• Just love Julie’s website
      and impressed she’s using your program.
      Bit of a worry that even after all her years in Portugal
      she’s still learning.
      Dunno where that leaves me as a newbie:-)

      • Better get used to it, feeling like a newbie For us estrangeiros not born in the country, we’ll be learning for the rest of our lives… The best we can do is become less “newbie” with slow and steady progress. We can learn the 80% of most commonly-used vocabulary in a relatively short time as adults, but it’s the remaining 20% that will take the rest of our lives! (Not real stats, just applying Pareto’s principle 🙂

      • There’s always something to learn, Stan 🙂 One of the things I find really helpful about Practice Portuguese is the way they help you understand how Portuguese is actually used and spoken in real life, not just the way it’s presented in course books.

  1. Pensei que ser honesto – o diálogo era falado bastante rápido. Mas o tema é perfeito, e tem graça. Desculpe – uma pequeninha reclamação só. (ou talvez esteja o meu ‘sound card’, não sei)


  2. Hey Joel,
    That was the most conversation about pizza …ever. Once again I took in about the same value “as a bucket of squid”
    Great work man. Best,Mitch

    • That would be great – we definitely need help to keep spreading the word! Obrigado and glad you like what you see so far 🙂

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