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Rui’s father has appeared in many videos over the years to share his latest tips and advice, always with a healthy dose of comic relief!

A Lenda da Rainha Santa Isabel ANIMATED!

The Legend of the Queen Saint Elizabeth ANIMATED!

June 30, 2016

Wayne Wilson is back at it again with another beautifully animated version of one of our episodes! This is one of our favourites, especially because it features Rui’s parents lending their voice talent as the king and queen!

You can find more of Wayne’s work on his YouTube channel. Please be sure to leave a comment to help us thank him for his countless hours of work.


Uma Família Portuguesa, Com Certeza!

A Portuguese Family, For Sure!

December 31, 2015

Na nossa casa, animação não falta! Neste vídeo, a avó Odete cria o caos ao tentar explicar o que é o Natal e o fim do ano. Consegues adivinhar as suas resoluções para 2016?

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(Atenção: Nível de dificuldade = MÁXIMO)

• Because of the difficulty level and the nature of the episode, this will NOT appear in the Podcast feed or in iTunes as an audio-only episode.

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