Download European Portuguese Transcriptions, Video Subtitles and more!

Download European Portuguese Transcriptions, Video Subtitles and more!

Dive deeper into the dialogues and articles of our podcast, while supporting the continued growth of Practice Portuguese!

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"Podcast Plus" Features:


Read through every podcast episode at your own pace, or follow along as the synchronized transcript scrolls automatically with the audio you're hearing.

By connecting what you're hearing to the Portuguese text, you'll be able to improve your comprehension in European Portuguese, with in the context of real-world, native dialogues.


Listening and comparing your voice to a native speaker's is a great way to notice the differences to improve your pronunciation.

With our built-in voice recording tool and selected audio excerpts, you'll be able to compare your own pronunciation to the original phrases. By noticing and minimizing these differences over time, you'll start to speak more like a Portuguese native!
Note: At the moment, this feature is only available on newer episodes posted after July 2016


With our expressions lists, you'll discover some of the most common Portuguese slang and expressions, (many of which you won't find in a classroom setting!)


Increase your vocabulary by reviewing selected key terms before and after you hear each episode.


Challenge yourself by taking the episode quiz to improve your comprehension and recall skills.

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Diálogo 22:  Desaparecido no Concerto

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Hey guys! It’s Joel here, the Canadian co-founder of Practice Portuguese.

When I began learning Portuguese in early 2012, it wasn’t long before I realized how few learning materials were available for the language as it’s spoken in Portugal. I looked into apps, Podcasts, websites etc... but everything was Brazilian!

I have nothing against Brazilians, but there are some major differences in their grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

That’s why Rui and I created the Practice Portuguese podcast in 2013 – to provide spoken dialogues and transcriptions, so learners like us can immerse ourselves in Continental Portuguese.

Joel Rendall
Co-Founder / Creative & Technical Director

Rui Coimbra
Co-Founder / Podcast & Content Director

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There are 2 options available, which you'll see on the registration page. For 7 euros per month, you can access the Podcast Plus features you see on this page.

For 12 euros per month, you can also get access to the Learning Studio.

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Member Testimonials

"The Premium Membership is definite value for money. The podcasts are regular and of good length too, and continued listening is sure to help anyone with their Portuguese comprehension. Thanks!"

– Tom D. (United Kingdom)

“Thanks to your project, I feel I am making giant steps! ... I find the transcribed dialogues a great tool to really improve my understanding of the language, learn new words and expressions, etc... I have subscribed as a Premium member, and I feel it's the few Euros spent... Everybody should do this!”

Vito A. (France / Italy)

"I love your podcasts. They are helping me a lot. I'm so happy to have found Practice Portuguese. It's a perfect companion for my classroom studies. I recommend this site and podcasts to everyone who needs to improve the ear and learn how Portuguese really speak. !!!"

– Deb A. (Australia)

"English teacher in Lisbon here...authentic, intermediate material is very difficult to find, especially for Continental Portuguese. Keep up the good work!"

John L. (Lisbon, Portugal)

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