A Vida De Florbela Espanca

A life full of profound suffering was transformed into beautiful poetry. Meet Florbela Espanca, a successful Portuguese poet who died at only 36 years of age.


  • Very useful from learning every new story. It is needed to be added one more option in vocabulary with sounds. So easy for pronunciation of new words. I hope will be added ASAP. Thanks for the every day new story.

    • Good idea – we actually have plans in motion for new functionality for the episodes related to but even better than what you’re asking for, which will hopefully be ready in the next few months 🙂

    • Thank you for this introduction to a portugese poet. Ive read she had a few misscarriages and lost her mother and and brother as well. Her life was saudade in essence. Would have been nice to quote some sentences from a poem of hers.

  • Amar-te a vida inteira eu não podia,
    A gente esquece sempre o bom de um dia.
    Que queres, meu Amor, se é isto a vida!

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