Como Falam Os Algarvios? (Conversa com Eliana)

How Do Algarvians Speak? (Conversation with Eliana)

After our very challenging Diálogo, dedicated to the Algarvian dialect, we decided to record a follow-up discussion with Eliana, (who voiced the Algarvian characters).
She will help us understand a bit better some of the difficult terms and expressions that came up in that episode, and how they’re typically used in the region.


  • I think I just learned more about the local idioms in those 18 minutes than I did in 4 years of living in the Algarve!! Great podcast, I’m sure I’ll refer back to this many times – also can’t wait for a sequel 🙂

    Keep it up guys!

  • I wouldn’t have understood much of this if I hadn’t signed up for the transcription and I lived in the Algarve for 10 years! Love this website, my Portuguese is so rusty!

  • I want to know more about the plate in the little drawer under the table??? Something about unexpected person showing up? Didn’t quite catch it!

  • In Colombia many people use “sumercé” which is the Spanish version of “vossemecê”. What a small world!

  • Hello Dora. This is my understanding from the dialogue. They are explaining that Algarvians have a reputation of not sharing. It is said that they had drawers on the underside of their tables to hide their plates. Back when there was famine in the Algarve, if someone came knocking at the door, the plates would go into the drawer so that the owner of the house wouldn’t have to share.

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