Cristiano Ronaldo: Assim Nasce Um Campeão!

Cristiano Ronaldo: A Champion is Born!

“Ronaldo” is one of the first names that pop up when discussing Portugal, wherever you are in the world. Regarded as one of the most important football/soccer players of all time, he’s earned his place as not only a top Portuguese celebrity, but also as an important symbol of the country. Neither Rui nor Joel are fans of the ol’ sportsball, which made exploring the new vocabulary and expressions even more interesting! (Cue the hate mail, “futebol” purists!).


  • “É aquela coisa que faz as flores crescerem, não é?”

    Por favor, há pouco me atire agora!!


    • Hahaha, é bom ver que continuas a ouvir o podcast, Paul! Espero que esteja tudo bem com as tuas abelhas… já falas com elas em português? 🙂

      • I never miss an episode, Joel. As abelhas estão muito boas mas querem primavera agora! Até lá, não faz(em) mel! 🙂

  • I loved this podcast, obrigada. One of my ongoing difficulties is with tenses. I have worked my way through the units but I struggle to retain the verbs. ie I can work through the verb exercises but when it comes down to auditory comprehension and even reading podcasts I lose the tenses. Currently I try to listen and read the podcast totally in PT and to then translate to English and to then compare with your translation. I hope that doing this most days will help me but would it be possible to have some units in specific tenses. e.g we have had a few present tense verbs, could we have past tense, furture tense.
    Thanks guys.

  • Enjoyed I am a big fan of Ronaldo for many years. Saw him play twice in the US. You guys did a good job!!
    In the vocabulary section, could you repeat the word,as these are new ones for us.

  • Question… At around 9:20 Rui says “Queres que eu repita…” I’m trying to figure out the conjugation of “repetir” in this case. Is it because it’s conditional?

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