunciation accurately. This would also help with learning to phrase questions.
    Thanks again
    Laura Parsons

    • Good question! In the sentence “É tão grande que é preciso um mapa para encontrar qualquer coisa lá dentro”, preciso is used as an adjective rather than a verb. A more literal translation would be “It’s so big that a map is needed to find anything in there”. So the de is not needed here. I hope that helps!

  • I learned the word basket as feminine, “a cesta.” Is there any difference between this kind of basket and “o cesto”? Thank you!

    • Olá! Both words exist and are often seen as interchangeable. Personally, when referring to small and shallow containers (like a fruit basket), I’ll use either one of them with no distinction. For larger, deeper containers, like a clothes basket, I tend to only use the word cesto. It may not be the same for everyone/everywhere.

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