A Mãe Está Doente e o Pai Cuida da Família

Mother Is Sick and Father Takes Care of the Family


Today, our fictional Portuguese family is subjected to some of the grammar you’ll find around the B2 Intermediate level, including the “conjuntivo” verb mood. Since the mother is sick, the father has to improvise with preparing dinner himself, all while taking care of the kids. Will it be as easy as he thinks, or will it all go “por água abaixo”?


  • Just want you to know that I thoroughly enjoy these episodes, especially the ones about the familia tao querida! I served an LDS mission in the Lisbon area twenty years ago and have been looking for a practical method of hearing spoken continental Portuguese (and practicing the grammar and verb conjugations) for years. So basically, I’m thrilled that you guys have came up with this brilliant idea. I’m checking out your free episodes at present (The “Pizza na hora” is too funny and the “Lenda da rapariga com pes de cabra” e maravilhosa!). I’ll talk with my husband and decide if it’s an okay time to become a member so I can utilize your grammar games and quizzes, etc. Keep up the beautiful work!

  • I’m from Goa, India and my parents spoke Portuguese so I picked something from them. However, I hardly found the time to learn it as such.I think that learning Portuguese by this method will be very effective. Thanks so much!

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