Como Falam Os Algarvios? (Conversa com Eliana)

After our very challenging Diálogo, dedicated to the Algarvian dialect, we decided to record a follow-up discussion with Eliana, (who voiced the Algarvian characters).
She will help us understand a bit better some of the difficult terms and expressions that came up in that episode, and how they’re typically used in the region.


  • I think I just learned more about the local idioms in those 18 minutes than I did in 4 years of living in the Algarve!! Great podcast, I’m sure I’ll refer back to this many times – also can’t wait for a sequel 🙂

    Keep it up guys!

  • I wouldn’t have understood much of this if I hadn’t signed up for the transcription and I lived in the Algarve for 10 years! Love this website, my Portuguese is so rusty!

  • I want to know more about the plate in the little drawer under the table??? Something about unexpected person showing up? Didn’t quite catch it!

  • In Colombia many people use “sumercé” which is the Spanish version of “vossemecê”. What a small world!

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