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Animated: Pizza Na Hora Está a Contratar!

August 11, 2017

Animator Wayne Wilson is back at it again, in this third episode of our Pizza Na Hora series (previously audio-only).

Márcio o Brasileiro calls in once again to everyone’s favourite Portuguese pizzeria, but this time to ask the owner for a job. Will they be able to overcome their cultural differences and work together? Watch to find out!


Diálogo 10 – Encomendar uma Pizza ANIMATED!

September 22, 2016

We are very excited to announce that Wayne Wilson, a good friend of Practice Portuguese is back at it again with another animated version of one of our favourite episodes.

Our other Pizza Na Hora episode with Márcio o Brasileiro is one of our most-watched videos, so we know you’ll love this one too!

You can find more of Wayne’s work on his YouTube channel. Please be sure to leave a comment to help us thank him for his countless hours of work.


Pizza na Hora, Márcio o Brasileiro (Animated!!)

January 29, 2015

Previously released as audio-only, one of our all-time favourite episodes has been brought to life as a fully animated feature, by Wayne Wilson!

Watch European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese face off head-to-head in this very special animated episode.

Original audio version, released Nov 5 2013.

A BIG thanks to Wayne for his countless hours of work in reimagining this Practice Portuguese episode. Find more of his work at https://www.youtube.com/user/Toyuki1

A special Obrigado also goes out to the voice actors, Márcio (Brasileiro) and Luis (Português) for their talent contribution.

Be sure to leave a comment on YouTube to share your appreciate with Wayne!


Diálogo 11 – Pizza na Hora, Márcio o Brasileiro

November 5, 2013

Pizza na Hora receives another order, but this time the problem is communication. Is it possible that a Portuguese can’t understand a Brazilian?

Updated January 29, 2015 – As a gift to us and all of the other Practice Portuguese fans, fellow member Wayne Wilson has turned this episode into a fully-animated cartoon. Watch it here.